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Urgent:Need script to reverse an obfuscated packed javascrip

Hello bidders,

We urgently need a script that allows us to reverse an obfuscated packed javascript. The javascript that is to be reversed contains a packed jQuery script (this does not need to be reversed and will be excluded before passing to the script), plus a customized script integrated in a Sizzle CSS selector script. The original script will be provided privately. The script should be developed in Javascript (better) or eventually in PHP, and be fast. The script is around 1Mb.


This is urgent so I will award project before it expires so bid quickly and keep it reasonably priced.




Excerpt from the script (it is integrated inside a Sizzle CSS selector):


* Sizzle CSS Selector Engine - v0.9.3

* Copyright 2009, The Dojo Foundation

* Released under the MIT, BSD, and GPL Licenses.

* More information: [url removed, login to view]


(function(){var U=/((?:\((?:\([^()]+\)|[^()]+)+\)|\[(?:\[[^[\]]*\]|['"][^'"]*['"]|[^[\]'"]+)+\]|\\.|[^ >+~,(\[\\]+)+|[>+~])(\s*,\s*)?/g,O=0,K=[url removed, login to view];var I=function(ab,X,ae,af){ae=ae||[];X=X||document;if([url removed, login to view]!==1&&[url removed, login to view]!==9){return[]}if(!ab||typeof ab!=="string"){return ae}var ac=[],Z,ai,al,W,ag,Y,aa=true;U.lastIndex=0;while((Z=[url removed, login to view](ab))!==null){[url removed, login to view](Z[1]);if(Z[2]){Y=[url removed, login to view];break}}if(ac.length>1&&[url removed, login to view](ab)){if(ac.length===2&&[url removed, login to view][ac[0]]){ai=M(ac[0]+ac[1],X)}else{ai=[url removed, login to view][ac[0]]?[X]:I([url removed, login to view](),X);while([url removed, login to view]){ab=[url removed, login to view]();if([url removed, login to view][ab]){ab+=[url removed, login to view]()}ai=M(ab,ai)}}}else{var ah=af?{expr:[url removed, login to view](),set:H(af)}:[url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view](),ac.length===1&&[url removed, login to view]:X,T(X));ai=[url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view]);if(ac.length>0){al=H(ai)}else{aa=false}while([url removed, login to view]){var ak=[url removed, login to view](),aj=ak;if(![url removed, login to view][ak]){ak=""}else{aj=[url removed, login to view]()}if(aj==null){aj=X}[url removed, login to view][ak](al,aj,T(X))}}if(

!al){al=ai}if(!al){throw"Syntax error, unrecognized expression: "+(ak||ab)}if([url removed, login to view](al)==="[object Array]"){if(!aa){[url removed, login to view](ae,al)}else{if(X.nodeType===1){for(var ad=0;al[ad]!=null;ad++){if(al[ad]&&(al[ad]===true||al[ad].nodeType===1&&N(X,al[ad]))){[url removed, login to view](ai[ad])}}}else{for(var ad=0;al[ad]!=null;ad++){if(al[ad]&&al[ad].nodeType===1){[url removed, login to view](ai[ad])}}}}}else{H(al,ae)}if(Y){I(Y,X,ae,af);if(J){hasDuplicate=false;[url removed, login to view](J);if(hasDuplicate){for(var ad=1;ad<[url removed, login to view];ad++){if(ae[ad]===ae[ad-1]){[url removed, login to view](ad--,1)}}}}}return ae};I.matches=function(W,X){return I(W,null,null,X)};I.find=function(ad,W,ae){var ac,aa;if(!ad){return[]}for(var Z=0,Y=[url removed, login to view];Z<Y;Z++){var ab=[url removed, login to view][Z],aa;if((aa=[url removed, login to view][ab].exec(ad))){var X=[url removed, login to view];if([url removed, login to view](X.length-1)!=="\\"){aa[1]=(aa[1]||"").replace(/\\/g,"");ac=[url removed, login to view][ab](aa,W,ae);if(ac!=null){ad=[url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view][ab],"");break}}}}if(!ac){ac=[url removed, login to view]("*")}return{set:ac,expr:ad}};I.f

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Skills: Javascript, JSP, PHP, Script Install, Shell Script

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