Bug fixes & Changes FOR PHP / MYSQL / AJAX DATABASE

**OVERVIEW** We have a php/mysql object oriented database that needs some repairs, bug fixes and layout fixes. **REQUIRED SKILLS:** HTML XML PHP MYSQL CRON Configuration AJAX UNIX BASED SERVER (NOT WINDOWS) (python, ruby on rails, xhtml, etc… are allowable but not required) **SERVER DETAILS:** Program Version Apache: [url removed, login to view] CentOS: CentOS release 6.3 (Final) cPanel: 11.32.5 (build 13) Curl: 7.12.1 MySQL [url removed, login to view] phpMyAdmin Python: 2.6.6 Perl: 5.8.8 PHP: [url removed, login to view] ionCube Loader: 4.2.2 Zend Optimizer: 3.3.9 Ruby: 1.8.7 Rails: [url removed, login to view] OpenSSL: 1.0.0-fips **PROHIBITED TECHNOLOGIES** The following technologies are NOT ALLOWED and CANNOT be used for this project: - Any and ALL Microsoft technologies - Internet Explorer - UNIX BASED SERVER (NOT WINDOWS) **PLEASE REVIEW THE DETAILED PROJECT NOTES THAT ARE ATTACHED AS A TEXT/RTF FILE TO THIS PROJECT**

## Deliverables

PROJECT DETAILS THIS POSTING CONTAINS SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO RESPOND. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS YOUR BID WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY. If you simply send us a bunch of links to websites or respond with such a long bid that it wold take 15-30 minutes to read through it, then your bid will be deleted. Maximum allowable bid for this project: $100. Do not quote us one price, then try to change your price later. PROJECT MUST REMAIN BASED ON OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING QUICK REFERENCE: We have a php/mysql object oriented database that needs some repairs, bug fixes and layout fixes. REQUIRED SKILLS: HTML XML PHP MYSQL CRON Configuration AJAX (python, ruby on rails, xhtml, etc… are allowable but not required) SERVER DETAILS: Program Version Apache: [url removed, login to view] CentOS: CentOS release 6.3 (Final) cPanel: 11.32.5 (build 13) Curl: 7.12.1 MySQL [url removed, login to view] phpMyAdmin Python: 2.6.6 Perl: 5.8.8 PHP: [url removed, login to view] ionCube Loader: 4.2.2 Zend Optimizer: 3.3.9 Ruby: 1.8.7 Rails: [url removed, login to view] OpenSSL: 1.0.0-fips ATTACHED FILES: 1. error when entering status [url removed, login to view] - This file shows the status notes error that needs to be fixed 2. external authentication [url removed, login to view] - this file contains the code we use to wrap an external page not included in the database area, and force it to authenticate the visitor against the database 3. [url removed, login to view] - the database has many layout problems that need to be corrected and this pdf file shows how things should look when the project is complete 4. [url removed, login to view] - the login panel does not look as we intended it to, and we are including this file because this is how it should look PERMISSIBLE SERVER/CLIENT TECHNOLOGIES: Unix based server, NO windows technologies are permitted. The database strictly prohibits access from internet explorer so you MUST be using a different web browser to perform these tasks (chrome and/or firefox or safari are fine) The database itself is in mysql and uses php for its front end in web browsers. The purpose of the database is to manage sales people, appointment setters, new clients and new appointments. (YOUR BID MUST START WITH "MACS ARE UNIX BASED" OR IT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED). Most of the bugs here are very easily fixed and won't take much time. We estimate that a good coder can fix these bugs in less than one day. However, we will allow 3 days for completion. Once these bugs are fixed we do not anticipate large issues with bugs, however, you will also be asked to provide 30 days of ongoing bug removal for the database. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are actually 2 versions of the SA account. The main SA then all other SA's. The main SA (associated with jobs at [url removed, login to view] ) can do some things the other SA's cannot do. DEADLINES AND PENALTIES: - there are two deadlines in this project and each is associated with penalties - All deadlines INCLUDE WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY DAYS - DEADLINE #1: 24 HOURS AFTER PROJECT ACCEPTANCE: There are two major issues that must be corrected immediately , within 24 hours of project acceptance. In the "system wide issues" below, there is an issue noted regarding the use of symbols and an issue regarding click back when certain fields are selected with the mouse. These two issues MUST be corrected within 24 hours of project acceptance. - PENALTY FOR MISSING DEADLINE #1: If not completed on time, you are agreeing in advance to automatically forfeiting this project and all monies, and will voluntarily allow me to remove the escrow amount and award the project to another coder. - DEADLINE #2: All of the rest of this project must be completed within the 5 day timeframe outlined here. Partial completion , no matter what the percentage complete, does not count. The entire project must be complete within 5 consecutive days of the project start date - PENALTY FOR MISSING DEADLINE #2: Each day that project completion is delayed carries a $10 PER DAY PENALTY - so on day 6 you would lose $10 of your project bid amount. On day 7 you would lose $20 of your project bid amount, and so forth. SYSTEM WIDE ISSUES - MOST CRITICAL ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED FIRST: symbols like $ or % or # are not allowable for some reason when someone is typing something into a record in the database. We need this to change and allow these characters. ISSUE HAPPENS: in any field for appointments, including when modifying appointments to add a note. ISSUE DOES NOT HAPPEN: when creating tasks for users, or when creating new users. however, once a user is created the issue shows up when editing certain fields like the note field - need a little help learning how to edit some of the pages - CRON - we have 3 cron jobs, they need to be reviewed and made sure they are working correctly - an import tool was designed but we have no idea how to use it so we need help with it. - we will need help figuring out how to change what is inside the automated emails from time to time - a data entry bug exists, view details here: [url removed, login to view] (you'll need quicktime installed - if you need it in a wmv format I can re-upload for you) - the login screen graphic needs to be replaced - modify password screen is not clear about what the error is when it provides for errors - Top of screen needs a "congratulations" area for recent sales LAYOUT REPAIRS - The following layout changes are stored in a new file called "[url removed, login to view]" i've attached here so you can review it and be able to visually see what I'm referring to here - One of the main problems with ALL the current layouts is that they are unnecessarily big, bulky and annoying. Almost every field, text box or entry box needs to be much shorter. In the layout pictures i've included on the pdf you'll see a much better organized set of fields, etc… with much better field sizes. I can't give you exact sizes, but if you follow the guidelines here it'll be much better - Most of my users complain the main viewing area is HUGE.. WAY TOO BIG from left to right and i agree. And, when they resize their window the graphics do not properly adjust and they look horrible. This needs to change - Many of the pages in the pdf have older versions of some of the screens so some of the buttons or radio dials are missing. DO NOT remove the buttons or fields from the actual database just because they are missing from the example pdf. The pdf is meant to be a guideline for layout sizes, not actual items that are on the screen - Once you're in the database you'll see many items extend beyond the borders of where they should go, all because they are too big and clunky and could be smaller and look much better. - The bottom line is the interface needs to be cleaner, more effective, and look more professional. Right now it looks very industrial and it needs to be much better looking and nicer. - The main login window has the wrong graphics (pdf has the correct set of graphics) - In many layouts there are boxes surrounding certain areas that are not actually in the database. Those boxes help organize things and make the layout look cleaner and more intuitive. - I'm also open to any suggestions you have about how the layout should look, or even another template if you think one would be better. DATABASE INFO There are 6 types of users to this database: SA = Super administrator (there are two versions of the super admin) GA = General Administrator SP = Sales Person AS = Appointment Setter TR1 = Trainee TR2 = Trainee 2 The concept behind the system works like this: AS logs in and creates an appointment and puts it in the system, the system puts the appointment on hold and notifies the SA that a new appointment has been made. The SA logs in and assigns the appointment to an SP, then takes the appointment off hold and hits a button to email the appointment to both parties. Once the appointment is off hold it's also immediately added to the calendar for both SP's and AS's. From there the SP and AS can view and edit appointment details and add notes. The system automatically sends notices to either party when the other posts a note. The system also tracks, through various cron jobs, open appointments and tasks and issues emails about the open tasks. APPOINTMENTS - when a search is performed for appointments on hold, and none are found, it returns a blank record but does not provide a message at the top stating that nothing was found so it appears to be hung. it's not actually hung, but it looks that way. - the system still allows for AS to book appointments at times when no SP is available, leaving the field values looking like they are undefined - when an SP books an appointment for themselves they also get the "undefined" issue - when SA or GA are creating a new appointment, the "on hold" radio dials need to be there to be able to immediately set an appointment to on hold or not on hold. - when someone adds a note to an appointment it should NOT be sent to them, it should sent to the others. - AS enters a note - it's sent ONLY to the SP - functioning properly - SP enters a note - it's sent ONLY to the AS - NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY - SA or GA enters a note - it's sent to BOTH the AS & SP - functioning properly - Each time any modification is made to an appointment it sends an email to everyone. instead it should only send changes when the date and/or time changes. also, the email that's sent does not include a company name so the person doesn't know which appointment to look for and see that it's been changed. - we need a way for SP's to verify they have received an appointment so they can never say "I never got that". The email sent to the SP needs to include a link to come to the database and when he shows up that link should mark the appointment as "viewed by SP" with a yes/no dial set (yes before no) and with a date and time. Then, when an SP is sent an email for a new appointment (for instance, when an SA clicks "email appointment") the system needs to send the email that it's already sending, but also include a verification link that can be clicked by the closer. once clicked it takes the SP into the system and changes the setting from received "no" to received "yes" on the back end without the knowledge of the SP, and takes him to the appointment so he can view it. the email that is received by the appointment setters and closers SHOULD HAVE NO CUSTOMER DATA , not even the customer name anymore. it should just say: "A new appointment has been activated for you. Please click here to view the appointment:" - then when they click it , it should take them to the appointment in SalesPro - Phone numbers should come up when SA hovers mouse over AS or SP name on an appointment - Radio dials should instantly post and not require "submit" - When an appointment is modified, the company name needs to be sent - Radio buttons (Yes/No) for "Confirmation Call Complete" , defaults to "No" for all new records - When entering a new status note, the note is entered successfully, but an on screen error is produced for some reason and must be resolved. a copy of the error is in the attached files. - The system allows for appointments (on the same day) which are prior to the present moment in time, this should be corrected - when clicking submit, it shouldn't submit if nothing has changed - changes made to an appointment on hold should not send an email that a change has been made - Each appointment needs a creation date and time that can be seen by all - "update" emails should not be sent when only the sa note field is modified. - "update" emails need to be more intelligent and state WHAT changed - "sold" needs to move back to the 'active, kickback, etc.." area - needs to be a way for an SP to be set as the SP - need to make it so they cannot kickback and appointment that is their own - when a "request update" is made a status note should be entered into the status notes, but only email the people who WERE NOT sent the request - when doing a blind search for appointments, appointments for closers which have been disabled are not available to search/see - this needs to be corrected TASKS - when one SP is assigned a task on an appointment, then it is re-assigned to another closer, the task is not removed. the previous closer can see the task and click the "view" button to get into the appointment screen even though they are not authorized to see that appointment anymore - for AS: it does not mark the task complete if the task is labeled "update status. However, if the task is labeled "update status notes" it does mark it as complete. (also, these two things are the same thing, so they shouldn't have different names). the same problem exists for the SP. Also, the other problem is that the database allows an identical task to be entered over and over, so when it's completed the system removes one of the tasks, but not all of them. instead, when an identical task is created, it should send the email that a task has been created but not enter a new task since it's the same thing. - almost all tasks are added automatically. However, the SA can add tasks manually. When he does this the drop down list of available people to assign a task to should not include non-active users. only those who are active should be able to have tasks assigned to them - SA needs a way to add tasks to multiple people at the same time TEAM CALENDAR - should start with X's everywhere unless a time is available RECORD SEARCHES - ability to remove a record from the results - when performing a search that has multiple results, making a change, submitting, then returning to search. it should also return you to the record you were working on so you don't have to click through to find it - need to be able to sort search results - USER ADMINISTRATION - when creating a new user there's no spot for "current team" (which should default to "no") or "SA notes" to be entered - super user should not be able to change their status - when we disable an AS account it makes it so any previous appointments created by the AS are suddenly assigned randomly to some other AS. even though they are disabled and no longer work for us, they should still be listed as the AS on the appointment until we manually change that. - super user should not be able to delete himself - this is not fixed. the "delete" button can be used on the super user, and it brings up a dialogue box confirming the deletion. instead it should bring up a box that says "this user cannot be deleted". perhaps it is true that the super user can't be deleted, but this is misleading behavior and wrong. - should have a small box with login history - Need to correct an issue with displaying more timeframes of availability - Disabled users currently can continue to use the database until their cookie expires. this needs to be corrected to immediate lockout once they've been disabled - when an account reaches its expiration date, it also needs to change the "active" status to "inactive" LOGS - currently log entries display the date like this \[day\]\[month\]\[year]. please change this to [year\]\[month\][day] - it seems as though the logs are now being stored correctly (year/month/day) but not displayed correctly. the logs are supposed to display most recent to oldest, but instead are starting with the oldest entry. if true, this needs to be reversed. - "[2012/11/06 03:25:07] 'Ray Junior ' deleted the appointment with the id '33'" need to change this so that t says the company name that is deleted, not the id # USERS - We need an alternate layout so that we can have more robust control over our interaction with our users. This layout will include the ability to store pictures, and lots of other pieces of data such as rating, milestones, etc.. - The database has a lockout system where if the user enters the wrong info 5 times in a row when logging in, they are locked out for 2 minutes. We need the ability to see which users are locked out and manually unlock them if we choose to - Button to switch to list view for the current found set FEEDBACK SYSTEM - the feedback feature is working, but when it sends the email it does not respect carriage returns (the "enter" or"return" button) MASS MAIL SYSTEM - need some modifications to the mass mailing system EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION - There is an external authentication wrapper so we can take pages outside the database directory and authenticate them against the main database if we choose to. a copy of that has been included and must continue to work upon project completion (or an alternative set of code must be provided to make it continue to work).

Skills: PHP

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