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We need someone with advanced PHP skills to complete a custom PHP based application that is integrated with Wordpress. It displays business profiles by state and city as selected by the website visitor. We have Jing videos and written documentation of what has been done so far.

There are 3 parts to the system:

1. ADMIN panel

2. Customer INPUT panel

3. Website OUTPUT (data pulled from the MySQL DB and displayed on the WP site as static pages using MOD_REWRITE)

The ADMIN panel is where business accounts are created, and states and city information is maintained. Here's what is needed there:

1. There's an input screen for maintaining state information (Name, Abbreviation and Description), including a WYSIWYG editor; we need the same thing for the city screen. The city table is already setup and it has an input screen where you can already select the state from a drop down and enter the city name. Now it needs the WYSIWYG editor for the city description and to save the city info to the database.

2. Need to be able to input the page title and meta tags (keywords and description) for each business profile, state page and city page; also include a default value for each based on business/state/city name, i.e. for STATE PAGES - Title: Business Type in STATE_NAME | keyword phrase, and for CITY PAGES -- Page Title: Business Type | CITY_NAME, STATE_NAME | keyword phrase

The INPUT interface is where business owner's maintain their profiles:

1. Other than a few minor formatting tweaks, the business profile input interface is complete

2. Need to modify the existing URL, i.e. [url removed, login to view] -- we need to change to [url removed, login to view]

On the OUTPUT side, here's what we need:

Website visitors arrive at a page to search for businesses in their area, where a US map is displayed. Visitors should be able to click on any state on the map and be taken to that state's page. On the state page should appear:

1. H1 Heading: Business_Type in STATE_NAME (for example: Optometrists in Illinois), with a breadcrumb menu for navigation, followed by a list of all the Cities in the database where we have at least one business listing, along with the actual number of business listings in parentheses, i.e. Chicago (9); if there are no businesses listed in that state yet, the H1 should NOT display

2. A map of the state, right justified so that the list of cities appears on the left

3. we should be able to click the city link OR the city on the map to get to the city page

4. A list of Featured businesses in that state (this is set in the admin panel), pulled from the MySQL database and the results displayed on the screen, with the business name and link to their profile; this is already working.

5. If you click on a business, it displays the business profile; This part is working; what needs to be added is a contact form in the right sidebar (form should be visible the whole time they are viewing a business profile). The form will have 4-5 text fields and a drop-down list of the services offered by that businesss. Then a visitor can select a topic and request more information from that business. This info and the business ID needs to be pulled from the database and passed to the form, which is processed by an external site when visitor clicks SUBMIT.

6. A written description of the state should be displayed at the bottom, formatted with a WYSIWYG editor within the application. This part is already working.

7. Must maintain this linking structure: [url removed, login to view]

8. When a city link is clicked, it should display the city page, which is basically the same format as the state page: a list of Featured businesses in that city with links to their profiles and the city description under that list. Also a H1 above the list of businesses, Business_Type in CITY_NAME, STATE_NAME (Optometrists in Chicago, Illinois) and a breadcrumb menu for navigation; if there are no business listings for that city, no H1 should appear, just the city description.

That is the scope of what is need to complete the base system. You can allow a few extra hours for miscellaneous tweaks but for the most part, if you are a good WordPress/PHP/LAMP developer, you should be able to accurately calculate how long it will take you to complete these tasks and bid accordingly. Please include in your bid a description of the WP/PHP projects you have completed successfully and links if possible. After you bid, you will have a chance to review the documentation and videos to make sure the scope is as described here.

After completion of the base system, we have enhancements already planned, so there will be ongoing work after the initial project, but the focus is on getting this initial functionality completed ASAP. Please do not bid unless you are available to start IMMEDIATELY and work until the project is complete. If you're juggling multiple projects, please don't bid unless this one will take top priority. We will need daily updates on what has been accomplished and any problems you've run into so we can resolve them quickly. You need to be available during USA business hours to discuss and resolve any issues via gmail chat. Must be able to communicate well in English.


- You must have excellent feedback and/or a proven track record of success with WP/PHP projects.

- Form cover letters will be ignored

- Ready to select provider and get started TODAY

- Project completion by Jan 1st will be rewarded with a bonus and ongoing work

Skills: Apache, Linux, PHP, WordPress

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