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Hello, thank you for your interest in this project! I'm looking for an all-in-one solution that will allow my VBulletin Mobile forum users to enter a keyword or phrase to search, and your script will find any related [url removed, login to view] affiliate content to display my users. I have the latest full VBulletin publisher suite and will be using the mobile format. This is a fresh install of VBulletin. I need to maintain the ability whenever a security patch is released by VBulletin I may implement it without affecting your code as much as possible - if needed note which files are changed by you to the Vbulletin files and I can manually carry over your work to future builds of Vbulletin but obviously would like to keep the number of files being changed to a minimum since it's going to be a manual process.

I need to search as many daily-deal's as possible (such as Groupon etc..) and if a match is found there we would include it as a result while Implementing my affiliate tracking stuff to the pages visitors are being sent.

I have location information that will be readily available to this script. I can automatically append the lat/long coordinates as variables onto the link a visitor is clicking so that their location may be intelligently used in any searches to narrow things down etc...

I need the searching to be intelligent so that a typo like "bustbuy tiger woods" should be intelligently recognized as "Best Buy" then commence searching for relevant "Best Buy tiger woods" content as best you can. I know PHP has functions like Soundex() and levenshtein() that take the work out of this, and frankly VBulletin does a great job figuring out relevant related forum threads based on your search - obviously if this can be used go for it. I'm okay with each affiliate URL being its own thread within VBulletin that folks may comment on as long as those pages would be "children" pages and not displayed as "parent categories" by default when visitors load the site. I assume VBulletin does this on its own by default but wanted to clarify.

The expiration date within each affiliate link should be adhered and when things are past expiration such as coupons etc, the thread would be marked as expired.

I'm open to any 100% completed off-the-shelf implementations that would duplicate PM with any URL's to demos if applicable. I would require group deals such as groupon etc.. be included. This is for a high-traffic environment so server efficiency is desired.

WORTH NOTING: I've purchased one costly such off-the-shelf and had mods done but I'm fed up dealing with the 12hr time difference, untimely replies and just everything overall at this point. I can make that code available but frankly it's probably more effort to make it work than is worth. I'm trying to get a product live before Black Friday (11/25). Unfortunately the months of work I'm flushing with this previous custom attempt is making that deadline seem unlikely but I know there are great coders out there as I've worked with them here on Freelancer in the recent past. If someone can rescue me with a usable product I'll be happy to compensate accordingly.

If interested and you are chosen the winner I will probably offer various larger-scale functionality projects to you as additional work, effective immediately if so desired. Thank you!

Skills: CMS, eCommerce, Mobile App Development, PHP, vBulletin

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