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I am the webmaster of an Appalachian Trail hiking web site that is non-profit. I own and operate the web site myself as a hobby and an addiction so to speak. I have over 10,000 users. I will let anyone know the URL that is interested in this request I have here. I have been looking for journal software that meets my requirements for a couple years now through other web sites. I have had a lot of people reply and some of them sounded very hopeful to me. The biggest problem I have had in the past is that people sounded interested and asked for a down payment and then I never heard from them again. I have had this happen to me more then I care to tell anyone. I have had some show interest until I told them that I wanted journal written for me and then when I explained everything that I wanted (see list below) they never replied back to me again. I am asking one thing if there is anyone willing to bid on this for me. I am very leery about down payments now since I have been shafted more then I care to tell. I ask that you only bid on this if you are truly serious in wanting to take on this programming for me. I also ask that you be patient and be willing to work with me on the down payment because as I said I am very leery after getting screwed a few times. I am very cautious now and worry about paying for something I will not see again. Now that I have said all that, let me get onto to my requested software. I am looking for some journal software that will work hand and hand with vBulletin. 1. I will need the ability for a journalist to have multiple journals. 2. Would like an application form for users to submit before they are approved for a journal. 3. Journal to be categorized by hiking trail and then by year. I can explain more if required. 4. Would like to be able to include photos in the journals and possibly use a photo gallery. Maybe have it work hand and hand with Photo Post also. Having a photo gallery is not necessarily a requirement. 5. Would like a data input page that is standard to all journals, I have a screen shot of how I would like it. 6. Would like a several different types of profile/description pages to accompany each journal that the user has that the journalist can enter entries/posts into. 7. Would like the user to have the option to make their journal public or private. 8. Would like to have a guestbook for each journal that he journalist has and have the journalist have the option to open of close the guestbook. 9. Would like to have the journalist be able to assign other users editing privileges for their journal. 10. Would like the option to have a calendar being displayed that could show all the dates that the particular journal has entries in. (This I could live without if it is to much) 11. Would like a separate navbar and header from the vBulletin. 12. Would like an ADMINCP page as so the administrators can edit structure and layout options and other things. I will discuss more if interested. 13. Would like the software copyrighted to me. 14. Would like a search option to do search's in the journals. 15. Would like a profile page that will display a journalist profile and list all the journals they have. 16. Would like to calculate distances from the mileage inputs that a journalist inputs. For example if they start at 45.6 and end at 66.2 miles I would like that to be calculated automatically and that input put into that page of the entry. I can explain more if needed. 17. I need to have it so that the journalist can edit there own time stamps for their journal entries. 18. Would like the journal entries in the time stamp order. 19. If possible I would also like a journalist to be able to have there own designation for there journal profile page. This is not required, but it would be nice to have. What I mean is if a journalist has the web site user name of "attroll", I would like to be able to assign then a link like this that can be used as a bookmark for others. [url removed, login to view] 20. Would like an admin section for the journalist to set up there journals. 21. Would like a postbit #1 page to have the data that is calculated from the journal entries. I can explain more about this if someone is interested. 22. Would like the journals to use the cookies so that when a user logs back into the web site it will remember where they left off reading. 23. Would like continued support for this program so that when vBulletin does any updates that the software will continue to work with it. I think I have posted everything I wanted, but I am sure there are some things I am forgetting. But this is the basics that I can think of right now. I can elaborate more on each one of these if anyone is interested. I also have screen shoots that I designed on how I would like each of these pages to look. I am open to suggestions with the screen shoots also, so this means that the screen shoots that I have designed are not set in stone and can be changed. If you have gotten this far in reading my request I would like to thank you for at least reading it.

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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