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320844 Ladder script

I got designs and more deisgns coming!

Fully Customizable User Profile- Like a myspace profile type of thing! Where users can add/edit or delete pages to their profile, have a custom background, music player, video player, blog (add/edit or delete), top ten friends, Xbox PSN and Wii code intergrated into the script like have the gamercard showing Also members can create their own email with my site like

Each user has XP points they get from wins and losses.

User Note System- This feature should be under the control panel. It is basically like a transcript. if a user cheats an arena admin can go and submit a note on the user from the control panel, or if the user is hired onto staff a note will be added on his username, if the user is banned on an arena a note should be added on his username. The purpose of it is so that we can know the past actions of every user.

Fully Customizable Team Profile- Every team will have their own profile so I want to have fully customizable pages (like the profile where you can add, edit, or delete), team roster, Matches, challenges. Upcoming matches, team membership roles, and a private shoutbox for team members can use! I want Stats like gb: [url removed, login to view]

Each team has xp points like shown and this will also go to the member profile!

I would also like members to be able to apply for teams, so when you visit a team's profile page there will be a apply button. Team leaders can edit their team's application fields so it will make recruiting easier. Team leaders will also be able to reply to their team applications and accept/decline applications.

Ladders: I want ladders to have a Platform and Sub groups like Gamebattles! So that I can add lets say Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii! Those are platforms. And then I can have sub groups so it would have a drop down list and listing the games! And each game has its own ladder! All of this I can control from the admin panel! Also playoffs like the top 120 will be able to be eligible for playoffs! Also make it where when the edit, add, or create a team each member as to wait 12 hours before playing matches. i want the ladders in the game like call of duty 4 for example to have it like where the singles has ladders inside the singles ladders!

Blind Match Finder- When a user submits his match on the match finder his team name should not show up so the opponent does not know what level he is or record he has.

Blind Skrim Finder- When a user submits his match on the Skrim finder his team name should not show up so the opponent does not know what level he is or record he has. This will not count on any sort of stats. This is a feature for teams can practice against other teams. Basically the same as the match finder just doesn't count on the stats.

Store: I want a store that is integrated with paypal. So this store can have credits and the credits are transferred to the users account! And make it so that they can also send credits to other profiles! And I can add other things to it! Like [url removed, login to view]!

Tournaments: Exactly like gamebattles. So members can pay credits to enter!

Ticket System: This is for basic support! I have power in the admin panel and people can create a new ticket and we can reply as well as for the member! I also want to add my own fields in this one so make it customizable in the admin panel.

Staff: I want a staff page for each game! And one for the main site! (For management) like gamebattles!

Staff Positions- General Manager, Operations Manager, Site Admin, Platform Admin, Head Admin, Admin, Referee, Live Support, Staff Developer, Human Resources, Premium Admin, Fraud Squad, Forum Manager, Forum Moderator, Profile Moderator, ESCG News Writer.

Gameroom: I want people to be able to upload pictures, videos, and music! Like youtube and [url removed, login to view]

Challenge System: I want the challenge sytem so I can add it to each ladder! And I can add, edit, or delete challenge fields!

Match Systems: I want each member to be able to report both a win and lost sytem! Also a match finder like [url removed, login to view] is good also! A feature similar to the ip addresses. If Team A sends a challange with ip address: 12345 and Team B accepts the challange with ip address: 12345 than a message should come up saying that they have attempted to give/receive free wins, and a ticket should be automatically submited by the computer for the admins to review the match and make sure it was a free win.

Leaderboards: I want a leaderboard for users like XP and teams!

FAQ: I want a section for a FAQ! So members can get help faster!

vBulletin Integration: I have a vbulletin forum script! I want it fully bridged! I can provide the script if needed!

Admin Panel: I want to be able to edit everything to the admin panel! I want to be able to create, edit, or delete staff and be able to give them specific permissions! And i want them to be ad to a specific game! I want it like a CMS. So I can FULLY edit everything!

IP Address- A feature should be created that there can only be 1 username per ip address. This feature will prevent from people creating multiple usernames and cheating by getting free wins. Only downside is if a user has a brother living in the same household they have to share usernames, so i suggest maybe 2 usernames per ip address.

Hall of Fame- When ever a new team breaks the current ESCG Win streak or loss streak etc. their name will be automatically updated on the ESCG Hall of Fame

Admin Panel Features:

Site Configuration

Edit Site Script

Edit Site Settings

Add/Edit Site Flash Image rotater

Add/Edit Advertisement Plans

View Advertisement Plans

Edit Privacy Policy

Edit Site Terms of Use

Edit Abous Us

Edit Advertise With Us

Edit Contact Us

Edit FAQ

Email Template


Create New Documents

Edit Documents

View Documents

Create New Handbooks

Edit Handbooks

View Handbooks

Help Desk

Create New Ticket

Create New Category

View Tickets

My Assigned Tickets

View Match

Cancel Match

View Challange

Match Feedback

Search Team

Team Management

Add/Edit Team

Search Team

Team Roster

View Match

Cancel Match

View Challange

Team Feedback

Match Feedback

Staff Management

Pending Staff Actions

Add New Staff Action

Add/Edit Staff

Add/Edit Staff Usergroup

Edit Usergroup Permissions

Edit Aplication Format

View Applications

View Interviews

Internal Affairs

Do Not Hire List

Arena Management

Add/Edit Platform

Add/Edit Arena

Add/Edit Sub-Arena

Add/Edit Arena Permissions

Add/Edit Arena Maps

Add/Edit Rules

Add/Edit Arena Test

Add/Edit Challange Template

Add/Edit Arena Eligibility Time

Add/Edit Arena Announcement

Add/Edit Arena News

Add New Season

Add/Edit XP Table

Add/Edit Hall of Fame

Reset Arena

Tournament Management

Add/Edit Tournaments

Add/Edit Tournament Rules

Add/Edit Tournament Maps

Hottest Gamer

Pending Approvals

Featured Hottest Gamer

Reported Pictures

Search Pictures

Reset Images

Member Management

Add/Edit Username

Search Username

Edit Profile Fields

Reset ESCG Rank

Add/Edit Achievements

Ban Manager

Username Notes

Add/Edit Related Usernames

Free Agent Management

Add/Edit Free Agent

Edit Agent Categories


Edit Staff Profile

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Edit Staff Signature

Personal Notepad

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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