In Progress

need a php site built to run voting competitions

Required Skills

1. Php

2. MySql

3. Smarty Templates

4. jQuery

5. Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal, [url removed, login to view])


We are seeking to have a php web programmer to construct our php application that allows users to create competitive online races to raise money. This application allows users to vote for teams using money donations. We need the application to be developed such that the look can easily be changed using templates. Users can create online races between two teams and will have numerous options on how the races are ran and displayed. These teams will compete for user contributions (donations). Team earnings for a race will be displayed in a real-time bar chart built with jQuery. Users who create the races and users who contribute to the races will have their credit cards charged. At the end of the race, a percentage of the race proceeds will be retained by our company, and the remainder will be sent to the teams that competed. The proceeds will be sent to the teams using PayPal or by mailing a check.

We will be able to provide the freelancer with a database schema built in MySQL Workbench, screen shots of the pages to be built, a flow diagram of the website that shows how pages are connected, and a data dictionary.

Detailed Overview

A user will be presented with a page to create a race, where they will enter personal information, team names, and who gets the money (beneficiary) if a team wins. Another page will allow the user to specify race options, such as how the teams will split proceeds from the race, duration of the race, options to make the race listing bold (add-ons), and the credit card from which the racing fee should be charged.

Users who start a race will be charge a fixed fee at the start of the race plus a percentage of the proceeds that their race earns at the end. The startup fee will be charged to a user-provided credit card. The final percentage will be subtracted from the total contributions before sending the proceeds to each team.

A searchable/filterable race listing page will exist. From this race listing page, users may click on a race and see the race results in real time.

The race results page will show a colored vertical bar chart (built with jQuery) that shows the 2 teams earnings to date. To the left and right of the chart will be a sorted list of contributors to each team; the people who contributed the most will be at the top of this list.

Under each bar on the race results page will be an option to “Raise the Bar.” By clicking this button, a user will be presented with a page to make a contribution to the team he selected. This “Raise Bar” page will allow the contributing user to enter his personal information, the amount to contribute, and the credit card that should be charged. There will also be add-on services that may be purchased, such as making the contributor name bold in the race results list, displaying an uploaded logo in the race results list, or allowing the contributor to add a hyperlink that opens in a second page.

At the end of the race, a percentage of the race's total proceeds will be charged as a fee, and the remainder will be sent to the teams based on the options they selected. The proceeds may be sent to the teams via PayPal or a mailed check.

When a user creates a race, they will be provided a username and password automatically if they are not already signed in. Using these credentials, the user may login and view his personal listings. The option to stop or duplicate a listing will also be available.

An administration area will be incorporated that allows for standard CRUD functionality across database tables.

Winner will need to sign a NDA and work-for-hire release.

Skills: MySQL, PHP

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