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I need a "personal page" mod created for PHPBB. I am currently developing a PHPBB forum for a client. He wants to allow registered

paying users of the forum to be able to create their own "personal page" to display text and images on. The forum is at

[url removed, login to view], please take a look at it. There is an example page at [url removed, login to view] that is

to be used for the "personal pages". The way it works is the user orders a "personal page" for $4.50 per month. (If you'll notice on the advertising category in the forum, the topics is where it explains what services are offered and each one has a PayPal subscription button where they can pay and then return to the forum after doing so.)

So they order a personal page (they can also order additional personal pages for $2.00 per month and if they do then the 4 photo slots at the bottom of [url removed, login to view] would need to be activated). Then there needs to be a place in the PHPBB admin section where my client can go in and "activate" a personal page for a user, or if they ordered additional photo slots, activate the additional photo slots for their personal page.

So then, the user needs a section where they can go in and enter text and upload images to their personal page(s). I think the best place to incorporate this would be in the user control panel. In the user control panel, a new tab should be created that says "Paid Subscriptions", when they click on that tab, if they have purchased a personal page then the information for them to enter it should be displayed. If they ordered any of the other items, the same. The personal page for example would be a form they fill out for the text and image slots. Pretty easy. Some of the other services are just things my client would need to add to topics, some are things that users would need to add themselves in the control panel. The things that they need to be able to add/edit are "Website Linked To Personal Page", this just needs one text field where the user can enter their url. "Website Linked To The Producers Page", this also just needs one text field where the user can enter their url. "Add Bull To Sires List", would need a text field to submit their text (textarea) and a photo upload button to upload one photo. "Add To Featured Websites List", also just needs one text field where the user can enter their url. "Add To Featured Sires List", would need a text field to submit their text (textarea) and a photo upload button to upload one photo.

My client may or may not want to change a couple things after this is all done, for example changing how many photos are uploaded for a

particular service, etc. So I need to know what kind of charges might be incurred there as well.

I think that's probably all of the instructions I can think of right now. If by chance you happen to know of a PHPBB mod that already exists for something like this, then maybe we could go that route, but I have looked high and low and can't find a thing.

Please ask if you have ANY questions, I don't really take bidders seriously when they don't ask questions unless they are posting with specific solutions they are going to do to complete the project. Please no bidders who say we have plenty of experience but then don't acknowledge the needs of this project specifically. I will completely ignore those types of bids.

I have a usual programmer I work with exclusively who was charging me a set amount for this project, and I already charged my client that

amount, but my usual programmer is on Christmas vacation until after New Years and I need this done now, it can't wait, so I am posting it

here. I can't turn around and tell my client it will cost more because my programmer is on vacation, so I need it done cheaply.

In addition to my usual programmer being on vacation, he is taking on more hours at his regular job and has told me that he probably won't be available to me very often in the future (I really hate finding good programmers, only to lose them). So in addition, this job posting is also an interview as well. If the winning bidder does a good job and I feel comfortable with them, I will start using them for all of my programming projects exclusively. So please keep that in mind. With the advertising I am going to be doing after the new year, I will probably have a lot of programming projects that need to be completed.

Obviously, I need this project completed as soon as possible, like yesterday, LOL!

Thank you very much!!!

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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