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Textsearch in files stored in MySql

I need a solution, where I can upload a file af type .doc, .docx or .pfd to a MySqldatabase, and search in the text in the database.



Requirement 1:

As userinterface with a form from which to upload a file.

For each upload should be inserted a record in a table with this fields:

Id (automatically added number)


The physical file (blob)


The field filecontent should contain all the text in the uploaded file (not pictures and formatting) and it should be a searchable.

After upload, this form should show the content of the field “file content” in a textbox.

Requirement 2:

A form used for searching for a text. After entering a text a list of files containing the text in the field fieldcontent should appear in a list. By clicking on a file the file should be opened. Be aware, that the amount of text to search in will be very big.

Possible alternative solution:

If you can provide a solution, where the filecontent is stored in the blobfield, and you can make textsearch in this field without “unpacking” to a textfield with good performace, this will be accepted as a better solution. In that case Requirement 1 and Requirement 2 should be delivered as one deliverance.



1. The layout doesn’t matter while the final code has to be copied into a running application. The userinterface therefore is primary for testing purpose.

2. As attachment you can see some examplefiles that shold be unpacked into the filecontent-field. You can use this for testing purpose. Be aware of the Danish character-set.

3. Your bid should contain this informations:

• Deadline for each of the milestones The deadline should take into account that there could be found errors in the deliverance, at yopu shuld have time to correct the errors. I promise to test within 36 hours after you have told that the solution is ready for test.

• If you choose the described solution or the alternative solution.

• You have to confirm that you do not use any code with copyright.



I offer these Milestone Payments:

1: 25 % when I can test requirement 1 works on your server and it work

2: 25 % when you have uploaded the solution for requirement 1 to my server and it works there

3: 25 % when I can test requirement 2 works on your server and it work

4: 25 % when you have uploaded the solution for requirement 2 to my server and it works there

If you choose the alternative solution, there will be two milestones

1: 50 % when I can test the solution works on your server and it work

2: 50 % when you have uploaded the solution to my server and it works there

I will not loose a lot of time for testing and finding errors that the supplier should be able to find himself. Therefore the project will be stopped if I three times get versions that don’t work a described.

If a milestone from you is exceeded with more than three days I will have the right to stop the project.

Technical information


1. It has to be possible to incorporate the solution in a PHP-userinterface.

2. The database is MySql.

3. You will be given access to a testenvironment on You will be grated ftp-access and a MySql access, but you have to establish the access from your own computer while you will not get access to the control panel. As alternative you can mail me the script to create the database.

4. Examples of Danish characters: æ ø å and Æ Ø Å

Skills: MySQL, PHP

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