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Photographer and Model Database


Unless you are prepared to complete the website to specification, BEFORE asking for FINAL payments from ESCROW, PLEASE do not attempt to TENDER

I apologise for this BLUNT introduction, however the project has been started three times, supplied and in each case the companies concerned have failed to deliver the code to me and have insisted at each time that code be placed on THEIR server for convenience, then when dispute arose over completion, I could not obtain the transfer of code or database from themselves

[url removed, login to view] was running incomplete for over 12 months, while I negotiated with the last company to complete just half a dozen fixes, all included in the original specification, however they finally deleted all my files, database and website source, without any communication. I will not allow this to happen again.

This specification is thought to contain all the requirements, however the company reserves the right to slight amendments where it is deemed this does not impact upon the workload of the programmer. All spelling errors and BUGS will be fixed free of charge by tenderer, even if notified long after the program is active.

The company would prefer to purchase a turnkey Model Directory, amended slightly to include the requirements detailed below.

I include an image of the homepage which shows most of my basic requirements.

The basic functions REQUIRED are the ability to allow models or photographer's (or other), to register their profile, to become members and visitors to the site need to be able to search for these “members” by the criteria they enter into that profile.

Only other requirement is the optional ability to control messaging between the members, but this is not an essential requirement and can be quoted for, seperately

SPECIFICATION Requirements and Working Document for creation of A Model and Photographer's Directory

An Internet website allowing Models and Photographer's and their suppliers etc. to come together

The concept of Modelsources.

Anyone may register with this site, as one of ... (initially) a PHOTOGRAPHER or MODEL or Other (Supplier)

This site is to be viewed as an Adult MODEL site and ONLY Adults (over 18) who value activities surrounding MODELLING etc., should enter. The front page should be an ENTER/EXIT page, only allowing access, if the users state they are over 18.

The site may contain graphic nudity, where MODELS, and PHOTOGRAPHERS may view one another's profiles, photos, and listings of services which the provider may supply to a seeker. (It is NOT the intention of the site to promote pornographic material, but some degree of soft porn, may be allowed, as content, if meeting the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the site)

The suppliers tender response, should demonstrate, that your programmers are seriously examining the requirements and investigating critical database needs and future possible problem areas.


Members, need to be able to upload photos (the number could be discussed, ONE would suffice, but multiple uploading would be preferable. The bare minimum is ONE profile picture)


Members need to be able to find other Members, EASILY, by entering key fields and search criteria, including an area/postcode search which should use Google MAPS or equivalent.

GOOGLE MAP integration (or similar) is therefore a priority

Members should b able to find/search for other members by ANY of the following …

country (from list, can be supplied)



postcode (above 4 items included in Google MAPS search)

model or photographer (key: 1=Model, 2=Photographer 3=Supplier/Other)

age range

level of modelling 1-9 (levels to be provided from keyfile See Appendix A )

hair colour (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

eye colour (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

skin colour (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

gender (m/f)

TFCD Accepted flag tick box (0-1)

area within town

The actual website will be created at [url removed, login to view]

(A site registered with [url removed, login to view] No migration to your own servers will be countenanced)


MEMBERS/USERS = Anyone who registers on the web site! [url removed, login to view]

MEMBERS will be in 1 of 3 “TYPES”

1 Models

2 Photographers

3 Other (Suppliers to the industry)

The database should allow for this and data entry should make use of this. Ie. No point in a photograher entering his hair colour ?

Members may signup as any one of 2 categories (If more than one applies they must register more than once. (eg, if a hairdresser was also a model)

Being Featured: MEMBERS must be able to pay the site to be FEATURED in Home Pages etc. This may be done by a simple PAYPAL button which company can provide to be inserted at appropriate position in site. - Following payment, the user's record will be flagged as increased priority. See – Appendix E.

On HOME page, a scrolling banner of model AVATARS should be displayed, with Name/Location/Category scrolling underneath. (This should be a “revolving carousel” of AVATARS with brief description ie, Modelname, Town, Country. the Carousel will include anyone whose score is greater than 1,000)


AVATARS (Thumbnails on Profile) are to be auto created from photos uploaded to FREE gallery. Initially first photo (A required upload) should be the AVATAR/Thumbnail, but this can be changed later

I need a top bar section for "Latest Additions" which will automatically list the MOST RECENTLY Uploaded ... Members and The MOST RECENTLY UPDATED"Content"

example of sort of thing See [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] the "FEATURED" Section is managed by the Moderators/Admin/Accounts ... But the "MOST RECENT" options are automatically generated by the members themselves (or at least the website/program) - This enables me to charge for addition to featured, but makes the members "work harder at regular uploading and updating" to stay in "MOST RECENTLY UPDATED"

ie. This is important so I am stating in second way. When displaying on front page, members with a higher prominence score (initially set at 0), will be displayed first. Prominence score is increased in accordance with details in section E and this is how the “MOST RECENTLY UPDATED” display will be achieved.

General Comments and site protection

Throughout Documentation on Spec/Programming, some things are assumed / taken as read, but not mentioned/confirmed elsewhere, but required in every section

a) No MEMBER may sign up/register with same email address, telephone number etc. for more than one registration. This should be achievable by using the indexing structure ?

b) When a member signs in their IP address is checked and Serial number of computer, and duplicates linked to more than one member should be flagged up for ADMIN. This should also be achievable by using the indexing structure ?

It IS reasonable that a MODEL or PHOTOGRAPHER may require more than one account from same IP address, (eg. Partners, studios etc. but system should link these records to show this fact, using the indexing and a report should be available to show IP addresses or Computers with more than one member associated with it.)

c)The whole website MUST be protected from Right Click (COPY/SAVE pasting etc.)

d) Automatic POPUP help and notes alongside field entry should all be amendable by ADMIN so that when future enquiries and FAQs exist, we can amend the HELP Popups to assist future use. This can be done in html programming by owner, if a default help text is included for owner to insert new help into ?

DATABASE Format Requirements

I require the programmer to build a small database within my website, where photographers and models can add their profiles by themselves and pay (or not pay, by choice), for featured services within the database

Members or Guests should be able to view the site, Guests should only see photos, if the appropriate and respective flag is set to level 5 or below. Members should only see photos, if the appropriate and respective flag is set to their own level or below. When a photo is available, but is a higher level, a standard generic XXX photo should be displayed, (which can be provided)

See Appendix D: The database MUST allow users to upload their own photographs to the site.

The database MUST contain the following fields

primary index key user name with associated password

access to the record and amendment of associated photo database is controlled by this password

Further secondary index keys


country (from list, can be supplied)


area within town



model or photographer (key: 1=Model, 2=Photographer)

age range (to be set automatically from age, below, reset every time record accessed or an update run must be able to change also) Age ranges 18-20, 21-30, over 30

hair colour (optionally filled, or skipped if not model)

eye colour (optionally filled, or skipped if not model)

skin colour (optionally filled, or skipped if not model)

gender (m/f)

TFCD Accepted flag tick box (0-1)

Nudity Level (See Appendix A)

(secondary index keys used to maintain uniqueness of user)

members email (Must be a valid format and unique within the database)

Note: Below Yahoo/MSN address and Facebook, Myspace and Twitter links should only be shown as icons when profile is viewed. Hidden URL hyperlink to the appropriate link should connect anyone clicking, but this will avoid spidering hopefully etc.

members website address (Must be a valid website and unique if entered)

Members Yahoo Messenger address (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Members MSN Messenger address (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Members Facebook ID: (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Members Twitter ID: (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Members MYSPACE address (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Telephone Landline Number (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Mobile Skype Number (May be skipped, but if entered must be unique)

Other Data

Nickname (used in Avatar displays etc.)



street address

name/number of building


age, (to be calculated automatically from dob, rest every time record accessed or an update run must be able to change also

height (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

weight (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

bust size (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

waist size (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

hips (optionally filled, or skipped if photographer)

General Notes on Profile: Members should be able to use html code here too, or similar method of improving editing/display/highlighting.

Fields set by system and hidden from member

IP Address (entered by system ADMIN should be able to List by ADMIN should be able to list members with more than one member per IP address)

Unique Computer id: pickup from CPU serial number ADMIN should be able to list members with more than one member per computer)

Current Member Status (0=Pending, 1=Validated, 2=Approved) See Appendix C

Admin should be able to constantly add our own code in certain areas, without putting the whole site at risk and similarly Moderators should be allowed to add notes to certain sections) This is so we can add links to our own sites, sales areas, add adverts, help lines, more featured items, FOR SALE Offers, NEWS etc. These NOTES should be editable in the ADMIN Database. (These can be restricted to certain areas in specified pages Headers, Footers etc.)

No user should be able to declare DOB which would make age <18 or>99

In all searches, Upper case or lower case will be treated as same in all fields, to avoid problems

All keyfields, Blonde, Brunette, redhead etc. should use drop down menus so that misspelling does not create later confusion during searches

ADMIN and ADMIN SECURITY - has 2 security levels

1. AN ADMIN PANEL must be included with direct access to the whole database.

a. I, (The company) need to monitor all activity on the site, communicate down line, to all members, Models and Photographers etc., easily by NEWSLETTER, via bulk emailing lists using a simple selectable/search means etc.

b. I need to be the sole determinator of ADMIN2 level passwords and usernames and be able to amend/override users profile details, view/amend accounts, etc. To assist me I need to create ADMIN2 accounts and allocate access to other ADMINISTRATORS and MODERATORS whom I will recruit from members.

c. If it is possible to achieve all this by use of existing ADMIN Panel features in Godaddy, then I am happy to perform the operations in this manner, if the successful tenderer will explain to me, how this can be achieved

ADMIN1 = EXEC Can amend Passwords and enable Moderators with word Control

ADMIN2 = Moderators allowed to edit/moderate content of all users except passwords

MODERATORS Must be allowed to search ALL field entries globally to attempt to stop abuse of these restrictions and general abuse areas.

The above should generate reports and live links to offending users whose non restricted fields contain any of above. These standard search keywords should be then be able to be added to a standard disallowed words or notifiable words file.


[url removed, login to view] need to LIST profiles and photos, recently uploaded, to a single screen (no scrolling needed, based upon a 1024 x 768 size screen) for moderation. ie. "LAST Updated" and those profiles flagged as "Unmoderated so far" will be listed/shown in a MODERATOR's Screen. (So moderators can view latest uploads and flag when they have checked/validated) and delete offensive profiles or images etc.

[url removed, login to view] feature to say when and who moderated/viewed a record/profile

MODERATORS Should be able to view photos added recently, in descending date/time order so that the most recent photos are on view. They should be able to flag that THEY have moderated and approved the photo.

A report of MODERATOR (ADMIN1) Activity should be available to ADMIN1 section

Appendix A

Nudity Level

If MEMBER IS Model or Photographer or Supplier to these,

MEMBER Will be asked enter appropriate level code of the following that apply

(otherwise skip) :-

1 = (These options should be listed together in database in both ENTRY and SEARCH modes)

2 = Face, feet, leg, fully clothed modelling Fashion, Catwalk or Catalogue

3 = Lingerie, Swimwear, and all the above

4 = Glamour, Implied topless and all the above

5 = Fetish and all the above

6 = Implied Nude, Actual Topless and all the above

7 = Discreet Nude (NOT open leg) and all the above

8 = Open Leg Nude, British Magazine and all the above

9 = Continental Magazine, Open leg with toys etc. Open to all offers

Tick boxes and or drop down menus should allow sensible entry of this data

This MAY NOT be a complete list and it is imperative that the successful tenderer will be able to demonstrate how we can add items/subjects/classes to the database at will, or provide detailed specification and database MAP, so that if the successful tenderer is not available at any time in the future, we can pass this information to another programmer to continue the work

If Member type is “Other”, then the Nudity Level may be skipped (0 is entered by default)

Appendix B

Initially the site is for Models and Photographers, but eventually will be extended to include all the following

1) Models, Photographers

2) Make-up Artists, Hairdressers, Model Agencies, Theatrical Agency, Demonstrators (Exhibitions). Chauffeurs, Portfolio Providers, Journalists, Promoters, Content Provider, -These are to be termed = “Others”

Appendix C

Current Member Status (1=Pending, 2=Validated, 3=Approved)

When member enters all data, they are sent an email and Staus is set to 1.

When email is replied to, the Member status is set to 2, if it was previously 1

Later, if they paid a fee, they need to be approved as a Shareholder and ADMIN may set the member status to 3 ¦

A small ADMIN page should be provided to readily/easily perform this operation and set/reset the following ….

entry = index username

display = Model or Photographer or Other + Name, Surname

Then allow Entry of Status

Appendix D

The database MUST allow users to upload their own photographs to the site

Members should have an option to upload up to 99 photos to their profile

The website must allow MULTIPLE upload or Single File Upload

The first photo uploaded MUST become the AVATAR of the member, by default

The AVATAR can be selected as any one of the 99 photos, later

The user may not leave the registration process UNTIL at least one photo has been uploaded

The user MUST accept a statement that they have copyright access to the photos they upload

Photos must have an optional fillable Title and Description and a Flag, showing nudity level, according to the codes in section A.

ADMIN must have a quick (Scan) access to the photos to flag as 1-9, if nudity is shown

Please ensure that when thumbnails are created for display of galleries, that they fit easily to a page, (similar to FACEBOOK ?) - I do no like galleries that force users to scroll down, then back up to select next Arrow to continue to next page/selection

Appendix E

Prominence Score

This score is updated as follows

Score increased by 1, every time someone views the member's profile if member is not viewing own profile

Score increased by 1, every time an individual's photo is viewed

Score increased by 1 when member moderates a profile

Score increased by 1,001 every time that member pays a fee for featuring

Score increased by 1, every time member logs in

Each month, automatically all prominence scores are halved

Prominence means that “Featured Members” can appear in the “Carousel” on home page, if their score exceeds 500

Skills: Google Earth, HTML, PayPal API, PHP, Shell Script

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