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Attached you see a papermockup. We produce 5-10 papermockups of different application per week. Therefore we need an Assistant in making a projectdescription for this including a visio flowchart (simple one). You should have a good technical understanding and writing skills.

The description for this project looked like this:

You will be implementing a perl or php webapplication that will
allow us to manage programmers/scriptwriters that will
write diffrent web extraction scripts for us for extracting joboffers
from diffrent companies websites and also an interface for approving
those companies.

The application will have the following sections:

A) Assing scriptwriters to companies websites: you will get access
to the scriptwriters table and the companies websites table, the
purpose of this page is to assing urls to scriptwriters. An url
can only be assign to a single scriptwriters and the same scriptwriters
can have multiple urls asigned to him. So this is setting the "to do"
list for each scriptwriter.

B) Approving companies: the crawling itself will get handeled by a
a diffrent application, what you need to know is that for each
company url we will end up with a perl script that will get executed
at diffrent time intervals and we will get joboffers extracted for
that company, your job next is to make an interface where we will decide
what we will do with those job offers. You will display a list with
all companies where we have the crawling ready and for each of them
we have to set the status, this status will be a pulldown menu with
the following options:
1)do not post
2)ask and wait for email confirmation
3)ask and post job after 1 week if not answer
4)ask and post job
5)post only as link
6)post job (no email needed)
You just have to update the companies table with the value of the status.
You see we have 3 cases where we actualy have to ask the company a question
(for options 2,3 and 4). For this we send them an email with an url to a
form where they have to give us the permition. For sending emails you will
have to use an applicatoin from us that consists in posting an XML file
with the email message data to an url and also make a solution where we can
send emails also directly from php but by default the preferd sending
method will be via XML. We should be able to switch bettween the 2 email
sending methods by just chnaging a configuration variable. The table with
the companies will also contain a field with the email address.

=> all screens until now should be password protected with simple
httpd authetification, the sections bellow have to be public so other users
can open the forms bellow.

C) ask and wait for confirmation section: once we set the status for a
company to "ask and wait for confirmation" we send them an email and ask
them a question, this will contain a link that will lead to this
page that will contain a simple form that they can fill the answer. You
update the company table with that selection.

D) ask and post job after 1 week if not answer section: the is a form the
same as C).

E) ask and post job section: the is a form the same as C).

If you can do this contact us for long term jobs.

Skills: Copywriting, Perl, PHP, Project Management, Website Design

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