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Creating small Website with DB

We are a vehicle importation and legalization company and want to show our customers vehicles which are ready to import.

Also, we want them to be able to send us a complete description of the car they are searching so we can search for it.

We should be able to insert vehicles (header, 3-4 text fields, 30-40 features in bullet style, 4-5 fotos (with script to have one large the other thumbnail format and onclick to change image) and small description) into your created database. Then on our search page the cars should be shown as customer searches for. Also 2-3 vehicles to be listened on homepage. Able to show "Car of the month" as feature.

Database should be searchable within a form so customer can search for specific car and site shows results in list style with link to see total info on vehicle.

Navigation: horizontal navigation bar (5-6 entries written in javascript).

Other pages to create: Company info, Contact with form, Services, Finding car form, FAQ, How it works.

The pages content will all be in portuguese written, so we provide content and images. Also, we have already our logo and header for page created.

Can show competitors websites to show examples, but want no copy-cat.



Some claim the .pdf is corrupted, so there is a new one. Also, below the whole project specifications in text too:


- Top banner management (logo already exists)
- Horizontal navigation bar (with submenu possibility)
- FAQ section, easily updateable and nice understandable layout
- Homepage (see specifications below)
- Advanced search page and results page (see specifications below)
- Contact page (see specifications below)
- “Insert car” request page (see specifications below)
- “How it works” page (text/image based page – changeable)
- Privacy page (text based page)
- “Favorite vehicles” page (see specifications below)
- Sitemap
- CMS/Back-office interface (see specifications below)
- Database to store vehicles information and photos
- Crawler script (see specifications below)
- Legalization costs script (see specifications below)
- Loan calculation script (see specifications below)
- Admin interface (in connection with CMS)
Whole webpage to be viewable from IE 5.0/Netscape upwards
Min. Resolution 1024x768px
All pages show a footer with copyright info, links to privacy policy, contact, car hire (external link), Sitemap and Created by link.
Server is Linux based – coding in PHP, CGI, Perl, Java/Javascript possible
Database is MySQL
Global feeling of website should transmit trust, interest and professionalism!
Our logo colors are black/grey and orange.
First language which will go online will be Portuguese, other language are planned to follow, so easy translation of pages, navigation bar and DB entries should be able! We provide all translations!
We expect from the chosen freelancer or company to produce a fast working and stable solution and to be able to upgrade in future as well as future oriented. The deadline is 4 weeks top.

Top banner management
Inclusion of our logo with a nice styled banner (can be flash but must not be).
Car orientated – but not car make specific.
Horizontal navigation bar
Should be nice looking, not old style like, and have possibility for submenus
FAQ section
Showing first all the questions as anchor text link and once clicked to go to answer below (on same page)
Numbering questions and set a nice bullet icon before answer
Section to be easily updateable via CMS

Consisting of the top banner which includes icons on right side to bookmark, recommend page to friend and language selection icon.
Below horizontal navigation bar
Left space below (1/3 of total page): 3 featured cars (selectable via CMS), showing header, smaller image of car, 4-5 infos from car and link “Full details”. Newsletter subscription
Rest of space (2/3 of total page): Short text introduction and showing our services with links to page “About us & Services”, using icons, images and text combination.
Quick search option for vehicles with 3-4 parameters to search for. In general, fields like brand (BMW, Mercedes etc.) refreshes the next field of “Model” automatically without reloading page (java function). Link to “Advanced vehicle search”.
Whole homepage should fit on page without vertical scrolling needed!

Advanced search page and results page (please see also page for reference)
Table divided in 3 columns (some search options can be shown in 2 columns or more if needed)
Search parameters are: Make (drop down), Model (drop down), Version (text), Type (check box style – 8 different types to be able to have multiple selection)
Following all drop down fields: Registration from, Registration to, Mileage from, Mileage to, Price from, Price to, Fuel type, Doors, Gearbox.
Below equipment options: Climate control (drop down field)
In checkbox format: Central locking, cruise control, leather seats, alloy wheels, trailer coupling, electric windows, navigation system, parking sensors (PDC), sunroof, ABS, ESP, 4x4 drive, Particulate filter, Xenon headlights
Color option (checkbox format): Beige, black, blue, brown, gold, green, grey, orange, purple, red, silver, white, yellow and special checkbox “Metallic painting
On it shows a real-time “Results” window, not a must but could be nice

Results page should be similar to results page, showing:
Small image
Header of vehicle (description – consists of Make, model, type and registration month/year, color)
4 bullet style extras
Total price (if calculation is possible otherwise to show vehicle price from DB and text next to it “+ legalization costs”.
If clicking on any place of vehicle info to go to full details page
Full details page should show same as compact result page but with 1 larger image and up to 4 more smaller images, rotatable if clicking on them to show as larger one, all features and information of vehicle.
Below Links: “Print info”, “Reserve vehicle” (goes to contact form with pre-inserted message subject – Reserve vehicle – and Message text “Reserve vehicle number x” and “Contact us” and “Loan calculation”.

Contact page
First showing our contact information in a nice style (tel/fax, mobile, address), below form based page with fields:
First name (text), Last name (text), Email (text), Confirm Email (text), Contact number (text), Subject (drop-down field with 5-6 entries), Message field, Send and Clear button.

“Insert car” request page
This page is for customers which want their car to be included in our DB to be sold.
Should consist of Personal details section, car specific details – features/extras, equipment (same as search features of search page) plus following fields: Vehicle type (drop-down), Price (text), negotiable (drop-down), imported (drop-down), registration year (text – 4digits), registration month (text – 2digits), mileage (text – 6digits), Displacement – cc or cm3 (text – 4digits), horsepower (text – 3digits), Gearbox (drop-down), nr. gears (text – 1digit), Fuel (drop-down), Exterior color (drop-down), Interior color (drop-down), Observations (text – 4lines visible with vertical scroll bar), photo upload (up to 5 photos max.).
“Save “ button

“How it works” page
Text based page, where we explain how we work.
Will be text/image based and fully changeable via CMS

Privacy page
Same as “How it works” page but without images. Should use bullet style entries for each quotation

“Favorite vehicles” page
The function behind this page should work with cookies so no customer registration is required.
Should show like on page where is “Parked cars”.
Small text based link with 3-4 details of viewed and parked vehicle plus one small photo.
Below a smaller link to delete the vehicle from the “Favorites” and to add a text note to save it.

Guess there is no explanation necessary, but should be logical, nice and SEO friendly!

CMS/Back-office interface
The Content Management System should have ways to change the text based pages in WYSIWYG style (bold, italic, underline, text size etc.), to change manual DB entries, add/modify them (checkbox style for fast adding of vehicles), list pending entries due to missing information, newsletter creation in WYSIWYG style to send to emails stored and general maintenance functions (give your suggestions). Translation feature to translate pages to other languages.

Database to store vehicles information and photos
Database fields as needed to insert all information for vehicles and photos and index able
Also, for all vehicles the DB gives a unique vehicle number (style/type to be decided yet).

Crawler script
We still don’t know if we get direct access to foreign DB which will make things easier, but if not the script must act as a crawler (e.g. like googlebot).
Script has the function to crawl a website ( or – not decided yet) and to extract vehicles complete information including photos into own DB and to attribute a unique vehicle number.
All translate able info (brand, type, equipment, etc.) to be automatically translated and inserted to own DB – we will provide translation words/phrases.
Every time the crawler starts his work, he updates (modifying/deleting) the existing DB entries in our own DB, so if entries are no longer available on foreign DB but still in ours, the existing entries in our DB are to be deleted. If modified, then our entries to modify.
Basically to cross check their entries with ours.
Also, the crawler script duty is to check on-the-fly, once a customer wants to Reserve a vehicle, to check if the vehicle is still in the foreign DB. If not, customer receives immediate an info, saying that the vehicle is no longer available.
The script must have parameters to run automatically (able to set frequency of running) or manually, as well as selective crawling, 5-6 selective crawling parameters like:
By brand or model x (or x,y,z), by manufacturer year (from-to) or by price. This should be able for both, automatically and manual mode.
The parameters can be multi selected (e.g. extract just BMW, all models, with min. price 5.000 EUR up to max. price 20.000 EUR).

Legalization costs script
We will provide information on how the legalization is to be calculated.
This script adds the calculated cost to the extracted price from the crawler script.
If calculation is not able to success due to missing information on extracted data from crawler script, then the crawled and inserted data of the vehicle is to kept “on hold” to manually add the missing details and then to make the entry visible.
In this cases the entry stays “on hold” (admin must see the whole list of “on hold” vehicles to add missing data) and the vehicle can already be seen on the results page but with the information that the Legalization cost is not included.

Loan calculation script
Simple script calculating monthly loan payback. Customer just enters how much upfront money he pays and script calculates how much they pay per month for 1,2,3,4….10 year.
We will enter interests values as well as from-to year possible.
See also:

Pages to see how they do:

Through Escrow
20% after approving first visible and working results of layout, graphic/design and structuring.
30% after scripts are implemented
30% after website finished, uploaded and working
20% after debugging finishes

If you cannot accomplish all these tasks, please do not bid on the project.
The same, if you have until now only some simple website created and nothing stunning to present as proof, please do not bid. We need serious bidder as we are very serious about our project.


Skills: Graphic Design, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Website Design

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