Online Magazine Programming w/Movable Type Customization

Were looking for web programming services to assist in the development

of features for an online Magazine. Wed like to implement the following:

1) Content Management tools: Right now we're looking at using

Movable Type (MT) for these aspects, but am open to anything that will be better


as cost


a. Refer a Friend: MT customization for refer a friend through email feature

in perl which is what MT is written in natively.

b. User Registration, Search, Categories, Track Backs (Blog this!), Comments,

RSS are all an included as a part of the MT software

c. Back End

Management System for managing publishing Content and Comments

d. If we go with MT, we would want it set up dynamically using SQL so all

the content can be data based, and to keep site updates quick. [url removed, login to view]

2) SignUp/Log In: While

some articles would be open to all to view, users are required to sign up/log

in to view certain articles. Their email and password

would be stored in a database and also uploaded to an Email Service Provider.

(likely using Movable Type/plugin)

3) User Posted

Comments: Much like youd see on many sites like amazon,

etc., once users log-in, they can post moderator approved comments on an article,

etc. (again, likely using Movable Type/plugin)

4) Web Analytics: Looking

at integrating Web Trends On Demand for $35 per month for analytics. Its

a bit more expensive,

but very in-depth and well executed.

If there is something better, we are open to it. In addition, wed like


a. Add code to the pages to display traffic, audience, etc.

b. Add the ability to monitor how far down individual pages visitors scroll.

Might have to collect


data ourselves and integrate in the reporting.


found free software to do just this, so itd just have to be integrated

(I have the JavaScript file and installation instructions from the programmer

to integrate this with the web analysis system)

5) Advertising: Along

with dynamically served content, wed like the

ability to dynamically serve advertising, and track click-throughs on

the advertisements.

6) Interactive

Star/GraphicalRating System: users can rate articles, etc. and the ratings are stored and updated

dynamically. Id like to use

the Netflix style of rating, which is fast and intuitive.

a. The rating system

wouldn't cause the page to reload to send the rating to the server and

get the updated "result", using AJAX on the

back end. So wed need a dynamic web backend to capture the the

ratings, store them and transmit the updated rating.

b. Ive found a site that has the CSS script for the graphical side

of it, so wed need to implement that and interface with it for the

database, etc. ([url removed, login to view])

c. Ability to display articles (or links to articles) based on popularity,

highest rank, etc.

7) Hosting: Looking to have this hosted with LivingDot, but also possibly

purchase a MT license and host this on our own server. LivingDot provides MySQL

databases and MovableType installed as part of their hosting package.

8) Front End Integration: We will be providing the design and fully cut and

coded HTML pages for the front end of the site. I will be working with the

programmer to facilitate integration of the front and back ends, as well as

learning to manage the different tools described above developed/integrated

by the programmer.

Whatever we do, it would need to be Scalable and Portable, so that we can

move as it grows onto our own server, and eventually onto multiple

servers if necessary

for load balancing.

Furthermore, the entire system needs to be duplicable, as were looking

to actually build two distinct sites that will utilize the identical functionality,

but which will have a different aesthetic appearance on the front-end, as well

as different content within. (these need to be able to be managed separately).

And there is the potential that we would want to replicate the entire system

an indefinite number of times.

Since were just starting this up, there are no real limits as to what

can and cant be used as far as programming language, so whatever is

easiest/most cost effective would be fine.

Skills: Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Script Install

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