Image Based Application required for website to integrate with Facebook

I am looking for what is essentially a web based image generator. I need this to be an online application that can run through facebook and my website. I need it to be as simple, fast and easy to use whilst also including required features.

Users will be able to:

* Select a pre-designed background image

* Upload Pictures from their PC to use within image

* Move uploaded images around freely via drag and drop

* Have the option of adding Text as footer to each photo

I require program to:

* Meet all above criteria

* Export final design to high quality image file (for print & digital wallpaper)

* Allow smaller image to be displayed on Facebook profile as application that others can also add

Ultimately the idea of this project is that people will create their image via my website or the facebook application and then be able to display or their profile for free. There will also be the further option for the customer to purchase the image as wallpaper for their PC or a Poster. In the case of poster I will be passing on image files to a printer with sizes ranging from 8" x 10" to 11" x 14"

When bidding please include ideas of which platform you will use to design this project, expected time-frame and cost.

P.S. I have included example image of what a finished project within this application may look like


## Deliverables

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Hey There,

Thank you for all your questions guys. This is my first time posting a project on this website so maybe I wasn't as specific as you'd have liked. Either way I have a compiled an FAQ based on recurring questions:

*Will the finished application be web based or downloaded?*

This will be a web based application.<<br> *Will I have to design the images that go with it?*

No these will be supplied to you along with a more specific idea of the theme of this image generator once your bid is accepted for you to get started.

*How do you expect users to work on their project if the finished image is going to be a high resolution image that actually bigger?*

I plan for the designer view to be accessible on smaller scale preferably that could be zoomed in and out. I am not sure how to achieve this part myself but have witnessed good examples in flash sites such as [url removed, login to view] though their final product has far more other options than I require.

*How will you control the text for the footer on your images? What if it's too long?*

I would like the ability for users to create text boxes next to or on top of image that allows a short sentence to be added to a standard photos.

*Will users be able to format their text?*

This text would have basic formatting options including B U I Size and a small selection of standard fonts.

*Where will the final image be exported to?*

I would ideally like the image to be exported to a database on my server that could be linked to a user account which can be viewed as long as their account is open. How this would be implemented I am not sure though I do have access to MySql on my server which I'm guessing will be a popular solution for this sort of thing, though correct me if I'm wrong.

*What file format does the final image need to be?*

A JPEG should be suitable as long as it is good enough quality when viewed as a small image on their screen and also a full size print up to 12"x15".

*Will the designer be responsible for integrating this application into Facebook?*

Ultimately the answer here is "Yes". However I do not mind if the user installs an "application on facebook which then opens up the designer on my web page and then allows the finished image to displayed on facebook via the application installed.

*How would the facebook integrated element work?*

As stated above. The final image display should be display in a similar way to the application "Big Profile Picture" if you need an example. When clicking on the picture they would be prompted to install application and design their own image. Once installed the user has a dashboard that gives them the option to create a new image and possibly one or two further links that would encourage them to receive the wallpaper and posters from my website. This will be specified by myself before commencement on the project.

*Will there be two versions of the image created if so is this the developers responsibility?*

Ultimately there are two options for the user, the user can have a low res (good looking) image that can be displayed on the facebook application or and added to a blog for example. The other option is the user can download a wallpaper version or get it printed. This would probably require two versions of same image though if you have any other ideas suggest as you bid.

**PLEASE NOTE** Developer is not responsible for making the option for users to download the wallpaper version. As long as they image is created and stored in a predictable place that I can personally automate download of, this is enough.

*I'd like to work with you / Can we work on your application?*

Ask any questions needed to evaluate your bid offer and then place your bid. You will find out soon enough. I aim to let the bidding stay open for it's duration and then select a bid based on communications and offering so please don't be offended if it seems I am ignoring a bid that you've made.

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Hey Guys,

We've had a development in that I've discovered there is already an application with extremely similar designs to my own. Seeing as a product already exists I shall go into more detail. Customers will be designing what are called dreamboards. This is basically a board where you place images of your goals, desires and dreams. If I am to go ahead with this, the application will have to at least equal or rival the functionality without being a clone of the following app:

[On Track][2]

If you believe you are up for the task then step up with your bids and ideas. As always you may contact me with questions.


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