Niteflirt Mulitiple Persona Call Manager

I'm a phone sex operator, and would

like a call manager made for Niteflirt,

so when I'm on a call with one persona,

it would turn off all my accounts, then

when the call is finished, set them all

back to available.

At Niteflirt, I have 11 personas, and

am using a free call manager that is

just for that company, but the guy that

made it is unreliable and if it goes

down, I'll be in a mess, as the company

doesn't have a built in one like other

sites do.

And his runs on the computer, only

works when the computer is on and the

window of it is up, I want a script to

run on my hosting that works 24/7 so I

don't miss calls that are sent to one

persona when I'm on a call with


A call manager for this company is

available soon from someone else that

is about to market it to the girls, but

it will be held on THEIR server, and

they would have access to the log

in/account details, which I do not want

under any conditions.

It leaves one open to theft of them

changing your banking info., and I'm

sure not giving them my log in/account

info to use their call manager, better

to have my very own.

Several girls have had ones made

privately, but they guard the

developers with their lives, since they

don't want others to have them, since

it makes lives easier. So they won't

tell you who to ask to make you one.

Here are the screenshots of the current

call manager I use, This one is only

for use with Niteflirt, the company I

make most of my money from. I took

these screenshots a few months ago when

I didn't have as many personas as I do

now. I currently have 11 personas

there, soon to be 12, it's easy to add

them to this call manager, and he told

me he knows of one user who has 36 on


I am on with Niteflirt 24/7, and with

11 personas, the chance of a missed

call is high when on with a call with

one persona if the others aren't turned

off. The site does not link the

accounts, so you can't busy out all

your accounts with one click of a

button. All accounts have to be logged

into separately and turned on and off

individually, it is very inefficient.

Most sites have this feature built in

already, they have all your accounts

linked, so when on with a call with one

persona, all others are set to

unavailable, it's the only thing that

makes sense, but Niteflirt doesn't have

this built in. They have many, ongoing

programming problems and glitches, so

even when a call manager is made, if

they change their code, the call

manager may need to be tweaked on

ocassion, as the current one is.

A few months ago, Niteflirt

changed/updated their code in some way,

and for 5 days the call manager didn't

work until he did something to the code

to update it to whatever it was they

had done. I've never had so many missed

calls as those 5 days I didn't have it

working, and it was then I realized how

dependant I was on it to work and what

if something happened to this guy and

there was no more call manager? It

would be a disaster. This is a crucial

tool for my business.

When I took the screenshots of the call

manager a few months ago, the parts on

it that say current balance and new

mail were not working, that's why they

all read zero.

That thing I labeled call manager

refresh thing, is some sort of polling

feature that goes every 5-7 seconds to

see if a call is coming through. That

one that has the red printing that says

account is receiving/on a call will go

red a few seconds before your phone

actually rings. The ones that say

problem mini window, oh they are

soooooo annoying, they pop up in the

middle of my screen every few minutes,

he knows of that problem, but nothing

has been able to be done about it. This

call manager only works when the

computer is on, and the window for it

is up, I need one that is on my hosting

and works 24/7, but still a window I

can manually control it from on my

screen as well.

This can be done, since others have

already done it. The one I am using

now, the free one, the auto mode hasn't

been working for over a week, so I

worry the entire thing may die and I'm

without one at all.

Skills: MySQL, PHP, Script Install

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