In the example you gave the left side makes some sense; you can talk about apples and oranges, and fractions of them. But on the right side you've got an "apple/orange", which isn't a real thing. The same sort of problem crops up when one starts talking about physics.

Every equation describes something. They're like very succinct sentences. Perhaps you could "add them in thirds", but what you get out is very unlikely to make any sense.

For example, here are three sentences I found by googling random words (specifically: wildebeest, summer camp, and water).

-"Gnus belong to the family Bovidea, which includes antelopes, cattle, goats, and other even-toed horned ungulates."

-"And for this round, we’ve shaken things up a bit, and opened up the promotion to a mix of bands on the 2011 Summer Camp Line Up."

-"We offer information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge."

Each says something, and each kinda needs to be used in the right context to make any sense. Combining in thirds you just scramble them even worse:

-"Gnus belong to the family Bovidea and for this round, we’ve shaken things up a we offer information on many aspects of water, along"

You could wander the world looking for a situation where this sentence makes sense, but there's no reason to expect you'd find it. Moreover, the new sentence itself doesn't makes sense. Despite the fact that all three of the original sentences were grammatically correct (except for starting with "and"), the new sentence has several errors.

The same is true of the equations of QM and GR. They're talking about wildly different stuff.

Let me know if that makes sense or clears anything up, and thanks for asking!


Ok you said to let you know if this clears anything up.

Actually you can get a GNU by adding DNA 1/3 COw+ 1/3 goat+ 1/3 Antelope= 1 GNU (wilderbeast)..

These three familes make up the GNU which is probably related to the original ancestoral species...........

So in the same way three equations out of millions of equations may have made sense together in the big bang.

They may have originally been the same species like the GNU.

So you can add QM and GR in 1/3s and the right equation will be a contradiction between the two like the GNU.

Does this make sense to you.?Sorry about the delay.

A computer might be able to accidentally generate a theory of everything, but how would you be able to tell when you've got the right set of equations? Moreover, if the TOE involves math that hasn't been imagined yet, then there are no equations that could be combined to get it.

I can't say with absolute certainty that your idea won't work, but I can say that it would work about as well as any method one might use to generate random equations.

If you wanted to write a play you wouldn't program a computer to combine words at random, you'd just sit down and right it.


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I want you to read the above and write a program that googles sentences based on random [url removed, login to view] combine the sentences in [url removed, login to view] have a syntaxt checker that checks to see if the created sentences are proper grammer.

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