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I am an individual who has no idea what programming I need. I posted a project and was sent offers and I am confused - I do not know about os2 - zen cart - gateways etc. How do I choose with such little knowledge of what is mainstream for the future???? I would be happy just to have what I do in frontpage working again. However I am looking to the future and my customers want a shopping cart. I am very willing to communicate my "desires" but I need guidance to design a web presents and a shopping cart that is functional first for my customers and later to be able to set up an ebay store, social networking and other. I am very open to enhancments once my shopping cart is completed. I can either contract with another to have data entry done or you can make a bid. I have nothing other than the complete uploaded files on my C drive that I publish from.

If I sound like I do not know what I need it is true! I am trying to be honest so you as the professional know you have to take time and ask me questions. I really need a true professional who can not only get me started with a shopping cart first but help me and my site grow for the future.

I would like a shopping cart that shows many pictures on one page but my pictures are all over the place in size. Currently I have been hacked by malware and I am losing my business due to PHP program for order form a local company did for me. They fix the problem at their leisure. I would also like someone to correct this for me as the cart is being built. It is a horrible form. Nothing on it works. I only need the basic for short term - customer name, address, credit card info, shipping choice and a form they can type in what they want that adds up and is secure for my customer. This is something I need now! (lol, not really laughing I lost money this weekend because of the person who did php file and caused this security breach with malware)

I will need the person/company I choose to be quick at giving me a detailed written proposal of how and why there shopping cart is best or use the godaddy web shopping cart program. I want to be independant of any single host and move my cart when / if I choose because of problem with host company.

I have been adding pictures and text to my frontpage program for 11 years so I have much data I would say 500 - 700 products. My customers like the way my site looks but they want a safe shopping cart and I want to just print the orders and fill. Currently I am re-typing the order form into an invoice - I want the customers and the shopping cart to do this for me.

I take credit card information and manually transmit but would like to eventually do this online. However I do not know what is involved with gateways and paypal etc.

If you are a company/person how can give me solid written direction if what you can do and why you are suggesting please help this store owner who justs wants to sell as much products as she can.

I will admit I an not very trusting I had a bad experience with a SL programmer in 2005 and once site was built they would not let me host with anyone but them.

I want to look like a "big company" but be able to work the program myself once it is completed. Time of course is of the essence. This is the height of season for me and my customers can not access my files due to the malware problem. I would like to host with godaddy or a big name company. I can change hosting to linux as most have told me is more solid to use. I want to keep my website name magsupply. I would prefer to buy my ssl with godaddy also so it is all in one place.

I will need ongoing supervision to learn how to use the shopping cart and reporting and invoicing etc.

Please be specific with your written proposal and gain my trust :) ~ Thank you for the chance to choose a professional at a fair price. I will need everything - data entry using only my c drive files or fix php so you can take via html - uploaded to my host, to know what is difference from E com and OScom - I want most any person to be able to program on my projects in the future, I need to know what the databases is used for so I know if I need that, I want everything and to be able to just print orders and fill. I am a one person shop who has 20 - 50 orders a week.

Again, remember I am not a person who knows what she needs so please understand we will need to communicate much and well with me. Once I have choosen I will be happy to place the money into escrow to let you know I am a ligitamate buyer.

Sorry for the book LOL I just want more than " I can do the job, let me" replies to my project. I want to start as soon as possible and a realistic time for being up.

Please I am sure you are thinking - OMG! This girl has no idea what she wants or needs.... I can make decisions if I have your expertize and communication. I will need to know how to manage the shopping cart and have a person I can contact till I do. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards USA - user daisyduke

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Skills: Anything Goes, eCommerce, OSCommerce, PHP, System Admin

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