Army game :)

Saviors of Time Game

Game is basically a Kingsofchaos age 7 but script must be unique without copying from Kings of Chaos due to copyright infringement.


1. Supporter Status: Users can either be Supporters of Non-Supporters. Those that wish to become supporters must go to the trading center and purchase the supporter status (more on this later).

a. Supporters are able to see who is online, get 10 extra Unit production added to their account upon buying supporter status (for one round). The also get their attack turn limit raised from the non supporter limit of 400 to a maximum of 1500 (this limit can be surpassed if the supporter purchases turns)

b. Supporters are able to transfer gold from their bank to other players (maximum of 50 million a day).

c. Supporters will be able to transfer 10% of their total fighting force to other users daily. (should be changeable by admin)

d. They will also be able to transfer turns to other users without a limit on the amount sent daily.

e. Supporters will be able to UNTRAIN spies and sentries.

2. Non Supporters: Are users that are not supporters

a. They have a maximum holding capacity of 400 turns (may pass 400 if they purchase turns)

b. Are able to bank 50 million gold into their bank in 24 hour intervals.

c. Are NOT able to see who is online.

3. Trading Center: This is a connection to paypal that allows users to purchase the following items and receive them automatically without any assistance from administrators.

a. 20 Unit Production for $10.00 (this is to be added to current UP)

b. 50 Unit Production for $20.00 (this is to be added to current UP)

c. 300 Turns for $5.00 (to be added to turns (may go over turn limit))

d. 800 Turns for $10.00 (to be added to turns (may go over turn limit))

e. 2000 turns for $20.00 (to be added to turns (may go over turn limit))

f. 5000 turns for $50.00 (to be added to turns (may go over turn limit))

g. Supporter for $10.00 (gets regular supporter benefits (stated above)

h. Exclusive Supporter for $40.00 (gets additional 6 turns per tick (15 minutes), 25% increase in income, plus gets battlefield color of red on top of regular supporter benefits) Gets also on the attack user page the 15 attack turns automatically placed for the user.

4. Admin control panel

a. Able to manage user accounts on admin cp

b. Able to see user ips for the last 10 log in times

c. Able to see the last 10 times that users logged in using GMT [url removed, login to view]

d. Able to add new preset accounts for users to use without them having to register the account themselves

e. Able to delete accounts

f. Able to reset accounts

5. Theme selection

a. Players may choose from 10 different color themes

6. Banking system

a. Players may use their bank to store a max of 50 million per day (non supporters) Unlimited for all supporters.

b. Every 24 hours users with gold in bank receive a 2.5% increase in their bank amount.

c. To withdraw you must pay 1.5% of the gold that you withdraw

7. Alliance System and Ranking

a. Much like the user ranking, alliances can be ranked as well. The minimum amount of users in an alliance is to be ranked are 3 players.

b. Players are able to name their alliance and alliance tags are seen on battlefield. (alliance tag has max of 5 characters)

c. If you join an alliance you may join the alliance bank. Once you agree to join the alliance bank, players in the alliance may use the bank to withdraw gold from it even if they are NOT the ones that deposited the gold into the account (alliance bank account).

8. Everything else should be what we agreed upon.

Skills: Copywriting, Photoshop, PHP, Web Security, Website Design

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