Big Bang Games

Big Bang

Card games “New Type” registered commerce chamber and SIAE Italy


- 114 cards

- 4 types of suite card:

stars red color ( like in attachment 2)

sun yellow/orange color ( like in attachment 2)

earth blue world map ( like in attachment 2)

moon pink moons ( like in attachment 2)

- 2 different types of flush from 1 to 10 and 3 pictures for each suite (planets, galaxies and universe) for a total of 104 cards

- 8 astronauts, useful cause they are jollies, that can replace all the cards that you want

- 1 card that represent the solar system , called the MATTA (big jolly)

- 1 card that represent the 4 suites over crossed, called MATTA (big jolly)

The Game

1. To play Big Bang we need the 114 cards up listed

2. It’s possible to play from 2 to 5 players both to bet that points

3. It’s a part of the game the table divided in 4 parts (see attachment 1) called mezza (half), parziale (partial), totale (total) and big bang where the players before the start of each game they have to bet in each quarter of the table the sum agreed before

4. The dealer give the 8 cards to each in clockwise

5. The dealer is moved to the next player every end of game session

6. The card not given will be put covered in the middle of the table game

7. The main of this game is have 4 same doubles called eclipses (closing); but they have to be the same suite ( example 4-4 of sun 5-5 of moon and so on)

8. The closing varies depending on how the 4 pairs are closed

9. The 1st player served starts catching a card covered from the deck and putting down one that he doesn’t t need and so like all the other player

10. The player has got 20 seconds of time left to decide what to do

11. When a player has got 2 same cards he will put down covered to declare to the other players the point, in fact have a couple of same cards let to the player to catch the cards throwed from previous player instead keep from the deck.

12. When a player decides to throw a card from the couple put down, if he want change tactic of game, but, he is obliged to show to the other players and only after he can throw away.

13. The card are divided in 3 groups:

from 1 to 5

from 5 to 9

from 9 to 1

the subdivision of the cards is fundamental for the continuing of the game

14. The closing is done in 4 couples of same cards for each couple but the price is changing in function of the couples

- you are doing mezza( a half) when 2 couples belong to a group shown in the point 13 and so you will win the price of the sector mezza.

- you are doing parziale( partial) when 3 couples belong to a group shown in the point 13 and so you will win the price of the sector parziale and mezza.

- you are doing totale( total) when 4 couples belong to a group shown in the point 13 and so you will win the price of the sector totale, parziale and mezza.

- you are doing big bang when you have a totale with a big jolly and so you will win the price of the sector bigbang, totale, parziale and mezza and in this case the game is finished

15. Obviously the jolly can replace every card except the big jolly

16. If during the match the cards on the deck finish and nobody have done the closer, the match will interrupt and it will win who has more couples of the same group

17. If more players have got the same number of couple about a group, it will win who has the bigger suite shown so ( star-sun-earth-moon)

18. In case of equal suite it will win who has the bigger cards

19. In case of equal it will win who has the big jolly

20. In case of same equal will win who is closest to the dealer

21. At every closing the player will get the price of the sector won shown in the point 14

22. We start a new game, with a fixed bet to put in each sector and the game restarts

23. The game end when there is a big bang

24. Who is retiring during the match he will lose all that he bets

25. The point match is the game where you choose a price to come in example to come in you have to put 5 euro and who will arrive f

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