Game Plugin + Website Integration for Gaming Clan

Hello, my name is Deadlystrike i have the senior admin and founder or our gaming network [GME] or Gaming Made Easy.

Our gaming network runs at [url removed, login to view]

What we need:

Source Plugins "[url removed, login to view]"

1: "(Premium Plugin for TF2 [Team Fortress 2]

-Uses a Pre - Exisiting MySql Database to determain who has premium status "Must query every 5 min and be able to check cross table for relationships to find the apporpriate info then write into multiple flat txt files in a specific format and delete old records of people who are no longer of premium status"

-The plugin must give users with the premium permisions ("AO" flags from source mod") the following bonus

General Features:

-Command 'premium_swap' to instantly swap you to the other team at any time.

-Immunity against the team balancer.

-Personal welcome message.

-Colored in-game chat message.

Gives All Classes:

Increased a 30% the walk speed of all classes.

Unlimited ammo with most of the weapons.

50HP Bonus for each kill.

25HP Bonus for each kill assist.

Detection of spy fake kills.

Fall damage immunity.

Self damage immunity.

Gives Scouts:

Get a new sandman ball every 3 seconds

No slowdown after the bonk effect have finished.

No health penalty when using the Sandman.

Gives Pryos:

Ability to use the airblast with the backburner.

Ability to get critical hits with the backburner and the Axtinguisher.

Gives Soldiers:

Higher rocket jumps

6 instead of 4 rockets.

Ability to keep the rage meter between lives

Gives Demomans:

Higher sticky jumps

Removed the health penalty when carring the Eyelander.

Increased sticky bombs clip size to 16.

Gives Engineers:

Ability to build 5 dispensers.

Ability to build 3 teleporter entrances.

Infinite metal.

Instant teleporter charge.

Ability to build Dispensers and Teleporters Entrances on restricted zones (Spawn rooms for example).

Gives Medics:

You always start with a 50% of ubercharge on both mediguns.

Longer ubercharges.

You get the double of the default HP assist bonus for other classes.

Gives Sniper:

Instant rifle charge to 100% of damage.

No slowdown when aiming with the huntsman.

You get 5 jarates when spawning.

Increased walk speed when zooming with the sniper rifle.

Automatically ignited huntsman arrows.

Gives Spy:

Infinite Cloak

Gives Heavy:

Increased walk speed when spinning the miningun

Infinite sandvichs, get a new one as you eat or throw away one.

2) A premium panel. This is a webpage you would make for our site that would allow users with premium status to go into and change some attributes granted to the for example they could change:

-Chat Color

-Lower the ammount of dispensers you can use

-Enable/Disable some features

-Lower some of the bonuses granted

(Settings changed here should only effect the person who changes them, and should update in the game quickly)

Note: When bidding on our project please do not give us your generic message as we have seen them alot, please tell us your skills and eperiance working with this sort of task. I also expect after we award the project to sit down with you for a hour or 2 and discuss the fine details. I also request that any updates, changes, small feature additions/removal will be covered free of charge and done in a expediant mannor

Skills: C++ Programming, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture, Website Design

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