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Phase 3 - ez


Add for Product Page:

admin to set the maximum number of items that can appear on product page to reduce loading times - admin can select 6,12,18, or 24 items per page

Once the page is filled program creates pages as required. Back and forward buttons to appear top and bottem of page.

Other Changes to Product Page (and related pages)

Take out the Buttons and go back to plain lettering.

Change "View Product Page" to "View Info Page"

Change "Subscribe Here" to "Select"

---------------------- "B" ---------------------


I want Admin to be able to "Name" their own fields in the base line.

Changes to Base Line

Replace left: with " 8 fields " (same number as left)

Allow admin to "Name the Fields"

Once field is named it would work same as before allowing Admin to add information using text editor

Make it so "Only the fields" they use will show up on bar.

Move Base Line from bottem of page to the "Welcome" strip.

---------------------- "C" ---------------------



Make it so "Product Scroller" is moving all the time.

I wish to have more movement on the page.


Make it so a a scroll bar will appears once there are a few items.

I would like to add nicer looking buttons here also.

Can I send you buttons as an email attachment?

---------------------- "D" ---------------------


When Admin wishes to "Edit" a product it is logical that they be

taken back to the original Product >> New page.

It is confusing now because the two screens are different.

---------------------- "E" ---------------------

I want the Buyer to be able to "Remove" optional items they may decide at the last minute they can do without. Perhaps they decide they do not want the "Super Large Size" sign for instance.

In which case they should be able to delete it at this point. Just prior to check out. Same as when deleting products

Figure A... Optional items are:

Shipping $12.00 & Super Large Size (add) $14.95

---------------------- "F" --------------------

Add "unsubscribe button" to all out going emails.

I want people to be able to unsubscribe easily if they so desire.

----------------------"G" ---------------------


If no product page make it so the "View Product Page" does not appear.

---------------------- "H" ----------------------

Add Test & Sales Site:

I will provide the website name I want.

I want this to be a "Permanent Embedded Link" which cannot be removed from the program. I want all website owners to automatically become affiliates.

When people click on this link I need to know which site it came from

so that they can be paid for any sale that may occur.

They would be taken to an active site where they can try out the software and purchase it there. If they purchase I need to know where the lead came from so the person can be paid.

----------------------- "I" ------------------------

Minor Change:

Will provide new photo to install in beat the clock section.

--------------------- "J" -----------------------

Minor Change:

If I go to "View Software/ eBooks" and click on "Link for Download"

it opens in main page. If I accidentally close the page it takes knocks me out of the program entirely.

---------------------- "K" ---------------------


Existing Promotional Code is Fine for certain purposes however...

I also want Admin to be able to send "One e-Mail" to all subscribers

with a Promotional Code good for a certain period of time (like beat the clock) It could be good for a 24 hour period, or one weeks (up to admin) once clock runs out the designated promo code will cease to function.

--------------------- "L" ----------------------

Finish: Split Payment feature

Up to "3" with optional plus recurring payment capability.

-------------------- "M" ---------------------


Free eBook - Just sign up - Admin can allow 1 or several

Free eBook Download Bonus for signing up.

They can select their "Download List"

Must be easy for admin to change whenever they want.

After sign up email will go out to them which contains the download link(s)

--------------------- "N" ----------------------


We need an easy method where admin can link to ebooks and add them

as new ebooks or software become available. It is also important that admin can link to these easily to create give-a-ways etc.

Come up with some ideas to achieve this.

Should also have ability to delete downloads admin no longer wishes to offer.

--------------------- "O" ----------------------

To Finish:

"Software Update"

Remember we talked about there being a Button in admin section to allow the site owner to check for software updates on this product.

This would give admin the capability of updating their software (as we add to it) It must be so they will not lose any of their existing data. I know there are other software packages that allow this.

--------------------- "Q" ----------------------

To be added:

(Note: this will only be added if I can purchase source code as we did with text editor)

I am working on a deal for source code for an Audio Creator.

It will allow admin to record audio messages for their pages (if desired)I will need you to build this into the program so this is embedded. (like you did with the text editor) Audio files to be saved automatically to audio files

--------------------- "R" ----------------------

To be added:

(Note: this will only be added if I can purchase source code as we did with text editor)

I am working on a deal for source code for an photo editor.

It will allow admin to manipulate photos for the info pages they create. I will need you to build this into the program so this is embedded (like you did with the text editor) Photo files to be saved automatically to an image file

--------------------- "S" ----------------------

Improve the center page logo setup:

A bit confusing as it is now. Must show that picture etc is being directly added to the main page logo.

---------------------- "T" ---------------------

Add: Revenue Ad Feature to go here

If difficult I will try to find a program already built.

I want to give admin the ability to add (unlimited) ads if they desire Give them ability to add like below (linkshare, share a sale etc using html code)


Add as gif or jpeg (that they make themselves)


Advertisment changes to next ad whenever person clicks to different page in site with Ability to count the number of times the Advertiser's advertisment appears in a month. This data would be sent to advertiser if desired. Is this possible? If not, what is possible?

---------------------- "U" ---------------------

Add: Membership Site Feature

Makes it so people have to buy membership to access site.

Is this a Membership Site?

Is there a fee to join: Yes/No If yes ($_____)

---------------------- "V" ---------------------

The Software Installation:

Originally I wondered if there was some way to duplicate the software. (much like Dreamweaver can duplicates sites in its program) You mentioned you were working on something that would allow people to upload the software and configure it easily if they had their own hosting. Some people will be able to do this and others may find it difficult. Let me know how you plan to do this.

----------------------- "W" ----------------------------

Upload what is done to existing hosting site & provide with existing files of work now competed.

Skills: PHP, System Admin, Website Design, Windows Desktop

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