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This will explain in as much detail as possible how the navigation of the pages should work.

All Music Data is coming from AMG data

I. Homepage: (Music Homepage image)


* "Radio Tab" - link to [url removed, login to view] radio music player

* "Video Tab" - link it to the "Videos Page"

* "Artists" - link to the "artists page"

* The "TeenWants iTunes" image - Please change "iTunes" to "Radio" and add a small caption saying "Coming Soon"

* "TeenWants Rhapsody" image - please change "Rhapsody" to "Music" and remove the "Join Now" button.

* "Featured Artist"

o This table will be controlled by us in admin.

o We will control Image, artist name, description, and link.

o It will function similarly to TeenWants homepage "Featured Box", where when you click on one of the smaller images, it replaces the larger image.

o When you click on "See More" - you will be sent to the "Search or See More" page.

* "Featured Album"

o This table will be controlled by us in admin.

o We will control Image, description, and link.

o The "Hear It" will link to the same link added in admin.

o Please Remove " Get It"

o If you click on "See More" it will send them to the "Top 20 songs page"

* "Featured" - (Please make this box wider, and change the TeenWants Radio table to a square advertisement)

o It will pull a random song and video from the "Top 20 page"

o When you click "See More" you will be sent to the "Top 20 page"

* "Tours and Events" -

o This will be controlled in admin.

o We will control the image, description, and link.

* " Listen Now" -

o this will be controlled in admin.

o Top Two - we will control image, description, artist name, and link.

o Bottom text - we will control text and link.

o If you click "Hear More" it will send them to "Search" page. (This search page needs to work where when an artist is clicked on... The user is taken to all the same pages... and it will function the same... but instead of "OverView" being highlighted it would be the "Discography page" for that artist.)

II. Each Artist- Each Artist will have a page like this. (Whenever there is a new artist added to our database through updates, we need to create a pages like this for each person)

1. Music Main(Overview) Tab - See Music Main image

* Photo of band or artist should be pulled from AMG data.

* Biography, should be the beginning of the full length biography of that artist.

o A "Read More" button will appear at bottom of the biography and will link to the "music biography" page.

* "Music Videos" - List of links to music videos for that artist

* "Related Artist"

o This will be a bulleted listing of artist that are from the same genre.

o They will be pulled randomly to fill table.

* "Band Member"

o This will be a listing of the band members. This should be in AMG data

* "Select an Album to view the album review and track listings" -

o This will be all the artists album pictures here and they are each linked to the Discography page.

+ When you click on a album, the "Discography" page will display that albums review and tracks.

2. Biography Tab - (Music Bio. image)

* This will display the entire biography of the artist.

* It will wrap around links to discography and an advertisement as shown in image.

* The "Discography" box will pull 3 random albums for that artist from the "Discography" page.

* "You Might Also Like" - will be a box in bottom right corner that pulls a random artist name, album name, and album image from the same genre.

3. Discography Tab - (Music Discog image)

* "discograph" box - will be a listing of all the artist album images and album names.

o When you click on an album it will display the album review, and the music clips of the tracks of that album.

o Releases will tell you when the albums were released as shown in image.

III. Top 20 Page - (Top 20 songs image)

* when you click on "Songs" the top 20 songs will appear.

o the songs should have a play button similar to image.

* We must be able to control all of these in admin.

+ We must control image, artist name, description, and link.

IV. Search or See More Page - (Search or see more page image)

* Each thing that is showing up on this page is a short description and image of an artist.

o When you Click on the artists image.... You must be taken to that artists page (With Overview, Biography, and Discography)

+ When you first click on the artist..... the "Overview" page will be shown.

* The search will search all artist names.

* The alphabet listed above will be searches for artist names that begin with that specific letter.

o The A will be a search for all artist who's names start with A and so on.

* When you click on a genre in the left hand column, all artist in that genre will be displayed(14 at a time).

* In between the Previous and Next buttons, there should be the page numbers displayed.

V. Music Videos page

* We will create the music videos page using [url removed, login to view] data. See the page image

VII. Liston Now Page

* This page will be JUST LIKE the "SEarch or see more" page.

o The only difference is that when an artist is clicked on..... User will be sent to the "Discography" page of the artist.

Skills: Data Entry, Data Processing, PHP, System Admin, Website Design

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