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We are looking for a webmaster/designer with experience in the wine business websites building, (MUST have serious references: other applicants without this experience won't be taken into consideration, Sorry.) to build following site:

1st page: HOME :

Logo of the "Winery", exhaustive postal details of the "Winery",

Flags corresponding to the various versions of the site: "F" for France, "B" for Belgium and "L" for Luxemburg, and "CH" for Switzerland.

2nd page: Press review:

Short history praising the outstanding experience and know how in the

wine production, some facts "Art and Passion" and possibly some names of the Soils and Places known as.

Sequential listing of the articles published at the time of receiving awards, and other events, referring each of the wines in stock, with a link to a "More details? " pop-up window posting the article published in its entirety.

Page manager/admin function to add, update and delete press reviews, with automatic creation of the matching pop-up window.

3rd page: Page "Seasonal Offers"

3 seasonal campaigns per year:

Spring: promotion of 3 wines, enlargeable pic of the label, and tasting comments in a pop-up window, for each wine,

Summer: promotion of 3 wines, enlargeable pic of the label, and tasting comments in a pop-up window, for each wine,

Autumn: promotion of 3 wines , enlargeable pic of the label, and tasting comments in a pop-up window, for each wine.

IMPORTANT : in a close future, the winegrower wishes to be able to add some videos (avi) of some wine tastings. Length of each video 2 minutes

Page manager/admin function to add, update and delete for the list of the Wines proposed with the sale by pick up in local partners' warehouses, with automatic creation of the matching tasting pop-up window..

4th page: Page "Online Store" E-Trade

3 pages similar in terms of functionnality, but each of them refering to a different database depending on the country of residence of the client: FRANCE - BELGIUM - LUXEMBURG and SWITZERLAND only.

Dynamic page including secured functions,

All locked for safety purposes.

Page manager/admin function to add, update and delete for the list of the Wines proposed with the sale by pick up in local partners' warehouses, with automatic creation of the matching tasting comments pop-up window..

FRONT OFFICE: Creation of a data base initially designed to propose

the retail sale of 40 + wines, with possibility of future extension in

the event of future decision in this direction.

It is the dynamic catalogue of the Wines of the winery similar

to its price list, with:

- Designation of the wine, - vintage, - volume of the bottle,

- unit price in Euros including all taxes (CAUTION : each country has a specific VAT rate)

- possibility of buying up to 240 bottles per reference:

Example: 96 bottles of "Riesling Kaefferkopf" vintage 2004,

- calculation of sub-total by selected and bought wine.

Name of Wine Vintage Bottle Quantity Unit ex VAT Price VAT inclusive

A 2003 0.75 L 1 to 96 [url removed, login to view] Unit price + VAT

B 2003 0.75 L 1 To 96 [url removed, login to view]

C 2003 0.75 L 1 To 96 Etc...?

Riesling 2003 0.75 L 1 To 96

Gray Pinot 2003 0.75 L Etc... Etc...?

above 240 bottles the message "For more important quantities, please contact us"

Possibility for the buyer to consulting an optional descriptive

chart for each wine on sale pop up style window.

Before ANY purchase, the customer will have, the first time, to enlist himself in order to secure the transaction, by filling only of one form of inscription, with automatic attribution of customer number, easily identifiable and unique.

Identification form for the customer, with all details, the address of delivery if different from the home... etc...

Recording and storage of these datas and classification according to country of origin.

For the following logins, the customer will not have any more to go through the inscription process to be identified, which will also allow an automatic calculation of quantitative or promotional discounted tariffs.

Page manager/admin function allowing Updates of the whole of the data "Articles", as well as remote downloading of pics

whenever needed.

Caddy management with multiple functions :

1. memorizing of the purchases:

2. automatic calculation of the total amount of the purchase progressively with the addition of the wines to the caddie, extraction of the VAT applied in the country of purchase (4 different rates, with optional choice: "Validate, Place Order" or "To modify your caddie, update," with possibility of amendment of the

quantities, type of ordered wines.

Actualization of the amounts due.


Printing of a legal commercial invoice matching local standards.

Locked validation: only possible if the purchaser attests to have taken beforehand knowledge of the general conditions of sale available by a simple click and posting of a file in a new window.

Validation of the order with printing pf a copy at the customer's,

as well as simultaneous sending of an e-mail to the warehouse manager with same reference number to avoid any possibility of fraud or double pick-up.

Simultaneous printing of its copy at winery and creation of a

delivery bulletin which after validation

by the winegrower, will be sent by e-mail to the warehouse manager and to the customer as order confirmation.


Possibility of online secured payment by money transfer order for each of the 4 countries. NO Credit Cards processing.

The customer instructs online his Bank to transfer the full amount of the order VAT inclusive (CAUTION : each country has a specific VAT rate) to the profit of the country

account as posted on his order copy.

After confirmation of reception of the payment, an e-mail, with same reference number

to the one of the purchase order in the customer'hands, will be sent to the warehouse


Page manager/admin functions.


Page of contact:

- Alternative Forms of request for tasting, reservation or appointment with the

winery management, with mandatory fields to avoid forged requests for information.

Access Plan :

The access plan to the town and the Winery detailing the accesses with summary of the classification of the principal road axes. Will be supplied.

The zoomable access plan to the winery but also "the warehouses"

Recall of all the accurate warehouses premises address, according to the home country of the purchaser. Will be supplied.

" zoomable " maps formated at 600x600 pixels which will be also printable.

6th page: THANKS

The sending of any message of request for information, tasting or reservation, will automatically generate a page of Thanks.

And permanently, on each page, installation of a free stats counter with coded access which will enable the winegrower to follow the frequentation of his website.

Graphics: Graphic adaptation of the site to the winery policy of communication,


Tests and adjustment for optimal compatibility with the various browsers : IE, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, etc... and operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)


Parameter setting of the Web server and the Data base.


Installation and configuration of the Domain name as defined.


Maintenance and follow-up of the site on hosting servers of our choice

Monitoring of the optimal operation of the site permanently,

HELP : Technical aid by E-mail unlimited


There is a BIG mistake due to the scroll in the project :

Bids should be between 1000 US Dollars and 2000 US Dollars max.


Please only post your bids when you have some proven experience with wine e-commerce websites...

A wine site is something specific...

THANKS to all for submitting your bids.

The Winegrower is currently abroad and will only return on Sunday, August 15th.
The decision will be taken on Tuesday August 17th.

Please bear in mind that the ALLOCATED BUDGET is LIMITED to max. 2000 US Dollars.

If your bid was higher than the planned BUDGET please review your offers to match its amount, otherwise we feel that your/our bids won't be competitive.

Again, we are sorry for this but we are still confident and hope that we shall be awarded this project.



Sorry for the typing mistake in the date of return of the winegrower. Everyone has hopefully understooden that it will be Sunday 14th and not 15th as indicated by error.
Please review your bids in terms of BUDGET.
Most of you are out of the market...
Thanks for your replies and interest.

Skills: Graphic Design, PHP, Website Design

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