Registration Script budget is N/A

Heres what i need.

I need a script that will work online as a registration script for an event. the details for the event will be posted for the winner about a total of five fields and a couple of text boxes. At any rate the project needs to be able to do the following things.

*Option 1) It must add all entered information into a MySQL database, which can be posted to a plain ugly nothing to it web page with the details so we can see who it is and their information.

The idea is they can sign up, send us the information and we can add them to the main site once their payment has been made which is why i need to be able to see the collected info. So i can add their info and Bios to the competitor section of the site.

*Option 2) The second would be to be able to select with a check button or whatever to add them to a seperate and designed like the site page where people could go and see who's competeing.

This is a major event and the stuffs all over the internet, im just not to keen on messign with it too much as im too invilved with making the rest of the site kick ass. so if you can do this we can aslo offer you recognition through the site by making your name appear or we can pay its up to you. were already getting 90,000 visitors so if your a bad ass at making something like this then give me your ideas and thoughts in a PM and we'll see what we can get running.

Just a note if you want advertising on the site your not getting paid the sponsors are paying big for these spots. So pick your poison and lets get it working.

Sponsors for the event include yamaha, michelin and other major companies so if you want to be exposed to major clients this is the avenue. Either way its your call name your price or choose exposure its up to you.

Also its not needed in one day but I need a programmer ASAP, so the faster the better will not settle for something half assed it needs to be ultra high calibur stuff. I cant have it making the site look like hell. So if your doing option two then it has to be awesome looking. Get as flashy as you want but i will need a layout if your taking option 2. Plus if you make my site look like hell that will just make me have to make mine look better so bring it on.

The next thing is that my budget is N/A but its not an option on here so tell me what you need to amke this on PM. I am the Webdeveloper so pardon my not to business like approach but i need someone who can produce something good. I dont care who you are if your a bad ass programmer then i want you to do it.

DOH! almost forgot it also needs to be able to print the database in a legibale manner so it makes some bit of sense so please keep that in mind.


PM me for any additional details or what not.

Skills: PHP, Web Security

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