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It's good speaking with you. I have a number of projects that come up that I need help with as there are not enough hours in the day.

This project is for a good client of mine. The site is [url removed, login to view] it is a wordpress blog that we are integrating a daily datafile with.

Nightly (probably your day) a csv will be placed into a folder on the site.

A file will be set via cron job to insert the information into a wordpress database I can do this you just need to hit the file in the browser to make it run.

The attached file currently is a work in process which I would prefer to farm out to you.

Currently this file will insert a record for each line of the csv file into the blog as a post.

urls to see how the file works right now the file displays to the browser for testing as well as adds to the database.

To view: file upload

[url removed, login to view]

To view posts:

[url removed, login to view]


Stage One

1. Add in Delete all blog posts currently in the database along with all supporting elements in the database. Categories can stay since the categories will be the same every night.

2 Add in the language function so all posts are added into the database in german. (this is being written now) if you can improve the working of the function created then suggest improvements.

3. Clean up existing code and add additional minimal CSS to stylesheet to improve appearance of display

4. Suggest any other improvements

Stage Two

1. a. Add a way to in the future only delete post that no longer have a matching record in the csv file (the vehicle was sold)

b. update price if different (stockid and vin are unique identifiers)

c. add records that are not in the database already.

2. To have a german translation in the database that would search the 'features" in the csv and replace with a proper German translation ( we would provide the german translation)

Quote on the Stage One job only unless you believe that you can deliver on Stage Two number 1 a-c quickly.

This can be a long term relationship

When quoting let me know exactly what you are quoting on.

If you believe you need further information or access let me know.

Ability to turn projects around quickly is important.

Be aware that I have programmed in php for about 10 years.

sparshcom2005 ltd: hi

Victoria Hargis: HI

Victoria Hargis: I have an integration job that I need finishing

sparshcom2005 ltd: i am shashi

sparshcom2005 ltd: nice meeting you

Victoria Hargis: I;m victoria

sparshcom2005 ltd: we are 85+ team

sparshcom2005 ltd: excuted atleast 200 projects in php

Victoria Hargis: ok the way I like to work is to give a project get a quote from you or estimate then I would accept or reject then if I accept you would do the job in a reasonable amount of time I would like there to be discussions if something comes up or you see a better way to do something

sparshcom2005 ltd: we can start right away for as low as $9

sparshcom2005 ltd: why don't we start

sparshcom2005 ltd: we will send daily timesheet against each hour worked with details

Victoria Hargis: ok did you download the files that I attached to the job in scriptlance

Victoria Hargis: because they are the base for this job

sparshcom2005 ltd: not yet

sparshcom2005 ltd: we are ready to start with 200 upfront release at $9

sparshcom2005 ltd: team will daily chat with you and update

sparshcom2005 ltd: along with deliverables

Victoria Hargis: no not acceptable this job should not take more than a few hours for an experienced php programmer who is familiar with the code set for wordpress

sparshcom2005 ltd: please do not misunderstand us

sparshcom2005 ltd: we don't put whole $200 worth of hours

Victoria Hargis: ?

sparshcom2005 ltd: we will clearly outline the work done against each hour

sparshcom2005 ltd: and if it is 2 hours job then will finish in 2 hours itself

sparshcom2005 ltd: remaining amount can be utilized for next project

Victoria Hargis: that is fine but I would like to get a quote for this job only put in escrow for you then we can work out long term financial info

Victoria Hargis: would you like details

sparshcom2005 ltd: send me the details

sparshcom2005 ltd: please send us 200 to start

sparshcom2005 ltd: so we can withdraw that money

sparshcom2005 ltd: small amount cannot withdraw

sparshcom2005 ltd: next payment after total hours are filled in

Victoria Hargis: sorry I will only work on a quoted amount for first job

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok send me the spec

Victoria Hargis: ok would you like them in an email and if so which email account

sparshcom2005 ltd:

sparshcom2005 ltd: in

sparshcom2005 ltd: [url removed, login to view]

Victoria Hargis: give me 15 minutes to write it up

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok

Victoria Hargis: jsut sent IM me with questions

sparshcom2005 ltd: hi

Victoria Hargis: hi

Victoria Hargis: do you have questions

sparshcom2005 ltd: please wait

sparshcom2005 ltd: on phone

Victoria Hargis: ok

sparshcom2005 ltd: hi

sparshcom2005 ltd: sorry for late joining back

Victoria Hargis: it's ok gave me a chance to eat lunch

sparshcom2005 ltd: the rough estimation is 2 days for stage 1

Victoria Hargis: 16 hours is a little high to basically add in a function don't you think

sparshcom2005 ltd: that is only a rough estimate

Victoria Hargis: tell me what exactly I'll get for the work

sparshcom2005 ltd: team will try their best to finish ASAP

Victoria Hargis: I'll tell you what I'll send the function for the language to you as soon as I get it and send access to you so you can take a look around put $100.00 in escrow in scriptlance if you get to the 8 hour mark and are not done contact me with where you are with the project, the code you worked on I'll release the 8 hours $81 and if the code is good and you need more time to finish we can then know more exactly what needs to be finished and timeline for completion.

Victoria Hargis: Work live on the site since currently we are not allowing it to be indexed.

sparshcom2005 ltd: WE NEED upfront release to start

Victoria Hargis: well since I don't know your work you are asking for a lot

sparshcom2005 ltd: i can go down to $100 upfront release

sparshcom2005 ltd: in elance we did 600 projects

sparshcom2005 ltd: revenues close to $800000

sparshcom2005 ltd: [url removed, login to view]

sparshcom2005 ltd: this is our profile

Victoria Hargis: I can release $81 upfront it covers the first 8 hours

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok

sparshcom2005 ltd: can i bid on the same project?

Victoria Hargis: the one that is currentlly in scriptlance

sparshcom2005 ltd: just award on 110

sparshcom2005 ltd: you can release 81 after that

Victoria Hargis: I already accepted another bid for that I'll create one for you I'll put in $100 and release 81 after 8 hours when you show me your work. i"ll copy the details from the email and this conversation

Victoria Hargis: if that is acceptable let me know I'll create project now

sparshcom2005 ltd: you will put only in escrow?

sparshcom2005 ltd: we need 81 release from escrow to start

Victoria Hargis: for this time only I will do that my position is to pay ontime what is quoted after job is done but because I want to see what you can do I will release $81 to you hopefully this can develop into a decent business relationship and we can pay on invoice after job complete.

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok

sparshcom2005 ltd: but as per our company policy we need certain amount of upfront for every project

Victoria Hargis: So I will release $81 to you to start. and send you the function when i get it from programmer.. it should be today

sparshcom2005 ltd: we are a trust worthy company

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok create the project so i can bid

Victoria Hargis: and I am a trust worthy company

Victoria Hargis: but I don't prebill my clients

Victoria Hargis: and if we have a relationship you should not expect that either

sparshcom2005 ltd is typing a message.

sparshcom2005 ltd: ok

Victoria Hargis: let's see what you can do give me a minute to set the project up on scriptlance

Skills: Anything Goes, CSS, MySQL, PHP, WordPress

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