Integrate tweaked codes into the original script n function

Job Description

NEEDED: Web Developer to migrate tweak source codes written in codeigniter and apply them to the original source codes.

Technical Details and Requirements

Design details:

Mockups and flow charts will be provided during project to provide developer with the concept of the end product that needs to be accomplished. A manager will supply the a prepared mock up which to apply design and styling tags. All outputted html must be valid as per XHTML 1.1 or HTML 5, and must include valid CSS ids and class names. Inline CSS styling will not be acceptable. If the developer hones the skill to accomplish the design, I will award the project after all the functionality is completed.


Original and modified database design is in MySQL. All queries, inserts, and other database functions must be fully sanitized for both insertion into the database and browser output. The database functions must be based on an extensible technology that allows seamless transfer to a different database system in the future (i.e. prepared statements, framework specific database functions).


The project is to integrate the new functions written in codeignitor to work with all the previous functionality of the original source codes. When this milestone is completed successful you will be awarded the second phase, third phase, 4 phase and etc... till the completion of the project. Hint* Second phase is to develop a 3 level login: Super admin, subadmin, and players. If you decide to build it to your choice of framework you must be approved before work begins. All code must be well commented and portable. Any code that fails to achieve the project manager’s approval based on code quality and comment readability will be returned to the developer until such approval is met. All codes will need to be sent to the manager on a weekly basis. In addition up and running a on a webserver to test its functionality as described. We will retain all rights over source code upon project completion.

Any code not created directly by the developer must be approved before usage. Existing open-source solutions for site functions are acceptable only if the license provides for unrestricted commercial use. Developer must provide license information for authorized commercial use of any non-original code.


Because the site will contain confidential information, security is of utmost importance. At a minimum, the site must be well equipped to handle XSS attacks and CSRF attacks. Password storage, verification, and retrieval must also be based on current best practices (i.e. no MD5; bcrypt is preferred).

Additional security requirements will be forthcoming as the project progresses. Only candidates with at least 20 functional websites in their portfolios will be considered. Further consideration will be given to candidates that list more examples of their work for me to review. To separate you from the spammers, please write: “I am a Developer how will meet or exceed your expectations or your money back guaranteed.” as the first line of your bid. I will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does.

Skills Required:4

PHP, CodeIgniter, MySql, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, Java, GREAT Deciphering codes and integrated them into the functionality.

As a bonus for the completion of the milestone, there will be more work immediately.

Skills Required:

php, codeigniter, cakephp, mysql, html, css, xhtml, java, html5, adobe-photoshop

Skills: Codeigniter, HTML, MySQL, PHP, XML

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