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mp3 player component for Joomla

My mp3 system (player + [url removed, login to view]) allows users upload their .mp3 to my Joomla website, but it's not a component of Joomla. I just simply embedded in a block using "iclude module".

For example, I have to create manually a Jazz folder , then create manually two folders named Jazz_image and Jazz_mp3 inside this Jazz folder. And also create manually a [url removed, login to view] (I have to modify it then it can create a [url removed, login to view]). When users uploaded the [url removed, login to view] with [url removed, login to view], the [url removed, login to view] create a [url removed, login to view], and these two files go to these Jazz_image and Jazz_mp3 folders separately. Then the player will load the playlist_jazz.xml. So if you came to my site, you will see that I have more than 10 players in my website, which means I manually repeat this process for at least 10 times....

I am not using database at all and that's the reason I have to do anything manually.I need someone to reconfigure my site to create folders, chmod the folders and do the php operation of creating the xml playlist automatically while also writing this information to a database file in MySQL. And then it could work with CB and let my registered users upload the .mp3 in their CB profile and they can choose upload to which player and decide let other users to download it or not.

Please register at my site and check how does the mp3 system work before you ask me the question and put the bid.

[url removed, login to view]

My project is to modify my current system to become a component of Joomla, not ask for finding a new mp3 player or modifying any other mp3 module.

And make sure you can do all of these before you put your bid:

1. Let users upload file in their Comunity Builder profile.

2. There should be another mp3 player in the profile.

3. When user choose the mp3 is download-able, the mp3 will go to the mp3 player in both the group's page and front page and his profile. But only the mp3 player in the group's page will show the download bottom, Not the front page one.

4. When users choose not download-able, the file will go to the mp3 player in the group's page and his profile.

5. And users can choose the file go to which player. For example, if he choose jazz and download-able, the file will go to front page, Jazz group page and his profile. If he choose Jazz but NOT download-able, the file go to Jazz group and his profile only.

6. And now you can see there is 5 mp3 in one row. I want it to be control-able. for example, I can make it 5 mp3 in one row, but I want to show 2 row, or 3 row or 10 row...or 3 mp3 in one row, and has 3 row, 4 row or 15 row...

It's a very complicated project, please make sure you check everything before you make the decision.
You can ask me any related questions, even to change some requirements, but please don't force me to accept your bid in a hurry and just want me to pay any down payment.

Skills: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Joomla, PHP, XML

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