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Clean up the Indian Mess(Part II)

sirfansirfan: next i need help with two site immediately

sirfansirfan: so i will tell you the first one first

sirfansirfan: it is a custom php shopping cart

paluh22: sure let me know

sirfansirfan: with content management system

paluh22: okay

sirfansirfan: every page has it is own independent ad boxes for advertisement

sirfansirfan: etc.

sirfansirfan: the left menu is disabled right now on other pages but the home

sirfansirfan: because it is a collapsible menu on the other pages

sirfansirfan: and on home it shows expanded

sirfansirfan: the google ad boxes on the left

sirfansirfan: and adbrite on the right

sirfansirfan: are showing the javascript

sirfansirfan: but it is stuck

paluh22: I see it

sirfansirfan: you cannot change the codes anymore from the control

sirfansirfan: because if you do

sirfansirfan: the new scripts automatically get replaced by the old one

sirfansirfan: the return policy page needs to be added to the footer

sirfansirfan: the page is there

sirfansirfan: there is no link

sirfansirfan: because your timings almost match ours

paluh22: well, as far as I get the point, you need me to fix the google ads problem

sirfansirfan: right now

sirfansirfan: yes

paluh22: and add a link on the footer

paluh22: I can do it

sirfansirfan: left menu

paluh22: I would need access to the site

sirfansirfan: the reason it is disabled because

sirfansirfan: because

sirfansirfan: if enable it

paluh22: yes

sirfansirfan: on the other pages besides the home page

sirfansirfan: the menu and the fonts look distorted

sirfansirfan: i will need for you to fix the apeal related issues on it

paluh22: okay

paluh22: thanks

paluh22: well

paluh22: about this new job

paluh22: this is a bit more complicated job them the 1 one

paluh22: but

paluh22: it's not that hard actually

sirfansirfan: ok

paluh22: what about $120 in 2 days

paluh22: maybe one day, but this ads problem can take longer

paluh22: since I have to find a problem on the current php and mysql code

sirfansirfan: timing is everything

sirfansirfan: start from the menu

paluh22: i know

sirfansirfan: and footer

paluh22: okay

paluh22: Menu and link on the footer will be done in a few hours

sirfansirfan: and I can pay $100 for this job as I am paying the others also

sirfansirfan: as soon as you become familiar with this code

paluh22: i understand

sirfansirfan: i will fire them

sirfansirfan: then i can pay you only

paluh22: I'm agree with the 100

sirfansirfan: ok

sirfansirfan: thank you

Skills: PHP

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