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I am looking for something to act as a "Draft Tracker" for mock drafts as well as the NFL draft. There are some examples at the NFL's site, same with ESPN or CBS Sportsline to get an idea. Otherwise, what I want is something to document the progress of a draft.

This would ideally consist of two parts. The first part, the Draft Tracker, I definitely want. The second part, what I'll refer to as the "War Room", is secondary, and I'd only consider it if feasible.


The Draft Tracker has three purposes, outlined below:

1] Keep track of draft picks

- Allow for viewing of each draft selection as a whole, or separable by round.

- Tracker should show the draft selection, followed by the team picking and who they selected (If their selection has been made)

2] Provide a summary of team activity

- Show the complete list of selections made by said team

- Show a complete list of trades (Both involving players and picks) made by said team

3] Provide a summary of players (College prospects)

- Show information about the player (Name, position, college)

- Show where the player has been drafted (If they have been selected)


The "War Room" would be a setup similar to what you'd see for a Fantasy Football Draft on a site like Yahoo or ESPN, and would serve the following purposes:

1] Provide a chat room for drafting

- We already have FlashChat, so if it works with that, great. If not, whatever gets the job done.

- This chat room should have capability for private messages or whispers directly in the chat.

2] Manage the flow of the draft

- Allow for selection of players from a list when a team is making their selection

- Have a built in timer to keep track of the draft clock

- Have teams linked to usernames/handles

- Provide for admin (Commissioner) to manually manage the draft should circumstances arise

3] Provide a miniature Draft Tracker

- Not essential, but the ability to see the last five selections made would be a nice touch

Like I mentioned, the Draft Tracker is what I am mainly looking for. The "War Room" would merely be an added bonus, and only if feasible.

Our site is run via a vBulletin forum, and this is where our participants sign up. Thus, integration with vBulletin is somewhat important.

As this is being used for an NFL Mock Draft experience, I would need this ready to go before the middle of April (15th).

Skills: PHP

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