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Hi, this is a small initial project. If completed well and in time, I wish to rehire for a much higher amount continuation of the project.

I am seeking to partially clone the website which home page is attached. I am not affiliated with this company and I have no access to the source code. The clone will be for the German market. The site eventually will have a lot of complex auction code but I do not need it at this stage. What I really need is to quickly get enough of the original site cloned so that I can get jobseekers and companies to start signing up. After this first stage is mentioned in the press I plan to proceed to hire (hopefully you) for doing a more complete version of the site, with the complicated auction code and payment processing and other code that could not earlier be quickly done.

It will be on Linux with MySQL. I just want within 30 days or earlier the clone minus the following to save you a lot of time. Sooner would be awesome.

No graphics – please use text in place of graphics as needed

No flash or CSS – just really simple to get something cheap up fast.

No payment processing code – the debut site will not be accepting payments yet.

No auction code – that will be the second stage of the project.

No code that you find too time consuming at this stage and not essential to getting jobseekers and hiring firms signed up in Germany. Basically, I really want a lot, but if you get stuck on one thing don't feel stress, as long as I can launch a site on time and it has the basic pages and users can sig up as customers and jobsekers then I am happy. The more it flows like the original the happier I am.

Please do the more than 30 pages visible to jobseekers and hiring companies as they sign up and learn about the site. You may not be able to see the hiring company side. Let me know and I will ask someone with a company in the US or Europe to sign up as a company and send you the pages so you see what they look like. It really is a lot of pages! I think there will definitely be at least 30 pages, some just simple text includes so you can reruse the same script for multiple pages, some registration and log in and out which is probably easy for someone smart like you, some database pulls, but I ripped down all of the pages I could without registering as a company and it is about 30 pages. So there must be at least 10 more I could not see yet.

I am currently having the English text from the original site translated into text in German. Just leave the text parts blank or put in some dummy text.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I will respond within 48 hours. I wish to pay via escrow. I am accessible at least once per day via email. The original site is getting a lot of hits so it may be hard to see it sometimes, if you want I can zip of the web pages I have from the site if you want to take a look. If the original site goes down in the middle of our the project don’t worry, just wing it and make something good enough to start signing up users and companies as best you can. The rest will have to wait for the second stage. The original site can let users trafer profiles from [url removed, login to view], if you can find a way to let German users transfer profiles from [url removed, login to view] that would be a huge plus. My goal is to sign up as many jobseekers as possible in a very short period f time. I have people ready o help me with publicity. It is 'just' the basic sign up site functionality I need at this time for this low amount of money.

If you have access to code for a clone site like auction and payment processing in Germany that would be a plus but coding like that deserves to be paid more so if that is included you need to talk to me about getting paid more, and I would want to see this first project stage completed first anyway so don't send me the code yet, only i I hire you for the second stage, which I will post separately. It’s not needed for the initial stage but will save you a lot of time if you wish to stay on for the second stage, and I wish to move to the second stage quickly after the first. The second stage of the project, which I will post on this site after the first stage is complete, is to have all the auction, payments et cetera functionality of the original site. I look to go live in 30 days if you can with enough code to permit smooth signups for both firms and jobseekers, so that is not enough time for difficult code like auctions. Some of the pages I want you to do I have not been able to access. If this problem contnues then I will accept a less-perfect clone. Just do what you can with this first stage, as long as it looks decent and users and companies can properly sign up and it has as much as possible of the originals flow of web pages.

The German text I will have neatly labeled for easy copy and paste into the source code – I can do that if you want to save you time – as well as help out with clicking through pages to debug - and I will do whatever I can to save you time. Once I agree with a software development person or group I will proceed without delay for arranging a host and give you ftp and shell logins as soon as I can. And please don’t hesitate to let me know what you want me to do.

I am fine if you want to develop right on the live site as long as you don’t let it be googled by people before it is ready to launch. And put a ‚In Development – Not ready for USE’ or something like that on it. But it would be great if you can develop on your side and show me what it looks like - like how it click trough. I want it to be like the flow of the original.

I intend to remain a German resident and work in IT so if you complete this project do not hesitate to ask me for a professional reference afterwards for prospective clients in Germany.

If we agree on this project then if you want set up and show me on your server that is works before transferring to the live server.

I respect your time and effort, so if you wish to do something differently feel free to suggest. I don't want to waste your time or cheat you, so I am open to suggestions. I don't want more than one bidder actually write code for this, that is very unfair, so let me know your suggestions to save everyone time.

Some disclaimers I copied from another buyer:


(No Phpprolance,kubelanc,ilance,phpauciton reverse or softbiz freelancers script !)

We am not interested in those scripts.

The script must not be encrypted so we can modify the scripts in any ways we want. (NO STOLEN script and single license stuff)

The script should be 'copyright-free' and most importantly 'bug-free'.

Send me the demo URL to your script and its admin and user area.

Bid only if you have a demo allready online or if you can make the site.

Let me know if you have some problem with the disclaimer and let’s see if we can come to an agreement.

I wish to pay via escrow. Let me know if that is inconvenient for you. I apologize for the low price. It is low because the auction, payment and graphics are exluded.

Attached is the updated request. I heard the previus attached file could not be opened. I apologize.

Skills: PHP

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