Hello all,iam looking for a programer to do recodeing of a game as in a new layout i have the pics for it and adding some new things to it to make it a better game.

Hello all,iam looking for a programer to do recodeing of a game as in a new layout i have the pics for it and adding some new things to it to make it a better game.All code must be cross browser compat plz as in css and layout.

some asked for a more detailed info so here goes.We have had some art done and they broke it up in 4 sepret files(pics)and we are wanting a complet change in the way the game looks with the art we have had made.Now for the big part lol this is a pimp game all done in php and mysql ans css.

Here are some addon we want done
God/Admin changes

• 1. Game luncher stays the same jus some additions
• 2. A game wide message for god and 2nd dariy admin
• 3. A email that send when a Round starts and a round ends to all players in the DB
• 4. To add a hitman option as well as the contract but for the hit man you have to use reserves master or round freebies 500 or what ever we set it to be and the game will hit the player and take 25 to 30 % of there net.
• 5. Hoe and thug bonus added to the game
• 6. A radio so players can pick a song to listen to that we add to the radio
• 7. A admin option to give custom titles to players
• 8. On the god screen a place to snd a email to all players in the DB
• 9. A place on the god screen i can see all new sign ups and all that have been baned ips email addy and nicks on both.
• 10. A set up where i can add a 1v1 round where i add 2 players for a 1 or 2 week round where they fight it out and all players can join the round but not play but can only watch the 2 fight.
• 11. On the god screen a place i can give game wide turns or on a per round base.
• 12. Subscriptions; If you dont want to buy credits you can buy a Subscription, these last 30 days and give your normal free turns plus some & your max hold on turns will go up with 2 or 3 options max will go up to say you get 1500 max in a round you will get 2000 and your turn rate will go up to say you get 5 turns every 10 mins you will get 8 when you buy it and 3rd if you joined the round late you will get all the turns that you have missed.
• 13. Awards i want to be able to give top crew turns and award turns for hoe kills and thug kills,thug steals,hoe steals,ride steals i would like to be able to set the amout of turns for each one on game luncher.
• 14. Full cross browser compatible
• 15. Banns i would like the option to bann a player for 24 hours 72 hours and a complet game bann
• 16. I would like to be able to add news to the site some where on the god screen and it adds the date it was added
• 17. Add the new post in the forums to the main page of the site
• 18. A way to send a email to a idle player to come back and renew there account from a link in the mail if they do they get master turns to stay with us if they dont renew it will delet there account in 24 hours.

Players changes

• 1. When a player is scouting on the same page add hoe and thug happyness along with gun count total
• 2. Shortcut keys S=scout P=pawn H=home and so on.
• 3. Player stats wins,highest rank,rounds played in there master
• 4. refer link gives the turns after 14 days after the players referl joins a round add all the players refer accounts to there master like we have on extreme now but as admin i would like to see that on there profile.
• 5. A place where a player can add a avatar to there profile 50x50 in size and it shows up on all messages they send and on all boards and i would like it to save it so they can add it again in new rounds only holds 10 avatars then they have to delet to add a new one
• 6. When a player adds a flash to the game i would like it to save it so the next round they can just click on the link and it adds it and it will hold up to 5 links after the 5 they will have to delet to add a new link.
• 7. Attacks options temping thugs hoes and kills thugs hoes if you rade a house you get a pice of what they have as in guns crack meth drivebys mail bombs they can send crack or meth or they can buy C4 and kill thugz and hoes but the player has to be worth 2 times the player they are attacking.
• 8. If a player is banned from the game on there profile is the reason admin has to add this when banning the player
• 9. If a admin Bannes a player a email is sent to the playes email with the reason and how long they are banned
• 10. If a player is in more then one round some where on there main game screen they have a drop down menu with a quik link to jump to a deffrent round they are in.
• 11. If a player joins the game they join the forums as well i dont know if this can be done but it is a thought
• 12. In a players master account i would like to add some voteing butten banners and if they vote they get 50 turns but they can only vote once a day
• 13. i would like to add If your hoes get infected with STDs, or your thugs get injured, they are sent to the hospital. You will have up to 8 hours to pay the hospital fees to get your hoes and thugs back. Its smart to use the hospital when you can, i mean you can get your thugs back cheaper then you can hire them, and you cant even buy hoes.Fees are as this 1500 per hoe 600 per thug
• 14. revange attacks.the c4 will be added on mail bombs if the player moves.
• 15. If a player gets attacked by being crack and kills your hoes for the player that got attacked gets a option wil scouting ems comes and fixs a % or the dead hoes.
• 16. on drivebys you get to kill a % of should say like you killed 100 thugz and 0.1% of his hoes
• 17. a c4 attack when you move to a city you can c4 the hole city like if there is 50 crews you need to buy 50 packs of c4 and will only kill 1.1 % of all city thugz.

Crew Changes

• 1. Crew Turns if they are #1 crew each player gets 10 turns per day they have been in the crew
• 2. Crew Bank eack player can add money in the crew back to help crew members out leader or coleader can give to members
• 3. Crew proprty can be bought for the crew to better scouts and bouns a hoe tel to better scouting atm to better slaping for cash Lab to better makeing meth or crack eack of them cost 50 to 100 mill
• 4. Crew turns bank so the leader can give turns to players in need if players in the crew have added turns to the bank
• 5. If a player is in a crew and there is a new post a sound to let them know.
• 6. On the crew message board a crew leader comment on the top of the board admin see all boards messages and the deleted ones as well
• 7. When a player starts a crew on the crew options a link with a popup for a crew icon if they need one

Past Rounds

• 1. When viewing past rounds. would like to see top 15 players and turns won and top 5 crews with the #1 crew members and turns won and the net of all crews as well as all award winners with the turns they have won
• 2. On the past rounds I would like the name and the number of the rounds.

Message boards

• 1. I want a option to edit a post and it say the admin edited it with the admins name as well as be able to delete a post
• 2. Show the posters avatar and the avatar is linked to the players profile not the hole post plz
• 3. If a admin post a message I would like the admin post to be in a deferent color from the regular players posts
• 4. I would like to be able to ban a player from posting and if the player is banned from posting the admin has to give a reason
• 5. If a player is banned from the game and has posted on the message board the reason the player got banned is on every post they made

Skills: PHP

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