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I need to get some modifications made for a phpbb 3 forum. They need to be compatible with the latest version of phpbb 3. Also, I would need detailed instructions on how to install them on a forum using the glacier style [url removed, login to view];t=712485

The first Mod I wanted is a basic voting system exactly like [url removed, login to view] where registered users can just vote on any post they like and the total number of votes get displayed.

The second mod is an adsense revenue sharing mod similar to [url removed, login to view];t=344341&st=0&sk=t&sd=a or [url removed, login to view] where the users posting in a forum get an opportunity to share the adsense revenue.

For the Voting feature:

Each user should be able to vote just once per post and the user whose post it is should not be able to vote on his own post. Also, the Admin should be able to set a minimum number of posts through ACP before a user can vote on posts (so that users don't create multiple accounts just to vote on their posts). Also, the Admin should be able to give any group of members predetermined number of extra votes for all their posts. So, say if the Admin wants he should be able to set the feature to give 5 extra votes to all the posts made by the moderators. So, as soon as any moderator makes a posts, his post should receive 5 votes.

For the revenue sharing mod:

The mod needs to be able to choose the Adsense ID from all the users who have posted in the fourm, depending on the number of votes their post has received. So, there needs to be a 50% chance that the Admins ID gets chosen and a 50% probability that the Adsense ID of one of the users who has posted in a thread gets used. If one of the Users ID is to be used and, if there are two users who have posted in a thread and the first has received 2 votes and second 3. The first user should have a 40% probability and the second a 60% probability of getting their Adsense ID choosen.

This is what I believe the code would need to do but, you could implement it in another way if you like.

The code first needs to generate a random number between 0 and 1. If the number is 1 choose the admins ID and exit (So, the admin has a 50% probability of his ID being used). If its 0, it needs to choose from the ID's of all the users who have posted in the thread. For, this it again needs to generate a random number between 1 and the Total number of votes received by all posts in the thread (Votes for post 1 + Votes for post 2 + ....+Votes for last post). If the number is equal to 1 or between 1 and No. of votes recived by first post the ID of the first user gets picked. If the number is between the number of votes received by the first post and the number of votes received by first post + No. of votes received by second post the second ID gets picked and so on untill the last post.

And if none of the posts has received any votes the admins ID gets used. There also needs to be a feature in ACP to allow admins to set the number of posts required for adsense revenue sharing to be activated for the user. Also, there should be a feature where the admin can set the minimum number of votes that need to be received by each post for it to be eligible for adsense revenue sharing.

And then whichever ID is generated needs to be used in to display google ads in the particular thread. The admin should be able to decide how many ads need to be displayed 1,2or 3 using the ID and the position of the ads like after the first post of every thread (like here Advertisement MOD [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view];t=552813) or after the last post or after every set number of posts like say after every 2 posts.

Thirdly there needs to be a separate page to which a link can be made that page should display the top ten users whose posts received maximum posts for the day, for the week and for the month. One list of users that received maximum votes overall so far. The admin should be able to choose if he wants users participating in adsense revenue sharing to be part of the list or not.

Skills: PHP

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