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Following are the changes we need to get fixed:

Every new member who registers to the website can add only one top banner and on featured banner.


Every featured member should only be able to place a featured banner and not a top standard banner unless they wish to purchase one .

I would like the option of being able to purchase another banner and web page and to allow registered member to be able chose which directory it comes under.

This could be called “Got more than one Company” in the personal folder. Add to existing personal folder please .I would like the cost of this extra to be another £30to the member , plus VAT.

And once they have uploaded a banner the system must automatically send them an invoice to their email address and payment section of their personal folder. They should then have the option to be able to build their web page advert and it should stay as unapproved until admin have approved this. Members need to have feature to add more which can be done by paying for extra banner. They need to delete the existing one to replace with new, they can’t modify the banner.

In the admin section we seem that when payment has been made even by paypal the admin says PENDING so we never know when someone has paid this also requires fixing so we know when world pay or paypal was used to make payment so we can activate

Admin is almost featureless which needs to be fixed. Admin shall have features to add/edit/delete and modify. I would like you to inform us of what improvements you intend to make for the administration of this site please as we need to know . In all website admin should be fully functional admin. But its miss lots of features.

Admin should have feature to approve banners, members, advertisements before published. Send email to all user in Admin is not working. Could we have the option of being able to setup a standard email that goes out to all new members on signup? Like a welcome email which includes their login details? I would like the option of being able to send an invoice to a clients email address only, and for them to not only have to be a member before I can send them an invoice. We need this because not all work will be done through the site and through memberships

There is some search functionality but not for single names in database for example if you were to put members name I.e. “Maralyn” no search is found for that name yet I am in the database as is the name “Michelle”

Search Functionality in admin should be improved like many features are not working.

(For example if we search first name and last name together we don’t get results. But if search with only first name we do get results.)

You have informed us that the existing databases are unsafe the information has not been encrypted ?? the values are not going in encrypted format making dangerous for data in database can be copied easily so you are also doing this work and make it right for safety for clients data

In the banner section (Advertise) I would also like to be able to see how many clicks a banner has had and not only views.

Members WEB PAGE

We have found that the way our clients are expected to build their web page advert on our site is very hard and can take a lot of time.

We believe there is a problem with how this part of the site has been put together, because to build a web page as a client, you have to build it back to front which is no good.

This is how right now people have to build their web pages / advert please follow these instructions so you can better see the problem with this method

When logged in to your personal folder and you have clicked on “My Advert” you will then see two options for creating and building your web page...

“Edit Advert Text” and “Edit Advert Image”

We want “Edit Advert Text” removing and Edit Advert Image leaving the same but changing the title to “Edit Advert”.

Once you click on the Edit Advert Image link, you will see a blue box that allows our clients to upload an image and enter the text that is to go at the side of this image. Our web pages are built in three stages, so our clients can have up to three images on their web page.

I would like you to make two more boxes available on this page, they must do the exact same job as the one we have on this page right now.

I would like the colours of the boxes to be different colours.

At the moment we have the one blue box, and I would like you to make the further two boxes red and orange. (These are to match the colour scheme we have on the home page) and I would like the boxes to go in order of Red, Orange and Blue.

I would like the following instructions to be written at the top of this page where they can see and read before entering their advert content...

THIS IS IMPORTANT SAHUN please see below

Your web page advert is built in three stages, allowing you to place up to three images by the side of your advert text. By splitting your web page content in to the three boxes below and uploading an image on each one, it will make sure your images and text are displayed correctly on the page.

On the boxes I would like you to centre the following text at the top of the box

Red Box = This box will show the words “About Us” followed by any image that has been uploaded in this area and the images must be limited to a sensible size as right now

members can upload any size image they wish which is silly I am sure you will agree and make their web page advert slow to load

Orange = This box is for them to enter their information which will tell all about their “Products & Services” and to allow then again to upload an image again taking into account size of the image that wont throw the page design out but stand out and look nice

Blue = This box is for them to enter their information which will tell all about their “What Makes Us Different & Why You Should Choose Us” and to allow then again to upload an image again taking into account size of the image that wont throw the page design out but stand out and look nice

After they have filled out all three boxes, I would like there to be a preview page link. Anything placed in the top red box is to appear at the top of the web page, anything in the orange box is to be placed in the middle section of the web page and anything placed in the blue box is to appear at the bottom of the page.

If you take a look at a current web page that has been built, which you can see by going here [url removed, login to view] you can see that as the page has been built in three stages, two thin lines appear between each section on the web page, I would like this to remain the same because I like this part of the web page and think it gives it a nice look.

If someone would like to edit part of their web page add, could you make it that they are also allowed to just change their image if they wanted to and not only their text.

Skills: PHP

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