Socialengine customization

Socialengine Customization

We are looking for an integration partner, who helps us to realize some additional features on our upcoming platform (based on the bought socialengine script ).

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CONTACT US TO GET THE FULL DESCRIPTION!!! (only short form is attached!)

1. Send a wink- feature


- Greet other users

- Notify on „My home“

- Notify via Email


2. Private Chat - feature


- Invite another user to a private Chat: Popup @ other user appears: Accept chatinvitation from XYZ: Yes/NO

- In the Chat: Invite friends. Scroll down menu: Show only friends who are online!

- Show @ the chatinvitation (popup) also the picture of the inviting person

+ Usersettings+Adminpal

3. Public Chat


- We need to integrate different chatrooms. By entry the users should be able to choose different chatrooms from different categories


4. groupchat


- Invite as a groupmember all other members to chat, who are online for now

- Popup by invitation: Show group photo. “User XYZ from group XYZ invited to a group chat. Join? Yes/No?

- Show if a group chat is active + possibility to join (members only!)


5. group invitation


- Invite new group members.

+Settings for Group leader

6. Advanced search

a) Search in the locality (by zip codes):

- The users should be able to search for other users in the locality.

- We need to integrate zip codes for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The calculation should be in kilometres!

- Example: I’m looking for a person, who lives 5 (10,15, 20, 25, 30, 40,50…)km away.

- The steps of distances should be definable by us as admins (adminpanel). The calculation should base on the country specific zip codes. (distance calculation over country borders is not necessary!)

b) Provinces of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- As a choice we give on profile fields and adv. search the option to choose between Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- When user chooses a country, there should be in the next field in the pull down of province the provinces of the choosen country.

c) Sort results by distance

d) search by a range of ages

- We’d like to integrate a search by a range of ages. Example: I’m looking for a person who is aged between 18 and 35. It should be realized in 2 pull©down select boxes.

- So we don’t need a search by birthday anymore!

e) Search by range of height

- Example: I’m looking for a person who is between 1,45 m and 1,56m

- Should be in Meters

- Height should be a profilefield too

f) Body

- By Sign up Users should be able to choose there information about their body in a pull down menu! (e.g. Athletic, average, slim…)

- In the Advanced search users should be able to search by checkboxes, so that they could search for more than one “body type”

g) Checkboxes

- We need a checkbox feature in Profile fields, so that the user can choose multiple options, which are already defined by us in the admin panel (not only one as we have it in a pull-down select box). Example: What are your hobbies: music, internet, shopping, … These fields need to appear in search function as well. So that the user is able to find other people with the same preferences.

7. Profilefeature: Distance to other users

On other user’s profile we’d like to integrate the information, how far he lives away from the logged in user.

The calculation should base on german, swiss, austrian zip codes (called “PLZ”; look here: [url removed, login to view]). We like to provide the information in kilometers.

Distance informations on profile over country borders is not necessary (only if it’s simple to realize) Example: I am an austrian User looking at a profile from a german user. Show then: “not available”

8. Friends of friends:


- Depending on contact status (already friend of mine or not): add to my friends; remove from my friends

9. Last Visitors on profile


- Show last 5 visitors on my profile


10. Other add. privacy settings:


- Who can see that I’m online? Everyone (default); All Registered Users; Only My Friends and Everyone within My Subnetwork; Only My Friends and Their Friends within My Subnetwork; Only My Friends; Nobody

- Who can see my Contact Information? Everyone (default); All Registered Users; Only My Friends and Everyone within My Subnetwork; Only My Friends and Their Friends within My Subnetwork; Only My Friends; Nobody

- I want to appear on the start page: Last login. yes(default/no)

- I want to appear on the start page: most popular members. yes(default/no)

- I want to appear on the start page: new users. yes(default/no)

11. Trusted:


- We want to enter a „trusted“ function: users need to have 3 friends, before they can see other profiles, enter a group, chat, send a message, write comments etc.

- They should be automatically trusted, after they have 3 friends

- In the profile picture there should be a green (=trusted) or red (=not trusted) point (depending on the status)

12. My friends


- Sort friends by distance

13. Blog


- integrate a new tab @ “[url removed, login to view]”: Browse blogs similar to “[url removed, login to view]” © Show recent blog entries + blog search function


14. Events


- Show under „my events“ the events I created/attended in the past

Other tasks to do:

- Usernames with spacebar and umlauts (ÄÖÜ) should be possible

- Correct UTF settings?

- Leave footer on the bottom of the page

- We need a tabbed profiles, so that the profile is not to long! In the adminpanel we need to adjust, what’s in one tab.

Because we are no big php©coders it will be necessary to integrate the administration of all added features in the admin panel.

Skills: PHP

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