userscript development for an existing .io game

There a .io game called [login to view URL] and there is a similar game of this called [login to view URL]

I need someone to create a custom userscript code on a google extension called tampermonkey which basically ads a new function to the [login to view URL] game.

[login to view URL] has this function/feature called multibox where if you play the game and press tab it will switch to a new blob and pressing tab will switch between the blobs so u can play by yourself with two blobs which is known as multibox.

[login to view URL] does not have this feature which is why I want a userscript created for this. The reason I was a userscript created for this on tampermonkey is because I have no admin access to the game meaning I do not own the game or have control of its source files yet I play the game and would love to have this multibox which is available on [login to view URL] added as a feature on [login to view URL] also

[login to view URL] and [login to view URL] are VERY similar games... difference is some features and some gamemodes but the physics of the game is the same the goal of the game is the same... you move your blob around the map, you press space to split, you press "w" to eject mass known as "feeding", you eat other blobs(players) to get bigger.

[login to view URL] has an extra feature which is called multibox where if you play ingame and press "tab" it activates another blobl so meaning you have two blobs now instead of the usual one which is when i say two blobs i mean two difference players but you control both players by switching between blobs pressing "tab"

If you play both games you'd understand better. If you check [login to view URL] and press tab switching between players(yourself) you will be multibox meaning you dont need to team with other players as you play with you self.

In simpler terms if you open up two google tabs and go to [login to view URL] and play the game on both tabs switching between tabs which is ctr + tab... the only bad thing about this is that its a completely different tab on google and also you have to use two button to switch which is ctrl+tab... whilst in [login to view URL] its in one tab and one button which is "tab" .. Also switching tabs this way gives a delay and a little annoying flash. Its just hard to use whilst [login to view URL] multiboxing is very easy to use

In [login to view URL] if you press "tab" your new player (your multibox) is spawned near to you... i want this also in the [login to view URL]

Breakdown of features i want on [login to view URL] which already exist in [login to view URL]:

1. press tab to spawn new player

2. pressing tab activated the other player meaning you have control on that player to split, feed etc.. if you press tab again you have control of your other blob(player)

3. blob(player or tab or multibox) respawns next to you instead of a random coordinate in the map

4. A border is ringed around the activated blol which is explained in number 2

here is a few scripts created by other people for [login to view URL] ... this should help u alot in understanding

[login to view URL]

btw this function has already been created on a different game like [login to view URL] which didn't initally have multibxing feature... meaning it is a doable task

So you're question probably is has anyone done this before?

- Yes on a very similar game to's called [login to view URL] but i do not have the userscript for this as it private however theres tons of videos of this on youtube. Below is one of them:

[login to view URL]

The extension is know as hslo v4 or hslo plus. I want the same on [login to view URL] ... like i said way above to understand how it works you'd need to play [login to view URL] that has a multibox feature already built in to the game and using "tab" to switch between your two players. [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] did not have this feature built in hence why someone made one with a userscript on [login to view URL] and I need someone to make one on [login to view URL] now

Skills: Google Chrome, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Software Architecture

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