Point to Point Flash Video Audio Chat Room


I was looking at Flashcoms ([url removed, login to view]) video chat room. Some good ideas, but they lack in a lot of things.

I need a P2P flash audio video chat room for multiple users. The chat room must use point to point and fallback to rtmp when P2P is not available. Will be using Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 and Flash Server. The data should be XML based. The XML will be created via SQL queries. We will supply any database and webdesign needs for the project

The chat room must support auto-login and site verification for the website its hosted on (member based). When first entering the chat room application there should be a list of rooms on the left side, a list of members on the right side for each particular room and a place to create, title and start a room. For example, click one of the room names on the left list and bring up photos and usernames in a grid on the right side of the screen. Another button somewhere on the page to create your own room. The room list should also have the number of people in each room with an option to get subtotals of different genders (man, woman, couples,etc.)

The chat room must show the members photos, icons next to each member's name appropriate for their gender (man, woman, couple, etc.). A link to the member's profile should popup in a new window or tab in the browser. The chat room must allow 'room creation' by the members with whoever creating the room to act as a moderator of that room. The room creator will act as the moderator and can assign other people as moderators. Only the original room creator can assign moderators. All room moderators must be able to kick and ban members ONLY from the room which they are moderating. A member banned from one room can still go to another room. Only one room can be logged into at a time by the members. Once the room that was created is empty the room will automatically cease to exist.

Multi-webcam view for the members in the chat room. Members should be able to view multiple webcams from other people. The actual number of webcams members can view should be based on whatever the admin assigns. All webcam views should be docked with an option to undock and magnify the view and move around on your screen. We need a widescreen format for the webcam views, not squares. We also need the option to partly full screen one webcam view and condense the chat to a few lines so the member viewing the partly full screen webcam view can still participate in the room.

We also need the basics of a video chat room such as: sending private messages, viewing profiles, sending site messages, ignoring other members, sending friend requests. The forms information for friend requests and site messages will be supplied by us for database integration.

Admins of the site can not be kicked or banned from the chat rooms by the moderators at any time. There must be an invisible admin setting so admins can roam the rooms without detection. Admins must bypass any password protected rooms even in invisible mode. Site moderators (different from room creators) can not be invisible, can not be kicked or banned by room creators or assigned moderators.

There must be a 'preview' option so members will be enticed to go into the chat room. Around 4 to 8 webcam previews can be shown on the home page to show chat room activity. (the actual number of previews and dimensions of the previews should be configurable by the site admin) The webcam previews should be around 150px in width and height, last for around 30 seconds then after 30 seconds the preview of that member should fallback to the member's [url removed, login to view] preview and member's name under the preview: the preview video if clicked on should take the member into the room where that member is broadcasting from, the user name under the preview should take the member to that member's profile

Skills: ActionScript, Adobe Flash, Flex, SQL

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