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1. A standard delay of stock quotes and charts on a stock page. (Example: If I search the site for Walmart, I want a walmart's chart along with walmart's stock quote.)

2. I want the users to be able to input the price they think the stock will be in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.

3. I would then like the site to show the average of each time frame pricing. (Example: At 9 months the users are predicting Walmart to be at XYZ price.) I'd like a chart to show this as well.

4. On the same stock page, I want the users to be able to voice their opinion, not only by inputing a price, but I also want them to be able to type a review of the stock and why they think it will be at said price at those time frames.

5. The users can vote on their favorite reviews, based on either a 5 star system or a 10 point scale. The best rated reviews are pushed to the top. The order the reviews are shown are based on the rating, highest at the top, lowest at the bottom.

6. As the user logs in, the unrated reviews are at top until they are rated and then get shuffled accordingly.

7. I want users to have their own page or "profile". In this page or profile it will show what stocks they like the best/worst, their last couple reviews of each stock, what their last price predictors were, and so on.

That's it for now, later on I'd like to expand by giving points based on if a user hit their 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, or 1 year target price. I'd also like to see this be integrated with social media later on. I also have other ideas I'd like to add once I get this part built.

I have to bid this out hourly, as I'm sure I may come up with other ideas as the site is being built. As you can see I'm planning on this being a fairly large site, I'm looking for someone that can complete these tasks as well as maybe provide feedback.

I'd like for bidders to give me an estimate as far as timeframe goes as well.

Thanks for your time,


Skills: HTML, Social Networking, Website Design

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