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Website: community, photos, entertainment lisints, directory etc...

I am looking for someone or a group of people to create a community & entertainment directory website. Ideally I would prefer one company to complete the whole project, however I will also consider splitting the job up....


An entertainment based site containing listings for nightclubs, theatres, bars etc, a directory of local business & a website directory, a community discussion forum, photo area, reviews & news with possible expansion into dating! Everything would be interlinked eg. a nightlcub listed in the directory would show up links to associated photos or discussions.

The site must be search engine friendly, bug free & secure. I would like to know your experience on both these areas.

The site must be easy to use & well laid out in a logically & uncluttered manner. If your amazing at everything else but design is not your thing then I will look into templates!

The main site will consist of:

1. Listings (for nightclubs, cinema etc)

2. Local directory (for local entertainment related businesses)

3. Web directory

4. Photos of events

5. Forums & chat

6. News & Reviews

7. Competitions

The site will be financed by advertising.

Similar sites:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]


Please only bid on this website if you are fluent in English & have good communication skills. I will require a lot of references & samples of work. I do not want time wasters. I have made mistakes in the past & hope not to do it again! I want clean code the will be easy to read if someone else has to take over at some point.

I would prefer that the entire project is managed by one person/company, however I will also take bids from people who feel they could do excellent work on a specific part of the site eg. Search engineering, front end, back end, security

It is extremely important that the website is easy to use & bug free!

I am hoping that whoever gets the job will work in developing the site long-term as we have future projects in mind.



We can discuss how & when you would like to received payment. I am currently travelling in South America & will have limited internet access. I would like the website to be ready by end of April by which point I will have returned.

Please state the expected length of time to complete the project.


Please have a look at the following websites as they are fairly similar to what we are looking for: [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Please remember the site must be search engine friendly, bug free & secure.

It would also be great if parts of the site could be multi-lingual however this is not desperately important.


Members will register in a fairly normal manner with several required fields & an optional marketing questionnaire. If the questionnaire is completed then the member will receive a personalised icon (see [url removed, login to view]) & some extra status points.

We like the way [url removed, login to view] has a very simple & unintimidating initial sign up form members can complete the other stuff at a later time.

Members can check various boxes to describe who they are within the industry eg. DJpromoterguitaristdrummeractoretcetc Which can be used if members are searching for other members.

Members will have a "status" based on number of posts in forums, photo comments, number of reviews they have submitted etc. etc.


NB. Listings cfor cinema, theatre & comedy may not be included if deemed too difficult!!!

We will have listings for nightclubs, pubs, theatre, shows & festivals. It should display similar to the [url removed, login to view] "whats on" a list format with basic "at a glance" information (event name, brief info, price) which can then be clicked on for the full info.

***This at a glance text will need to be easily downloaded as we intend on doing a monthly printed version of all the listings***

Obviously some listing sections (such as theatres & shows) will require different fields due to show times, cast, various ticket prices etc (eg. [url removed, login to view] ). DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF WORK INVOLVED WE MAY NOT INCLUDE “SHOWS & THEATRES”, “CINEMAS”, “COMEDY” INITIALLY

From the full info page there should be automated links to related articles, directory listings, discussions, photos etc. (see [url removed, login to view]). They should also have a "whos going" link for members to click.

There should be a search engine for the listings.

Up loading events should be easy (see [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]). There should be a default image for the venue (taken from the venues directory listing) & a map link + the ability for promoters to upload front & back of their flyer.

Listings should be in reverse chronological order.

We may also require a bulk upload system at some point eg. If a venue wishes to upload a lot of listings in one go.

Some fields will be mandatory & some will not. Blank fields should not display. The setup will have to be flexible for change as we may discover a demand for extra information or decide to remove fields that are rarely used.




Usual UUB format with a few extras.

Categories/Sub categories below (more may be added, such as comedy)

LIVE: Forthcoming / reviews / general chat

CLUBBING: - Forthcoming / reviews / general chat

THEATRE & SHOWS: - Forthcoming / reviews / general chat

COMEDY: - Forthcoming / reviews / general chat

FESTIVALS: - Forthcoming / reviews / general chat

FOOD: Promotions / reviews

TRADE: items wanted / items for sale / work wanted / work offered

The forthcoming forums should request the user to select an event (except in the case of food) that is already listed in the listings or prompt them to ad the necessary information for the event.

If possible automated links at the bottom of the first post could be generated as a footer eg. view listing details view venue details view previous reviews of this party view previous photos of this event etc etc

The reviews forums should request the user to select an event (except in the case of food) that is already listed or prompt them to ad the necessary information for the event. Then they must give an overall rating & add their comments. Again there could be automated links to photos etc


See [url removed, login to view] – competitions available to members & easy to submit. Hopefully in the future we will be able to offer competitions only to members with a particular status level.



Businesses would get a basic listing for free or pay for enhanced listings.

This is a rough idea of the layout & options

Top of the page would have a boxed top spot area containing 3 gold advertisers which would rotate. One side of the page would have small box ads (see [url removed, login to view]) which would rotate position.

Directory would be searchable. Distribution points would be highlighted or marked in some way (distribution points are places that distribute the printed version of the listings guide).

Also, would it be possible to view stats for referrals or page views?


Business name, address & phone number shown.

- fields for name, address, phone.

- photograph/logo

- map link

- description


The above plus

- link to own website & email

- small box ad (90x90)

- 4 images

- longer description


The above plus

- rotating top spot position at the top of the directory page

If possible for listings that are directly related to the site eg. Venues, promotions, bands, cinemas etc each directory listing should have links to reviews, photos, listings etc etc. We would also like to have specialist fields for these listings eg. Capacity, sound system & maybe a simple rate this venue & comment system.


This will be a directory of websites that are associated to the entertainment industry but on a national & international level. It will just be organised links with a small line of text.

Eventually we will probably have a top box for paid advertising.

We would like websites to fill in an online form, their link would go live after approval by us.

All web links must have a link back to us before applying for a link.

Ideally we would like to generate custom link back code so we can monitor traffic. If this was possible then links could be arranged according to how much traffic that particular site sends us


The website will have a complex photo directory & review system (hopefully!!!). Members can apply to become a photographer & photograph various clubbing events (see [url removed, login to view])

We3 like the way the initial list of photosets displays in [url removed, login to view]

We like the way [url removed, login to view] displays the photo story & restricts a few random photos so they can be viewed by logged in members only.

Photos should be searchable.

Links should be created for stuff such as more photosets from this event past photos of this event next event date...etc

Members can add an Im in this photo icon rate this photo and also a caption. Hopefully this will be encouraged by incorporating it into the member status ie. They get points for posting captions etc.

We would like to give members the option to buy a high resolution download & possibly (in the future), things such as keyrings & mousemats.

We would like to have a complex system for the photographers....

A lot of the website promotion will be done through business cards being given out at venues by photographers. These cars will have a photographer number or nickname which can be entered on registration to the website thus giving the photographer credit for getting us a new member by building his/her status (see [url removed, login to view]).

Ideally we would like this system to be as complex & fair as possible, perhaps giving the photographer points every time a member he recruits signs in for the first 3 months....based on the ratings his photographs get....number of downloads...speed at which photos are uploaded ie. If photos uploaded next day = x points / in 2 days = y points / 3 days....etc not uploaded within 7 days will cause the photographer to loose points (more ideas welcome!!!)

Eventually the site will become very popular & some events will be more sought after than others to photograph. If this happens we can restrict these events to photographers having more than x points. We can also give photographers prizes.

When a photographer is registered links will appear below the listings which they can click on to photograph this event. Ideally the promoter of the event will be able to select a maximum number of photographers for the party & no more than this number will be able to photograph.

Certain venues or promotions may have a deal with us that xxx number of photosets are taken per week so if possible we would like to be able to offer double points to photographers via a mailout if they choose to photograph these parties.


In addition to the directory, the site is going to be financed by advertising & I will need some sort of management system for this & the ability to target advertising to various sections of the site.

We would like to be able to easily construct a monthly listings mailout, targeted at specific users eg. Live, clubbingetc

We would like to be able to do similar for text messages.


As you know, this website is all about content & will seem pretty empty when it is firts launched. This is how we would like to operate it if possible...

After the website has been developed & is bug free we would like to setup a simple home page to collect email addresses.

We would like to have a different url & username/password to access the full site. We will give this url & username/password to friends, family, local businees & promoters who can creat a member account & use the site to add their event & “test” it. We will also be uploading photos & content.

After one month the website will be advertised in local press & the homepage will be replaced with the full site. All the email addresses collected will be contacted.

Hopefully this way the site will look a little more mature!


- more cites/towns/areas & possibly other countries.

- mobile-connected (of which I kno very little!)

- “news” sections (see [url removed, login to view])

- online ticket sales.

- meeting/dating section or into classified ads.

Please keep the above future developments in mind.




Carley :)

Skills: ASP, Internet Marketing, PHP, Web Security, Website Design

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