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i have a project and i need your help. i need a program written in python that can do 3D collision detection using AABB box, collision between a stationary object and a moving object. if you can help lets talk about the details. thank you

the 3D program should be in python. the program must perform collision detection between two objects, one stationary and the other static using axis aligned bounding box (AABB).

when the dynamic object moves and collides with the stationary object, it should stop and output collision has occurred. it should also prompt for a change in direction.

please it is my student class project so i want a well commented code. i also want to be able to change the objects in the AABB box to any object i so choose. and be able to change the dynamic object motion in either, x ,y or z direction into the static object.i want simple 3D solid objects (polygons) like a cylinder, cube, cone, rectangular etc. i would want to be able to change this objects in future if want to by changing their vertexes if i so wish.

is it possible to use objects that are already in stl file format? if i dont want to draw polygons by writing out their vextex, i want to be able to use existing objects in stl or any file file format that python takes.

specifying the trajectory is fine, i want an output response that will report when the two objects collides. the motion should stop and ask for a change of direction or trajectory.

or when the two objects collide, the dynamic object bounding box can change color indicating that the two have collided or about to collide.

the dynamic object with its bounding box should be able to approach the static object from all angles or directions.

Ok thats fine, i havent used the GLU that much but once the code is self explanatory that should be fine.

use intersecting bounding box thats ok.

when objects collide the dynamic object should not pass through the stationary object. it should stop and indicate collision has occurred.

i use python 2.6.

thank you. please advise

this is what i have till now

i ran the display code, it rendered a shpere with an arrow. it shoots up with a trail.

so when will the actual one be ready AABB bounding box collision detection between a static object and a dynamic one as i told you. thanks

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Skills: 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design, Python

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