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Build a basic Python game with Pygame

I am pitching a game demo to some friends to use between ourselves, I'd like it in Python because that is the language I am trying to learn anyway and I have a book on Pygame I am reading through as well so I'd like it done using that.

Also note these features are all negotiable to change if you feel something is too difficult to finish.

Game Design

Turn based game, 2 player max, 1vcomputer 1v2 player. It can be set up to play on one machine but there is bonus money to make the game 2 player on to different computers via directly connected cable


-King, Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Scout

King - The most powerful piece on the board

Warrior - strong close combat fighter

Archer - Long range fighter - can fire a farther distance than any other unit

Wizard - Strong fighter but very weak defense, fires from a distance, not as far as the archer though

Scout - Light defense and weak attach but can move an extra space each turn


-On the board there are towns where when a unit encounters them they can be used to 'recruit' more units at the cost of 1 unit per turn

-Towns have a loyalty meter that goes up or down, it goes up the less a person recruits from the town and down the more, if it hits a certain threshold, the town switches sides


-Each side starts with one castle next to the King, units can be put inside them, archers and wizards can fire out of them

-A castle with the King inside is substantially stronger

Game board, the game can be played on a 20x20, 30x30 or 50x50 board as selected at the start of the game on the game menu

Each side has 1 town at the start close to their board setup with full loyalty

There are 5 neutral towns on the board that should be randomly generated at the beginning of the game

The battle numbers like hit points are a bit arbitrary and can just be best guesses for now but need to be set up so they can be easily changed later on

For sounds, I would like just basic sounds for fighting there can be a sound effect and when moving a basic sound effect and when recruiting a unit from a town, lastly a sound when the game is over.

For animation, a basic walking animation when each unit walks, and when a unit fights

Each unit can move 2 spaces per turn, and may attack an enemy if it within the units respective range.

Player interface

Each players interface will have 2 buttons, 1 to reset which will reset all the moves a player has done that turn, and one button to end turn, which will send the turn to the other player

If it is not a players turn those buttons will be disabled.


If a playing alone, the computer AI does not have to be complex, we can set basic rules that each unit must follow and that will be good enough to demo. E.G, king goes into castle, scouts go to towns

warriors attack nearest enemy units etc.

Win Conditions: Kill Enemy King OR Take all enemy territory

Graphics don't need to be original, just get from free images, but set it up to easily change them in/out especially for buildings, just use premade tilesets.

Skills: Python

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