eBay/Amazon sellers required! 20% Commissions! > USD100/day!

Dear Freelancers,

We are looking for a few productive eBay and Amazon sellers with outstanding accounts with good number of positive feedbacks to add to our team. We are here to look for reliable business relationship and will take good care for every new seller.

*** The requirements:

1. Sellers from US, UK, CA, AU, Germarny, Italy, Israel

2. No restriction on eBay / Amazon

3. No restriction on Paypal

4. Ratings of at least 50

*** About our products:

1. Refurbished electronic consumer products ranging from Notebooks, car accessories, gaming systems, audio accessories etc.

2. Our products are original - we do not sell fakes.

3. Price ranges from USD50 to USD500

*** Our Payout:

1. We may advise you to either place an auction with a low starting price or a buy it now depending on our risk appetite.

2. You will receive 20% of the closing price plus shipping

3. For example, if you close the auction plus shipping at USD100, send me the money via Paypal amounting to USD80 along with the order

4. Fees (ebay, Paypal etc) are bourne by you, the reseller unless items are not sold (for Fixed price buy it now)

5. You will definitely sell more than one item per day

6. Items will NOT be shipped unless we receive full payment (80%). No exceptions made.

7. So if your Paypal has a 21 day limitation, please sort this out yourself and ensure you have enough personal funds to keep your end of the bargain.

*** Your Commitment:

Just 30 mins a day to post and email me order listing (Microsoft Excel template will be provided)

*** Application:

We are only looking at getting only a few sellers so that it is easier to manage our inventory

PM me your ebay ID and we can take it from there


Perhaps because of bad experience and just plain caution on your end, many of you are suggesting for me to ship items first before you release payment to me. I cannot do this because it leaves us (seller) unprotected. Once I ship items, I have NO WAY to recover the funds if you choose not to release them.

In any case, I do understand your concern, you are just as worried as I am of getting scammed. But not to worry, we will transact via Paypal. While it is not completely foolproof, just show our discussion log and Paypal can easily know what our arrangement is and favour the victim (you) if I (the supplier) am trying to pull a fast one.

*** Dear Buyers and Sellers, do not leave business to chance.

The best way to filter the legitimate deals from non legitimate deals is by looking at their freelancer account.

Was their Freelancer account recently created? If yes – avoid.

I have bidders with a Freelancer account which was just created this month asking for me to supply him and would only pay once buyer receives item. And this same person has been going around bidding for similar jobs. Lets calculate the damage if I become that sucker. The first buyer will only receive my parcel only after 14 working days time. Statistically speaking, I can clear between 60 – 80 pieces of goods during this time. If on average they cost me USD100 a piece, I would have incurred a NON RECOVERABLE USD6000 – USD8000 loss by the time I realized my payment is not released after I honor my end.

For Buyers (bidders)

Ask the right questions. Some of you just want to jump into the business not knowing about my background, the product etc. This is worrying. Please spend a good certain amount of time to ascertain the legitimacy of your 'partner'. If uncertain, I can give you my impartial opinion.

Also, if the margins they are giving you are high, you are probably peddling fakes. : )

*** Please take a look at my account. I have been a verified member on Freelancer since 2008 with many closed job (employee) and ratings trying to make a living. Do I look like i am about to throw this away?

So scammers please keep away.

Skills: eBay, Sales

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