Get this US based IT startup investor-ready and get us an investor.

We are a custom IT solutions and consulting company - we offer business analysis, productivity consulting, and development of affordable, custom IT solutions: Databases (mostly FileMaker Pro), websites, desktop and mobile applications.

These are custom solutions. We charge by the hour and typically projects will range from $10K to $200K (USD). We describe ourselves as "affordable" because we can complete projects that our competition might charge twice as much for.

We achieve this not by cutting corners but through efficient use of our suite of very cool proprietary development tools (our toolkit). We've spent 15 years and over 5,000 hours developing these tools. So we think we're onto something.

We can service almost any industry. Our target market is defined mostly by size and complexity - small to medium businesses, generally 5-20 employees, turning over anything from $1 million to $100 million per year.

Despite all this goodness, we are struggling to get off the ground. Why? Because as awesome as we are, showing that to the world is the challenge. We have a business model that involves comparatively minimal operating costs, however, there are still some.

To that end, we want investment capital. So we’re looking for someone to get us "investor-ready", and secure us an investor.

We understand that to do that there are a lot of hoops to jump through. My colleagues & I would rather focus our time and energy on what we already know and do well, so we don't want to spend the time learning and implementing what needs to be done to get an investor. So instead, this is where you come in.

If you're an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial type, who has had successful experience in getting a startup business investor-ready, finding an investor, and securing the investment, then we want to hear from you.

The kind of investment we're looking for is in the order of around US$300,000, and we're willing to offer an investor 15% of the company in exchange for this. As a rough guide, we project building it to a turnover of $4-5 million within three years, of which approximately 30% will be profit.

What you get out of it is negotiable, but primarily we see you getting a percentage of the funding once you have got it for us. So, please have your bids reflect how much you want, but understand you get paid AFTER you've closed the deal and we have the funding. That said, we understand this is a significant undertaking and we expect large bids, and will have no problem paying if you secure us what we’re looking for.

Please understand you're not just being hired to write a business plan for investors to see. You're also to find the investor(s) and sell it to them.

That said, the good news is, you're not starting from scratch. We have what might be considered a rough business plan document, and a bunch of spreadsheets that outline the financial part of the plan - in other words, I have pretty much all the information you'll need, but it's far from being organised and presented the right way. It needs a lot of work to get it to the point where a serious investor will take it seriously, at least from what I understand of what investors want.

We are based in the US and would prefer a US investor, and a US resident for this role, however neither of these is an absolute requirement. We envisage most of the work to be done can be done over internet and phone.

Good luck and happy bidding!


PS. One final note: If you happen to be someone who might be interested in investing then by all means contact me. Understand that we are NOT "investor-ready" at this point. That is, we don't have a professionally presented business plan, and without the help of someone responding to this ad, we're not in any position to create one. However, I do believe we have all the information you'd require to make a decision, if you're willing to work with the current presentation.

PS. Some fine print:

I appreciate there may not be enough information in the above description for you to assess whether or not you're able to provide the service I require. If you want more information about the business and our services, please feel free to message me with questions.

Please do not contact me via Skype or any other method if you haven't placed a bid. I will not talk to anyone who has not placed a bid on this project on this site first. If you do contact me by Skype please quote the word "chocolate" to prove to me that you've read this far in this ad. If you don't include that word I will not accept your request.

Please do not contact me asking for 50% of your bid up front or any other proposal other than what I've outlined above. I'm not interested in paying someone to "do some work" for me, or "spend some time". I'm looking to pay someone upon delivery of a specified result.

I realise that's not how a lot of people work, but it is how a select few ambitious and successful people work, and those select few are the people I'm looking for. To be honest, if you want me to pay you regardless of the result, then that just tells me you're not confident enough in your ability to deliver the result, in which case thanks for your interest but you're not the right person for this particular project.

You might ask, but what if the product/service is no good? What if no investor in their right mind would ever invest in this business, no matter how good we are at what we do? Fair question. The answer: come, examine our product/service and the business. Evaluate it and decide for yourself if you think it is investor-worthy. If you don't think it is, no problem - don't take on this project. If you're not qualified to make that assessment, then no problem - don't take on this project.

On the plus side, if you believe you can deliver the result, then you don't have to impress me with your resume for me to hire you, you just have to deliver the result. If you secure us what we're looking for ($300,000) and we pay you, for example, 10% of that, then that's $30,000 for you. We'll have no problem paying that if that's what it takes. If you can deliver the result (ie. an investor investing $300K), then this is an opportunity for you to take on a challenge and get paid very well for it, if that's what you want.


Skills: Business Analysis, Business Plans, Finance, Marketing, Sales

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