SCST/SRP Infiniband SAN + XCP Xen Debian Squeeze Setup

I need someone who is experienced in Infiniband that can help setup one SAN that will use SCST/SRP to make it an available target for XCP virtual machines.

I also need help with setting up two systems with XCP (Xen 4.1 hypervisor) that will both using SCST initiators to the SAN, and also offer target storage locally. The guest vms will use both the local storage on the XCP systems, as well as the SAN system.

Some system info:


Dual Xeon E5520 CPUs


Areca 1880xi Raid Controller

2X 3ware Raid Controller

12X SAS 15k 300gb HDDs


HP OEM Mellanox Technologies MT26428 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 5GT/s - IB QDR / 10GigE] (rev a0)

XCP VM Machine

Dual Xeon E5645



500GB SATA HDD (host drive)

HP OEM Mellanox Technologies MT26428 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 5GT/s - IB QDR / 10GigE] (rev a0)

- Preferred operating system is Debian Squeeze.

- Preferred linux kernel version is 3.0 or higher for better performance of VM access to storage, and other various benefits.

- VM guests primarily operate in PV, but we will also start supporting HVM for winblows guests.

Background: We have tried various configurations over the past months all of which had issues we were unable to surpass (NFS/RDMA, GlusterFS). However, SCST over SRP appears to be the most elegant solution to provide high performance storage to our VMs. Not familiar with SCST and trying to following documentation cannot currently get past getting the mlx4 driver for the IB card to register with SCST driver list. The only drive that shows is ib_srpt. The following dmesg error appears:

ib_srpt: Received SRP_LOGIN_REQ with i_port_id 0xaf9d080003c90200:0x2c90300089daf, t_port_id 0x2c90300089dae:0x2c90300089dae and it_iu_len 260 on port 1 (guid=0xfe80000000000000:0x2c90300089daf)

ib_srpt: ***ERROR***: rejected SRP_LOGIN_REQ because the target mlx4_0 has not yet been enabled

At this stage we need a capable freelancer who can get past this and then help get XCP setup for use with with SAN storage as a target for lvm drives for each VM. The local drives on the XCP machines will also have local lvm drives as well.

If you know what it takes to get this done you can get it done in an afternoon. If you need a week to read up and self study, then this project is not likely for you. There are no tutorials to follow that will turn out the exact results we are calling for to get the job done. If you need additional support from various sources to assist you that will be understood, but please do not allow using mailing lists and waiting for replies to drag out this project for weeks.

Please communicate ANY issues holding you back.

Once the work is done and we test everything out and see its working, then we will release escrow payment. At that stage we would expect to receive the details on how each system was setup and configured.

If you can get this done it is very likely we will call on you for more work in the future. If you are busy and just looking for a one time job for some extra cash though, that's fine too.

We are located in Atlantic standard time and can accommodate to work with the successful freelancer for any hour of the day for where you live in the world. If you prefer to work alone you can, but we can assist along the way as well. As indicated in the wording of the project, we need help to get things working. You will be paid if your help brings us to a successful setup that works.

And just an FYI.. we are a small operation with a slightly better than shoe string budget. Please don't bid $2000 for 4hrs work because you think we are some big company with deep pockets and are clueless. We just aren't. :) We do pay fairly and promptly for delivered services though, and like giving bonuses for awesome work.

If you require additional information before being awarded the project feel free to contact and ask any questions.

Looking forward to working with the successful freelancer.



Skills: Linux, Script Install, System Admin

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Hi. I can do all of the above at the specified time. I am a professional system administrator and my experience is more than 8 years of practice.

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