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Hey Tyson,

So the problem I was having was that I couldn't get the money to escrow from paypal to even credit to my scriptlance account. Let alone transfer it. On top of that, I couldn't repost the listing with that account because scriptlance makes you successfully fund the account first. So I created a new account. I'll work out the escrow thing with scriptlance and get it funded somehow. Let's get started working on the project now. Make the bid and I'll accept it, and let's get rolling. My client list is growing by the day, and Im dreading having to manually relist any more than the ones I have on the new website.



Project: Complete Website Design:

Time frame: 6 weeks from completion of bidding.

I am expanding the functionality of my existing web-based rental property business.

This project is essentially the creation of a fully customized clone similar to some existing real estate advertising sites, customized to fit with my current and future business plan. The site must function to replace the current website I am using, with major improvements and added function specified below, but the scripts must also function as a general United States nationwide geographically searchable real estate database of user submitted properties.

The site should function on shared servers. I'm not a stickler on which coding language you use, but the more user-friendly and easier to modify the better and it has to look and function like my design specifications.

To let you know for bidding purposes, this project involves creation of an admin module as well as the improvements listed below, proficiency at website design, and programming required for the functions I have described in detail. I would like to have commented code when applicable; I must own the source code generated, and it must not infringe on any existing copyrights.

The successful bidder must agree to demo the fully functioning site on a test server for me to evaluate its functionality and design prior to receiving payment and to transfer the site to my server.

Here's my project for you:

The existing site is [url removed, login to view]

I created this site myself, but I need the site you make to have the following improvements:

cleaner look with better navigation, user accounts, user and admin messaging, user placed multiple listings, user uploaded photographs, admin module to manage content advertising and accounts, a searchable database, an automatic aerial mapping function based on listing addresses, and a map based search tool.

The sites like which I would like it to function are:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

My site needs to be simpler (less home page links and directories) but with the clean look of [url removed, login to view]

My site needs to be cleaner looking, with more aesthetic appeal, but similar in functionality to

Thank you for your consideration for this project. For the successful bidder for this job, there is the potential for additional work in the future which will involve minimal changes to the format, look, and function of the website utilizing the same scripts to rapidly generate other websites with broader appeal than my current business, or other identically functioning niche websites.

Project Details:

The purpose of this project is to completely redesign my existing real estate marketing website to improve the aesthetics, automaticity, ease of navigation, and functionality of the site.

This will involve the creation of a new website which will be basically a clone of existing searchable, user submitted, rental property database websites with a few custom features.

The site will be a searchable database. Users must be able to create accounts using custom data entry forms online. These forms will include standard name and contact information fields to be created and specified in admin module.

After users have created accounts, they will have a greeting page after logging in. This page must contain a message inbox/outbox, a section which displays the listings they have placed on the website if any, and a section which contains favorite listings placed by other members which they can add automatically to this display section by clicking a button in advertisements when browsing or searching ads. Users must be able to send text messages to and receive messages from admin. Standard features for user accounts such as password retrieval should be integrated.


Users must be able to place multiple individual listings. Listings will be of multiple types, selected at hte time of placement. Users may place free listings for which user contact information is not displayed. Alternatively, users may place paid listings which are paid for monthly/yearly, etc. based upon pricing and intervals of time which are defined in the admin module. The Website must have an integrated payment system which can securely obtain the user's billing information and which can utilize recurrent billing on fixed schedules such as monthly or yearly. This payment system and user payment status must coordinate with user priveleges such as messaging, display of contact information, and display of additional graphic content.

Once a user chooses which type of listing they want to place, they are taken to another custom data entry form screen with fields such as property location (city) (alternatively defined automatically by zip code entry), state, street address, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, amenities (checkboxes), etc. There should also be a calendar form in which the user may select or deselect dates of availability for rental, and specify pricing for rental based upon a weekly and/or daily rate, specify a minimum number of days for each rental. The user must also be able to return to this screen in the future in order to edit any information, especially pricing or calendar availability. Admin should also have the ability to edit any of these fields in individual user listings.

Also, users must have the ability to upload their own images to the server. Users should have the ability to select multiple image files to be uploaded simultaneously. After which, picture files should be automatically resized to a maximum 640x640 or other (admin defined if possible) resolution. The ads will then appear as thumbnails in the refreshed webpage for the user to view. Users and administrators must be able to add, delete, reorder, and use checkbox to assign as primary photo for all photos in the listing.

Once listings post they will appear in the user's "listings" section of their personal login page. They may return to and edit or remove these at any time. When the user clicks on the primary photo or title of their own or another user's listing, they will see the listing page.

The listing page will retain all tabs and menus of the website as will all pages of the website. The listing should include a relatively large primary photo in the upper left of the listing page cleanly inside of a border, theoretically of the exterior view of the home. Information about the location, bed and bath, amenities, pricing and all other user entered data entry fields will appear to the right of that photo. An optional contact information section should exist for users who have purchased premium or monthly payment packages. below those fields will be a section where thumbnails of additional photos uploaded by the user will appear. These may be maximized in new individual windows to maximum size and resolution by clicking on the thumbnail.

Additionally the listing should contain a Map section under additional photos. This map may be tied to Googlemaps or another functional mapping engine that takes property address from the listing and automatically generates a map of that location, default zoom to a level that shows street names and intersections. Additionally, there should be the optional choice for Admin on the backend to choose a default address, from which the distance of all properties will be displayed next to their mapped locations, as well as an admin defined text tag explaining from what location that distance is displayed.

Finally, the listing should have buttons at the top and bottom for which users may choose to rent, or ask a question about the property. Questions will generate messages to the admin for free listings and to the property owner for paid listings. Rent selections will direct the user to a calendar page showing pricing and dates of availability, where they will be able to select desired range of dates, see the required payment, and submit their request for rental. For free listings, requests will go to the admin message center to be approved. For paid listings, requests will go to the property owner's message center and optionally automatically forward the information to personal email as well.

The database should have standard search functions such as location, proximity to a particular zip code, selectable number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square feet, etc. similar to what would be found on Search results should appear in one of two ways as selected by the user. Either as a vertical stacked page of listings (user can select how many results per page) with a small (like [url removed, login to view] x 3 cm) thumbnail picture to the left and text description on the right, or as columns of larger thumbnails (like 3.5 cm x 5 cm) in columns three listings wide with brief descriptions of properties and pricing below thumbnails. Search results should be stratified according to user selected criteria such as price, proximity, square footage, etc. in similar fashion to other real estate database search results.

I would also like for properties to be searched with a map tool, which places all properties listed in a particular zip code on the map as pushpin icons, and users may mouse over the pins to see a small window with bedroom number, bathroom number, square footage, and monthly, weekly, and daily rental rate. Then clicking on the particular pushpin icon will direct the user to that listing.

This project must involve the creation of an ADMIN module which I or other designated admin users may log into.

Admin must have the following basic functions:

-edit user profile text and contact information

-create or remove fields from user profiles and listings

-make user profile fields from the database visible or invisible in all listings

-designate certain fields such as contact information fields to be visible to a particular user only after permission granted by admin, or permission granted automatically by the website after payment of a fee

-add, delete, reorder, or reassign as primary photographs associated with listings

-send messages to users which appear in a message box after login and which are automatically forwarded to user's email address.

-edit text fields, photos, and banners which appear on the website's primary pages such as homepage, frequently asked questions, contact information, etc.

-send messages and/or mass emails to all registered members

-suspend, remove, or reinstate user accounts

-modify payment system amounts to be paid for different types of access or priorities on the site

-assign or remove featured listing status to listings to appear on the home page in a time delayed, rotating fashion, also to be able to force featured listing types to the top of search results.

-to view site traffic statistical information

-other minor features to be elaborated upon as the project progresses

I prefer to escrow portions of the payment for the job on a weekly basis as project deadlines are met, files are transferred, and site features become operational on the test server.

Thank you for reading my project description. Please message me with any questions. I look forward to working with you on this exciting project. I will be happy to help the programmer with any design issues, and I can quickly draw up schematics of page layouts and site features to communicate my ideas to you. This should be a fun collaboration.



[url removed, login to view]

Hey Tyson,

Here is a bulleted list of features which primarily make up what I want you to do with this project:

Can you give me an email address to which I can send the sample layouts? Thanks.

Features that I need for the website.

> Sleek and clean Web 2.0 look with the gradient fill boxes and buttons, uncluttered white-space, and general aesthetic appeal. Logo/heading graphic should be modifiable in admin section.

Design can be based off of sample layouts submitted by me.

> Clean Navigational Layout Structure and Access to User Menus

> Integrated Clickable Flash Map pointing to all USA States (like the map you see on [url removed, login to view])

(this is not the googlemap integration, but more a graphical pointer for browsing rather than searching purposes)

> Advanced Search Features by Listing Type, Area, Price, ETC. A sample with sample search fields will be provided. Ideally the headings should ideally be able to be modified in admin as well. There should be a proximity search function module, so that users can, for example, search all properties within 5, 10 etc. miles of the zip code 30904. I don't know if this is available as an open source code or if a script for this feature needs to be purchased separately, or if its functionality can be derived from the googlemaps interface.. I understand that asking you to create this from scratch would of course be unreasonable, and not within the scope of the project. If we have to, we can integrate that feature toward the end.

> All Properties submitted contained in MySQL Database for optimal performance

> backup system for creating backups of databases/uploaded images

> site will run on any shared or dedicated server hosting

> Open Source / Source Code with no Copyright infringements

> Ability for User Accounts Registration

> Ability for Messaging Capabilities (admin to all user, admin to specific users, user to admin, admin to all user email, admin to specific user email, and user to user for users with paid status listings only.

> Rating and feedback system for renters to review homes they have rented

> Ability for users to place Multiple Property Listings and Photographs for free.

> Integration of Google Maps on Property Listing.

> Map Based Search tool. Properties being browsed or searched appear on an appropriately scaled map on the search page, and a small information box appears upon mouseover, allowing users to search properties geographically. This should be integrated into standard search results page, but also a Map search page should be created, which is essentially a scaled up in size version of this map. With the search results appearing below the larger map.

> Easy to use and submit Property Listing Forms for Registered Users.

> automatically generated listings pages which include sections for basic property information, location and contact information, photos and a scrollable photo preview thumbnail bar, google map, text property description, amenities and other searchable field items, messaging, booking calendar, and promotions.

> Upload Images per Property listing to Image Size Specifications. There will be two types of image uploads for users. One type will send images to the property photos section. The other will be for uploading graphics for promotions which will appear in a separate section of the listings page. Both should be manageable with a photo management module that can be accessed by admin or the user to change primary photo, add/delete photos, upload multiple photos at one time, and assign promotional photos to promotion section.

> Greeting/account management page for logged users.

> user backend: this section will be used to manage listings placed by the user. An easy way to describe it for the purpose of your estimation of labor is that it will be extremely similar to the login and account management page when you create an account on I will supply you with a list of what functions will be necessary, but it will be essentially exactly the same in functionality, only I don't need the “add services section” they have. If you can clone the functionality and change the look that's 90% of what I need done. The rest is just customization of the search fields and integrating the photo management, and adding the favorites section. I would however like for this module as well to function inside the title, bar/menus of the website to maintain the continuity in aesthetic of the website (that would be dissimilar to what [url removed, login to view] has done.). This should be a secure page as well. I hope that makes it easy for you.

> A Menu Link to their Account for listings they have active on the site, as well as” favorite” listings. If a user chooses to add a listing to favorites, it appears under a favorites tab in their user login screen. Selecting this tab displays a screen similar or analogous to search results, but with only listings that have been flagged as favorites.

> Message / Inbox and Outbox for user messages

> Automated Account Registration / Lost Password Features

> Free Listing Placed / Contact Information Hidden

> Paid Listings Placed / Contact Information Displayed

> Listing Subscription Module to Manage Listing Rates and Subscriptions

> Integrated, secure payment system that functions with paypal pro/google merchant systems collecting users billing information and utilizes recurring payments at fixed schedules specified in Subsciption Module

> Integration of a Calendar Module for users/admin to modify Dates of Availibility for listings.

>A frequently asked questions page where admin can add headings and descriptions , with a menu at the top which generated links to various sections below in the page based on the heading.

> Full Admin Control

The admin backend of the site must have the following basic functions:

Site content management: There should be an admin photo manager to upload graphics for the site. These must be assignable to all graphic display fields in the common pages of the site, including welcome/login page graphics, website logo, etc.

There should be a text manager which serves a similar function, to edit all of the site text such as instructions or greetings, privacy policy, user agreement, etc.

There should be a payment manager and subscription manager for granting/revoking paid status of ads, canceling/editing scheduled payments, editing the information supplied by the merchant account provider so that if a new merchant account is needed, I can just enter the new information/code and the account will function. There should be the option to hold all pending transactions such as when the site is under maintenance. All of this should be set up to function with a sample merchant account. This should work with google's and paypal pro's merchant payment processing code. The admin should be able to edit the price of subscriptions and the frequency at which they are billed. There should also be available one-time non-recurring payment options for the user. The admin should be able to define fixed time periods for user paid status for these one- time payments. Logically, I think these should be for one month, three month, six-month, one-year, and lifetime periods of time.

The admin should have control over editing any part of or canceling any listing placed, and also editing or removing any photo's uploaded.

I'm sure that some additional admin functions will be needed but it will take me a little longer to define what those will be. For the majority of the project, I think I have it at-least briefly described. Take a look at my sample layouts to get a better idea.



Skills: Anything Goes, Joomla, MySQL, Script Install, System Admin, Website Design

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