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This is a four week link building assignment for the site [url removed, login to view] that could become an ongoing project.

First a recap:

The most important factor in determining search engine rankings is the number of incoming links to your site. The links need to come from high PageRank pages. These are the pages that google considers important. To find the pages, download and install the google toolbar. Then, when you are on a web page, look at the icon on the toolbar that has pagerank information. If you look at our homepage [url removed, login to view], you'll see that we are PageRank 4 (the bar is green almost to 50% of the bar). CNN is pagerank 9.

We want to get links to us on pages that have at least some pagerank 1 or higher. The higher the pages pagerank, the more it helps us in our search engine rankings. Pages that are higher than we are ie >5 will help us the most. However, here's the catch, the higher a page's rank, the more difficult it will be to get it to link to us.

Here is a recap of what we are trying to do:

1. Find sites that have at least some pagerank and that are at least a little related to what [url removed, login to view] is about. (Fitness, bodybuilding, Anabolic Steroids, Men's interest)

2. Get these pages to link to us.

3. Get these pages to link to us using "anchor text" that is the same as the key words we want to come up well for in the search engines. The anchortext is the part of the link you click on. For example, if we want to come up high on Google for the word bodybuilding. And we do! A good link for us would be: [url removed, login to view] Bodybuilding

A bad link would be [url removed, login to view] click here. Where the words "Click here" are the link.

Here are our keywords that we most want to rank for:

anabolic steroids

body building




bodybuilding supplements






strength training

weight lifting

weight training


Ideally, these words will be in the anchortext along with the site name

Gettting started:

1. Read the attached 4 week link building strategy. (Week 1, Step 1 we did ourselves already)

2. Then begin to follow this week by week guide to building links to EF.

3. To compensate other sites for linking to us, this report suggests giving them an article or we can pay them for the link. Let's try and reserve this for sites that will link to us on a PageRank 4 page or higher. The better the pagerank of the site, the more we can do for them. Are really good site we could pay and/or write a custom article for. But first, try to rework an article you have already written (spend no more than 15 minutes on this) or try the following:

The attached guide has good suggestions for getting sites to link back to us, but here is a resource that it does not mention.

We run a directory here:

[url removed, login to view]

Any site or person can go here and list their site is our directory. If we accept their listing and I accept most of them, then they get an email with code to put on their site that displays the [url removed, login to view] Trust Shield.

Take a look at this site:

[url removed, login to view]

This is a pagerank 3 site proudly displaying our trust shield on their home page. This is a great link! The only thing that would make it better would be if they were a higher page rank. So, if we can get quality sites into our awards directory and then link to us on their highly ranked pages using the trust shield, we are golden!

Skills: SEO

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