IVR Requirements

Install odoo-asterisk connector in odoo

backport modules as necessary from odoo 10 to odoo 9

configure asterisk for inter-operability with odoo

Install and configure webrtc via odoo and asterisk

install available odoo webrtc module

configure webrtc module to route through asterisk

configure asterisk to accept and route webrtc

Configure auto-dialing groups in odoo using contact, leads, or any other editable/custom group.

Add calling, sms, multimedia and voice broadcasts to odoo follow up options

Optimize server configuration for reliable high audio and video quality

configure settings for sip, users, codecs, etc for best quality

configure PSTN connection(s) for best quality

Enable chat via soft-phone

Configure asterisk/odoo to connect to a translation service, internal or external, and route voice traffic through the translator

Will need some way to identify/specify the language of each endpoint

Create extensions and supporting objects (times, applications, etc) for the below functionality.

The basic hierarchical structure of the IVR is outlined below.

Where message content is shown, attach the text to any available note or metadata description for the extension and/or recording object

Language select

Agent/rep has default language

Customer starts with default language, can choose from a set of available languages.

Closed Messages

Active Monday - Saturday

After hours

6:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

"Thank you for calling CESS. You have just missed our opening hours. If you know your party's extension, please dial it now and we'll attempt to connect you."

6:16 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

"Thank you for calling CESS. If there is an emergency, you may dial your party's extension now. Otherwise, please contact us during our regular office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. We look forward to serving you."

8:00 a.m.- 8:30 a.m.

"Good morning. Thank you for calling CESS. We are currently engaged in activities to further enhance our service delivery. If you would like to leave a message, please dial your party's extension now. We will be open for business shortly. Thank you for your patience."


New years day

Ash Wednesday

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Labor day

Emancipation day

Independence day

Heroes day


Boxing day




Warnings and Alerts

PR Messages





Seasonal -

Message will be played after welcome message on the applicable days, and disabled on others





Labor Day

New Year




Changes to our System/Policies

High Call Volume

Known Issues

New Offerings


8:00am-11:59 am

“Good morning”


“Good day”


“Good afternoon”

6:00pm- 9:00pm

“Good evening”

System lookup on number, name, company, or any other available metadata

If positive confident match in recent phone/online engagements (last 30 days), go to Continuation

More than 30 days, go to Query Selection

No Records, go to Lead Capture


In the event that a customer calls and there is still a task open:

"Are you calling regarding your_____________?"

If the customer says no we move to next possible thing based on history. After the correct item is presented, customer is either sent to self service or agent.

A max of three options should be presented, if none are accepted, send customer to agent, with data confirmed so far.

Deposit Notification


Order Confirmation

Order Tracking

Pick-up Request

Lead Capture

If number is not in our record, in our records with a contact person or if number is private.

"With whom am I speaking?" Capture first, last name and title.... (sometimes only last name and title are provided)

"Thank you ____________"

"Using your keypad, please enter your direct number including area code, in the event that your call is disconnected."

Capture number if non was displayed or both if an alternative is given to the one displayed, the one given would be primary the other would be secondary... If number is displayed (or when new number is entered), use directory to match it to company (if possible)

"OK __________"

send to query selection and observe the selection made in order the link them to a subsidiary or campaign if they are calling the main number, they have called sub add them to introduction camp.


Department Promos

Multiple options for music on hold when caller is being placed in hold by agent.

Targeted Marketing

Query Selection

If they are calling from Main number:

"Welcome to the CESS Group of Companies, your partners for success.…"

"Please say the name of the subsidiary you are trying to reach... or say what type of product for looking for."

(wait 2 seconds)

"if not you are not sure, please listen for assistance. …"

wait 2 seconds, while listening for company names, or categories of products (eg, paper, computer, LED, printer etc, to be pulled from categories on websites)

Confirm the name of company(s) that sells that item or confirm company name heard (listen for answer based on selection(s) or listen for no/wrong/back to go back to the previous menu)

After two attempts, List out all the companies in the group based on inbound call volume week to date.

if unclear after three attempts collect to agent based data collected so far... (do not anger costumer)

If they are calling the sub number:

Welcome to __________ , slogan. Please select

1 for Sales

2 for Support

3 for Current Sales and Promos

4 for Administration

Or 5 for information or other departments

(wait 5 seconds)

"Im sorry, could you please repeat that?"

wait 3 seconds and repeat menu (listening the entire time for an actionable response)





Read current promos before connecting to menu/agent, then at very low volume over hold music and between infomercials on hold






This message is played directly after welcome and identification.

Or set for outbound call broadcast if it is more than 7 days past due.

(once daily for payments, once a week for others)

or set for outbound agent call (10 for payments, 15 for others)

also reflecting as alert on website/portal (all information pulled from system/crm)

Bill Payments





Account Update


Skills: Asterisk PBX, Odoo, Python, Software Architecture, VoIP

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