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To build a Front-End application, that allows inexpensive data capture resources to easily and quickly load technical information from technical drawings into this front-end app. Some of the initial selected information, will remain as "default" information, which normally remains constant over a (or several) drawings.

Input Info includes (from drop-down boxes);

Drawing number, revision, material type, Specification, diameter, wall thickness, text1, text2, text3 etc –(default for drawing) -spool number, weld number(s), length(s) {ie 1000, 543, 2356...etc comma separated and in mm} etc All this information will be common for all the “activities” that originate from the xx-yy-zz data base below, but where changes should be allowed. (ie if a spool has a reducer, then the diameter and wall thickness will change and become the new-default

then a xx-yy-zz code is manually inserted. This code, collects and displays a sequential list of “activities” in the data capture screen. Behind each activity, a drop down box will allow the different processes to be selected (ie “cutting”, will have the option for hand, mechanical, flame etc). These selected processes will also become the default for the next entry. Just need to keep in mind that cutting in the workshop (probably mechanical) is different to cutting in the field (probably hand)

ALL the above information - ie drawing number, revision, material type, text1 etc, is copied against every “activity”, and exported into scheduling software such as MS Project. All “activities” or as referred to in scheduling software “tasks” will be linked automatically with finish to start relationships at a SPOOL level. In addition, the “time” value, is multiplied by the number of commas +1 within a “task” and inserted into the duration field

Data Base 1 (xx-yy-zz)

A whole list of activities, of every process (ie the activity “cutting” – can have the processes -hand, mechanical, flame etc) and for every material type, every diameter, every wall thickness etc is associated with a “time” value in minutes. This value is stored, and will change over time, and where all these changes are separately stored, that will allow investigation / trends to be established. This should probably be copied at a project site level, so that “time” values from one project can be compared to another project in a different area. All different Project xx-yy-zz data bases can be analysed to produce a “norm” for future projects.

Data Base (drawings)

This information contains Drawing number, revision, Text1, Text2, Text3 etc, where “text” groups the process or system or phase or area etc Hyperlink the actual pdf drawing to each drawing number is also a requirement. In fact, several drawings may be hyperlinked to a single drawing (eg the iso drawing, the support drawing, specifications etc)

If the revision number in this data base differs from the revision number used in the Data-Entry, then some warning should be visible, as possible changes would have to be made.

Further discussions would be required after selection

Skills: C Programming, C++ Programming, Software Architecture, Software Development, XML

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