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Job Description:


Thanks for reading!

Modify an existing vBulletin theme.

The theme is called 'PureVB Creative Theme' -- by the company PureVB. You can see a working demo of the theme at the below link - if you click on the green button entitled "LIVE DEMO":

[url removed, login to view]

* The resultant theme will be installed in a brand new "English only" vBulletin install.

* This theme is not for re-sale, so no need to worry about compatibility.

* There are currently no users or content on this vBulletin install (so you don't need to worry about losing data).

* The version of the vBulletin install is 4.1.0 Patch Level 2.

* Most of your job will just involve making this theme EVEN MORE simple. (e.g. removing features.)

* Some of your work will simply involve logging in as an administrator and turning OFF various features. So you must be familiar with vBulletin administration.

* There are a couple special forum changes described below.


The new forum design


The below images outline the changes we will need to make to the 'PureVB Creative Theme'.

They show the ORIGINAL theme page (on the left), and the alteration that needs to be done (on the right):

The "Home" page (the user is not logged in)

[url removed, login to view]

The "Create New Thread" page (the user is logged in)

[url removed, login to view]

The "View Thread" page (the user is logged in, and is responding to the thread)

[url removed, login to view]


Special Forum Features


If you look at the above link to the CREATE NEW THREAD page, you can see that, in this forum, the user will ask a question to the community, and then, he MUST create TWO options - which will probably be stored as "tags". It the example above, the two tags are "barrack obama" and "john mccain". These are the two choices which the user is asking the community to decide between.

Then, if you look at the next picture entitled VIEW THREAD above, you can see that, when the forum community responds, they MUST select one of the two tags, or the "neither option". In this fashion, the responder's post goes into one of three columns:

The Barrack Obama column

The John McCain column

The Neither column.

So, programmatically, I need someone to code a method by which the forum will not allow a user to respond to a thread, unless they have selected one of the three choices.

I am not completely sure about the best method to make this happen. So I am open to alternate methods.


About Me:


* I live in the USA. I am a programmer / WordPress theme designer.

* I am an expert Photoshop user.

* I am good with Dreamweaver, css, html, PHP. I have never worked with vBulletin though.

* I am knowledgeable about UI design, and I have a pretty good idea of what I want. There won't be much "design" work or "graphics" work. I will do all graphics. I will draw any buttons graphical elements we need. You just need to implement the mockups.


Potential long term employment:


Ultimately, there will be MANY more forum tweaks needed. This forum will require a lot of back-and-forth, before it is adequate enough for our goals.

So I would like to build a relationship with someone who I can contact with forum updates through the years.


Apply for this job


1) Please provide links to existing vBulletin installs which you designed or modified. Don't apply unless you've done this kind of work in the past and you are intimately familiar with vBulletin.

2) Please include a brief sketch about how you would impellent the programmatic change described above.

Skills: vBulletin

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