Vocabulary Development Program

The project involves programming in Just Basic, a free version of Basic available on the internet. I would like a programmer experienced in this particular dialect of Basic.

The program will present, at the top of the window, a sentence with a blank in it, with one word left out. The user is to pick among four words beneath, which one to fill in the blank with, by typing from the keyboard the number 1, 2, 3, or 4. The four words will be accompanied by brief definitions.

The words and definitions and sentences with blanks in them are in a text file which the program accesses. There will be several possible sentences for each word, and the number is not necessarily the same for each word. There will be a one-character code in the text file that tells the program when the sentences with blanks stop and when the next word and definition begins.

The words will be of 15 different levels of difficulty. If the user gets 10 questions in a row correct, the program moves him up to the next higher level. If the user misses as many as 3 out of 10 consecutive questions, the program moves him to the lower level. There is a number in the text file at the beginning of the word and its definition that identifies which level that word is.

If the user gives the correct answer, the program responds with positive feedback. If the user gives the incorrect answer, the program presents upon the screen the correct answer (with the question and the choices also displayed) and awaits the user's cue to continue with the next item.

The program starts a timer going when the user starts, and for each 5 minute interval, keeps track of the number right minus the number wrong, and the average level of the words in that interval.

The program appends at the end of a text file the name of the user, the date, and the time, the total amount of time taken, the total right-wrong, and the right-wrong score for each 5 minute interval.

There should be a way of setting the program, with a pull-down menu, to allow the responder to respond in either of two ways: with a number from 1 to 4 typed from the keyboard, or by typing in the word itself.

The interface with the user should not be via the "main window," but via a window where it is possible to set the font within the program.

A complication is that the four possible answers should be constructed by randomly sampling among the answers other than the correct one. Yet it is necessary to exclude certain words that would also be correct answers, that are synonymous with the correct answer. The text file will be modified so that each word will be accompanied by the list of other words that are not to be selected as distractor items when it is the correct item.

I will provide a sample text file with words and definitions and sentences with blanks. The finished product is a text file of Justbasic code. This is work for hire and I will own copyright to the program produced.


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