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## Deliverables

Background: I'm an actor so I want to have a website which shows the many different roles I have played.

Requirements for the entire site include:

1. Web analytics (IP addresses of visitors, new hits/revisits, which pages they went to, etc)

2. Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

3. Translated into different languages, initially with automated system like Google translate, then customizable with manual translation/modifications so that different version of website appears in appropriate domain .ko, .jp, etc of whatever country. Blogs, comments would all be in the different language or English in addition. Perhaps different flags (China, Russia, etc) to click on so that users can switch between language versions.

4. Adapted to be functional & optimized for smartphone or tablet (4", 7", or 10.1" screen), esp if Flash capable. Perhaps with a button which allows people to switch between versions or turning off/skipping Flash.

5. Although the backbone/skeleton of the site would be stable/static, the CMS should allow as much admin customization as possible w/o the help of the programmer. For example, it should allow the admin to change/add/remove videos/links/photos, categories/topics/info, background art/color/music, content/design, etc.

The Intro has several elements:

1. A button that allows the user to switch from smart phone/tablet/normal views/versions of the webpage.

2. A button that allows them to skip the Flash intro

3. The Flash intro: 16 transparent pictures swoop across the screen and get in the position of a wheel with 16 spokes. Each transparent picture can be replaced by the Client with an pic or screen shot of the video the picon (picture icon) represents.

The Home Page has several elements:

1. An area for buttons

1. To switch from smart phone/tablet/normal view/versions of the webpage

2. To disable features like Flash

3. "Flags" to switch between various language versions of the pages. Ideally in the blog/comments sections, it would allow users to pick several languages and see English+Japanese or Korean+Chinese+Spanish comments but not the other languages.

2. An area for regular non-graphic navigation (html/text) of the site with the standard menu. All pages may contain links/videos/photos:

1. Home page: which contains the wheel from the intro. Each spoke of the wheel represents a video/series of videos. Each wheel has a video player/gallery attached. Each video player will have certain descriptions attached.

2. Biography: This is a page which would contain Client's life story, pics, more personal vids, etc. This would include things I like & links to them like Client's favorite movies, etc.

3. Gallery: such as headshots, publicity shots, at film festival, receiving awards, etc.

4. Filmography: which contains the resume of the Client. Also links to the video player, videos from the spoke wheel and not only (details to be discussed later).

5. Blog/News page: where the Client will post news & blog articles perhaps "linked" to a photo from the gallery or video from the filmography. Other users can post comments on the articles. Admin can edit these

6. Fan page: similar to blog/news page where users can register to a newsletter/email alerts, and also create/upload their own photo/video galleries, place links, etc. (details to be discussed later). Admin can edit these

7. Contact which contains the Client's contact info.

3. The central "ferris wheel"

1. a static page which has the 16 transparent or some picons arranged in a "ferris wheel" format

2. the picons would be the same size & "level to the ground" when the wheel is spinning

3. One would not see the spokes of the wheel or the rest of the "ferris wheel."

4. Mouse over features: the pics would enlarge into a box which has a small summary of the picon (The Blue Horizon, Feature, Drama, 46min, 2008, Lead Role: Johnny Race) as well as a comic strip of some of the video preview images (like a comic strip/screen show) in a rectangular bubble.

5. Pressing on the pic, the wheel would spin and the visitor would "zoom" into the pic going into the next page. Somewhat similar to <[url removed, login to view]>

4. The center of the "ferris wheel" which contains a Yin/Yang symbol with alternating "faces of Terry" headshots/character shots. Therefore, I need to be able to place either screen shots, head shots, or other shots which would be shown either on the Yin side (positive energy, bright, comedic) vs the Yang (dark, drama, negative energy). If the viewer presses on the pic then my reel would play at full screen (one comedic/languages reel & one dramatic/action reel). After the reel finishes it would go to my resume page.

5. The background/wallpaper: Four times a day backgrounds would change four times a year (so total of 16 photos)

1. Time of day (morning-dawn/day/sunset-twilight/night)

2. Seasons (winter/spring/summer/fall)

3. Perhaps moving effects like snow or something would be cool.

For example, you may have a spoke on the wheel that has a production photo. When you place the cursor over the pic it says, The Blue Horizon, 2008, feature film, drama. When you click on the photo, it takes you to another page which has ten videos (which are excerpts of the film) with small captions OR it could go straight to the video OR it could go to another website which holds the video.

The pages the pics (spokes of the wheel) would divert to a separate page each:

1. Videos/clips/sets of videos w/text on the side possibly with hypertext/links. Mouse over functions would show you a small preview clip of the video such as those used on some porn sites.

2. On the side of the video is text that explains the details such as what role I played, what I was "going for," interesting tidbits about the film/role/characters/script, possibly links to other actors sites, the official film site, the director's page, a pdf of the script, the imdb reference, additional photos, etc.

3. CMS will must contain the ability to add categories on the page (which may group some videos on the same page) or add/subtract videos. They may have the same description under the same heading or separate headings & separate descriptions. Some movie files may be greater than 7GB.

4. The video player should have functions similar to Netflix like subtitle buttons, preview scroll bar, special feature button, next episode button, etc.


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